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  1. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  2. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  3. Didn't Love it.
  4. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  5. Loved it!!!!
  6. Rate the Episode!!!
  7. Where's home?
  8. Do they all have to die...
  9. Best/Memorable Quotes
  10. Parallel Plot Lines: When Will it Resolve? Narrative Style for S6?
  11. Comparing Each Character in the two different time lines
  12. Juliet and the Alt
  13. Familiar Faces
  14. Richard in chains
  15. WHISPERS confirmation
  16. Juliet and Sayid's "Deaths"
  17. Others Dude in the glasses is...
  18. The Ash Line
  19. Is Sayid Jacob?
  20. They are all going to die in the parallel timeline.
  21. How is Island under water? Help me understand.
  22. Translations Needed!
  23. Something has slipped a cog
  24. Confirmed: Smokey DID inhabit bodies of Rousseau's team.
  25. What was picked up when fake Locke disappeared?
  26. The "other" Others
  27. "I was supposed to die."
  28. Did New Locke Lie ?
  29. Hurley's purpose has been defined.
  30. Will the alt characters remember?
  31. Desmond on the Plane. What's the significance?
  32. List of Inconsistencies with LAX storyline
  33. Sayid's voice
  34. Questions & Answers
  35. Dharma Shark!
  36. Shannon
  37. Cindy: They were on the first plane...
  38. How did Hurley win the Lottery?
  39. Terry O'Quinn - Wow.
  40. LA (space) X
  41. Hurley is the "luckiest guy in the world"
  42. They are Lost
  43. The Truth is Out There
  44. Ruined Temple vs.Shaolin Temple
  45. "Unlike Locke, I want to go home..."
  46. Flash Sideways
  47. Were they really Jacob's bodyguards?
  48. What was really on the paper from Jacob's Ankh
  49. jacob the protector?
  50. Richard lost his cool
  51. Desmond and Penny never met
  52. the man who looks like Locke
  53. Will Alt. Jack fix Alt Locke??
  54. Claire in Taxi, but not plane? Desmond disappears when Charlie appears?
  55. Jin's Fortune
  56. Juliet to the Temple?
  57. Fake Locke, Wiping Bloody Knife on Cloth
  58. Austen Meets Austin!
  59. Jack never asks the right questions
  60. What happened to Sayid....
  61. I wish Lost...
  62. What's with all the deadwood cast on lost?
  63. Bad Twin Tie-In?
  64. Hurley and Jacob Conversation
  65. Christian / Alt-Timeline
  66. Greg Grunberg
  67. Need a pen
  68. Title of the episode is LA X ?
  69. Other kids
  70. Bernard and Rose
  71. Going backwards
  72. Help Me Understand the New Narrative Device
  73. Locke was Christian substitute, but Jack's father wasn't on Flight 815 in the first place
  74. Now that we know Smokey = MiB...
  75. Hobbies of the Others
  76. Screwed up time-lines? or is this deliberate?
  77. "No one goes in without being invited"
  78. Desmond's book & the book in the Temple
  79. New Name for "Not Locke"
  80. Was Esau/Smoky Christian before he was Locke?
  81. How one reality affects the other. Ghosts, Whispers and "Miracles"
  82. Fountain of Youth? River Styx?
  83. How the MIB will access the temple
  84. But where were Michael and Walt
  85. Alternate Episode Titles for LA X
  86. Parallel Universes & The New Narrative? NO!
  87. White Flashes, Closer = More Susceptible?
  88. Smoke, Water and Sand?
  89. In the Pilot, 815 was not heading to LAX
  90. Escape Your Destiny? No way.
  91. Miss Paik
  92. Dual Smoke Monsters
  93. If Sayid dies...
  94. How Did Jacob Know He Was Going to Die?
  95. Fear and Trembling
  96. Did Miles talk to dead Sayid??
  97. NOT Flight 815?
  98. Has Ben become irrelevant?
  99. Claire
  100. Did Widmore really plant the plane?
  101. THE Only non-Constant?
  102. Just a typo
  103. Prevent the Incident = Epic Fail
  104. Jack: Now more like Locke than ever?
  105. Smokey's home...Walt comic book
  106. The cut on Jack's neck already happened...
  107. Why did MIB say to Ben
  108. Will Smokie be able to go back home or will he bring home to the Island?
  109. And at least 1 Easter Egg
  110. Lennon = Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now?
  111. Both 2007 timelines are 30 years apart
  112. why couldn't they hear after flashing to 2007?
  113. "I'm very disappointed with all of you!"
  114. Sun Really Can't Speak English
  115. Who is this guy??
  116. Smokey screen caps
  117. Circles repel the Monster
  118. Fountain of Life = All the others in the temple are ageless
  119. Locke killed Locke!
  120. Sawyer has his eye on Hurley's millions
  121. Desmond is wearing a wedding ring
  122. So Jack had a pen all along...
  123. MIB wants to go home?
  124. Who did alt-timeline Jacob touch?
  125. Red Shirt
  126. Smokey's Tapestry
  127. Jacob Does Know All
  128. Nothing is irreversible
  129. So would the alt timeline have happened?
  130. The Hatch blew up in 2004, not 2007.. so..
  131. "I saw them die"
  132. The Temple + New Others: Like or Dislike?
  133. Are we REALLY sure Locke on alt flight is the one we think he is?
  134. Treed Kate
  135. There always was/is an alternate timeline
  136. "...they just lost his body"
  137. Jack called upon immediately after Dogen learns of Jacobs death
  138. Will the Alt losties end up on the island?
  139. New Numbers in alternative universe?
  140. They gave me that guitar case?
  141. Black Rock People
  142. Possible that sawyer lifted the handcuff keys
  143. Am I going Crazy?
  144. Bodies in the Temple entrance
  145. "It only ends once, ..." What only ends once?
  146. MIB aka Flocke off the island?
  147. S5 Finale
  148. Why does Jacob die so easily?
  149. Miles talking to ghosts or to AR versions of people?
  150. Shangri La - " Lost " Horizon
  151. Schrodinger's cat?
  152. The scene where Sayid dies: racist?
  153. The Underwater Statue - Different?
  154. Changing Fate
  155. Dogen private talk with Jack and Hurley?
  156. Why hasn't Jacob's nemesis' name been revealed?
  157. Aslan/Jacob?
  158. Jack seems to "know" something is different
  159. unhappy smokey
  160. Theory... "I want to go HOME".
  161. Who does the MIB kill and why?
  162. The alt line paradox
  163. Hurley & Desmond on the plane
  164. It's a security system for the temple
  165. Split timelines, Marty McFly and Groundhog Day
  166. So Many Guns?
  167. Jacob's "Old Friend"
  168. Cindy's accent
  169. The Incident at Locke's Creek
  170. Brian Greene's Multiverse: Profoundly helpful in understanding LOST
  171. The Man In Black's Plan: Ingenious or Foolish?
  172. nobody outside the statue noticed smokey enter?
  173. what if Jacob = Man in Black
  174. Three Lockes...
  175. Sao paulo
  176. Sayid's passport in the alternate timeline
  177. The Watch? The Watch?! The Watch!!
  178. Are the 2004 "swan destroyed" Losties in a new 2004 or the same one we've already seen?
  179. Killing Juliet Twice
  180. Jacob's "They're coming" at the end of last season
  181. Were they always in '77
  182. Video showing Lost's 2 major timelines
  183. Jughead Worked: In the Premier we only saw 1 outcome, not 2.
  184. Cindy, Zach and Emma
  185. New Otherton or Dharma Barracks?
  186. my thoughts!
  187. Juliet pregnant?
  188. Adam and Eve = Jacob and Smokeys parents?
  189. Why did the van travel with them to 2004
  190. Favorite scene
  191. smokey can only take the form of unburied bodies on the island
  192. Cindy's P.A. Announcement
  193. Off Island 1977
  194. Where were the tailies?
  195. Re-merging of the two timelines.
  196. The Whispers are Flocke's people?
  197. Did Ben Sink The Island When He Pushed The Frozen Wheel?
  198. Alt timeline="Season 7"?
  199. Who's good and who's evil?
  200. Temple Hieroglyphs
  201. so is the debate about the cabin in S4E01 over?
  202. circle of ash from the volcano?
  203. Is John still rattling around in there somewhere?
  204. Has Jacob spread himself out amongst the O6?
  205. "They wanted to hurt you John"
  206. There is only one timeline--it worked
  207. Yes they were trying to kill Sayid...and succeeded
  208. who lies in the SHADOW of the statue
  209. Was it Jacob who appeared to Hurley????????
  210. Napping cab driver..
  211. Jughead and possible consequences
  212. What was Hurley saying outside the airport?
  213. Is MIB/Flocke "striking a pose"?
  214. Desmond's Alternate reality question...
  215. "I am not a thing, I am a person"
  216. Charlie and the Heroin Bag - Not a Suicide
  217. Lost: Via Domus
  218. So..er..Jack never heard of Jacob?!?
  219. Fallen Angels?
  220. 2 Theories on MIB/Jacob
  221. What does Smokey eat?
  222. Just a couple of details I noticed...
  223. "I was killed by an old friend who grew tired of my company"
  224. "Help me" makes more sense now...
  225. MIB = Smokey, Jacob = White Light
  226. Smo-key phone home
  227. "Maybe Juliet Didn't Die" or "How Lost Might End"
  228. Who is Jacob now?
  229. Taking from the alternate universe
  230. Locke vs Locke
  231. Color Red = 3rd Player = Harmony
  232. Jacob's touch protects you from the smoke monster?
  233. Where is Jacob's body?
  234. "You got it, blondie"
  235. Season 6 - Retrieve John Locke from ALT!
  236. I hope this isn't a dumb question...
  237. I think that in the end they will have to make a choice.
  238. Fingers Crossed About the Finale
  239. Fire & Water - Smokey and Jacob?
  240. Underwater Island
  241. Outback Steak House and Mr. Cluck's
  242. At this point, who do you think is the bad guy?
  243. things that are bugging me
  244. Up to this point, who is the evil one?
  245. Interesting book of choice...
  246. Where's The Submarine?
  247. Desmond - Reading Haroun & the Sea of Stories
  248. Jack and Locke--best buddies!!
  249. "I looked into the eye of the island, and what I saw was beautiful"
  250. Juliet Saw the Future