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  1. Thread for episode 6.01?
  2. How I hope the series does NOT end...
  3. Jorge's New Podcast: Info from the Script (not spoilers)
  4. Resolving having two timelines
  5. Will J.J. direct the final episode?
  6. Now that we know MIB = Smokey...
  7. Anti-Sideways
  8. Let's talk about the Temple.
  9. The ultimate mind-screw?
  10. So (when?) are we going to see an "Alt-Ben"?
  11. Richard Malkin aka Claire's Psychic... Back?
  12. Rose and Bernard
  13. Have we seen Sawyer die already?
  14. Jacob and MiB are the SAME ENTITY?
  15. Smokey's Face
  16. Lost: The show that defies all expectations
  17. You're not supposed to raise him
  18. Centricity compared to s1
  19. Do they shower?
  20. Alt-Timeline Notes
  21. Jacob - Good, or not?
  22. Did Jacob pick these candidates based on this other timeline?
  23. Aaron is the key to end the MIB
  24. Will Darlton Dare?!
  25. MIB Tried to lead Jack off of a cliff....same thing with Hurley
  26. A "Numbers" Theory... and yet another *?*
  27. Lost Notes
  28. Season 6 Following Season 1?
  29. Is Sawyer a Cop/Detective in this new timeline?
  30. Smokey and the Smoke Detector
  31. The island, and choosing people to be killed
  32. Claire Kills Kate!!! Spoiler!
  33. Touched by Jacob
  34. Interesting Jacob/MIB allusions.
  35. Could Locke have been doing something else in Australia?
  36. Another purpose of the lighthouse
  37. For fun: What Numbers Will Hurley Use to Win the Lottery in the Sidewaysverse?
  38. Lost is suffering from bad writing
  39. Jacob's influence
  40. Which "Side" is Widmore on?
  41. How 'alternative' are they?
  42. Question about Adam & Eve
  43. Jughead
  44. Shades of Babylon 5
  45. Course correcting the nature of the candidates
  46. Season 6 structure extremely game-like
  47. Jacob/ MIB keep their word~~Flashsideways
  48. Return of Locke's Walkabout Theme
  49. Alex Rousseau/Linus
  50. Fanmade promos for the series-finale!!
  51. Does the idea of a Lost Encyclopedia calm your fears?
  52. Time/ Memory Syncing
  53. Just rewatching some Smokey scenes...
  54. How Lost has become a poorly written show: An Analysis
  55. The Hatch will end the new timeline
  56. Pro-Sideways
  57. 1st Lost preview
  58. What would it take to satisfy the naysayers?
  59. Black and White Stones
  60. Drop Shipments
  61. Ben know's how to summon Flocke...
  62. Smoke Monster Confusion
  63. The secret DHARMA station on Hydra...
  64. Thoughts on the meaning of the Flash-Sideways'.
  65. Will Charlie be the one who helps Claire?
  66. So why broadcast the numbers?
  67. Another "how much did JJ/Darlton know when they started LOST" thread
  68. Mr. Friendly
  69. Could Jack Pull a Locke and Blow Up the Sub?
  70. Will Alvar Hanso or the DeGroots be a part of the final season?
  71. Bird on a Wire
  72. Anyone else feel like the story this season is being rushed?
  73. Relation to Chris Carter's Millennium
  74. I prefer a big reveal, not Jacob explaining the story to us.
  75. Still wonder if there was a plan from the start?
  76. Hurley and the numbers...
  77. Who Do You Want Dead?
  78. The "Candidates" Theme reminds me of another movie...
  79. The "I Love Lost And I Want More" thread
  80. Will Jack get around to asking Richard about The Incident?
  81. Taking MiB at his word
  82. Not a rant: Which questions won't be answered?
  83. "I watched them all die"
  84. The end is near - final season spoiler policy
  85. season 6 episodes
  86. How exactly do you make an island sink?
  87. If they pull a "6th sense" on us...
  88. The REAL purpose of Room 23.
  89. When did Hurley meet "MiB"?
  90. Highlights of Season 6 - so far
  91. Star Trek TNG reference to electromagnetism-ineresting
  92. How Lost has become a brilliantly written show
  93. Christian not MIB, so is he?
  94. Was Charlie that Hurley saw at the asylum from the alt?
  95. This Season Would Be So Much Better...
  96. Jacob never denied being the Devil
  97. "Tricks aren't just for kids"
  98. please help
  99. Sheppard wasnt even on Jacob's list
  100. Similarities of the Swan Station and Jacob/MiB
  101. X-verse Candidates?
  102. Shadow of the Colossus
  103. "Inside joke."
  104. Thought you guys might appreciate this..
  105. Random thought: MIB's real name is Jacob?
  106. How did Penny call the Looking Glass
  107. Lost Season 6 plot= Disney's Twitches?
  108. The Seinfeldization of "Lost"
  109. Do you think MIB will break the rules?
  110. No new episode April 27?
  111. A 1000 miles off course.
  112. 4 new hours of LOST left...
  113. Time Question
  114. Why Christian Was On The Freighter
  115. Even if we don't get the answers we want...
  116. Any significance to May 23?
  117. Why did Ben kill Locke?
  118. Ben Linus: Redemption or Back to Evil?
  119. Jacob's Visits
  120. The smoke monster and dead Locke
  121. Safe sonic fence?
  122. I know they're candidates but why them?
  123. Can someone clear something up for me...
  124. Where is Christian's Body?
  125. LOST Slapdown!
  126. Rousseau died "years ago"?
  127. 1 man's view of where LOST went wrong...
  128. Did TPTB lie to us?
  129. "Proof" they knew what they were doing?
  130. Does Jacob's touch really stop you from aging?
  131. Anyone Else Worried?
  132. "hellllllp... meeee..."
  133. Season 6 Flashback
  134. One show to go, what do you want to see?
  135. MiB can't leave
  136. What happens if Flocke leaves?
  137. So what flashBACKS are you guys expecting in the finale?
  138. Did they ever explain the NUMBERS?
  139. Locke - Smokey. really the same?
  140. Is this a good WALT explanation?
  141. More cut storylines (Ilana)
  142. I love Lost but...............
  143. The alternate timeline was a convenient plot
  144. The beauty of life is in reat questions not answers
  145. Jack=jacob
  146. just let it be
  147. So what was the point of Season 5?
  148. After 3 days to ponder...I'm not happy with the way it ended thread...
  149. So, what was with the moms dying?
  150. Would you watcha spin-off?
  151. Downtown, everything's waiting for you
  152. Lennon
  153. This hope came true for me
  154. A better Jacob backstory would have saved this show.
  155. Smokey,Ghosts,Subconcious, Walt
  156. My conclusion about Lost, and some speculation (putting things clear)
  157. the others
  158. Not-Ghost Kid Jacob
  159. the runway that Ajira landed on......
  160. I want my three months back
  161. Swedenborg Interpretation of Lost