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  1. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  2. Rate the Episode!!!
  3. Didn't Love it.
  4. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  5. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  6. Loved it!!!!
  7. Best/Memorable Quotes
  8. Pet Semetary...
  9. The "Sickness/Smokie" discussion thread
  10. Sawyer on the dock...fantastic scene
  11. Claire is the new Rousseau!
  12. Signs of Memories?
  13. He's been claimed.
  14. Whatever happens, was intended to happen.
  15. Did Smokie infect the Spring?
  16. Island or Alternate Reality Ethan?
  17. What is Sawyer going to do now?
  18. Was Ben 'Claimed' in 1977?
  19. The Temple is claimed by Lokey and Jacob at various times
  20. How Did Sayid Fail the Test???
  21. Leadership
  22. Mac!!!!!!
  23. The shift in fear
  24. Revisiting "Raised by Another"
  25. Jacob's List
  26. So Juliet's insecurities about James and her relationship was wrong. He got her an engagement ring.
  27. What was in the box...
  28. so really, what IS it that Kate does?
  29. Those Who Don't Flash
  30. What will Jack do? Why take pill willingly for poisen to work?
  31. Was Danielle also trying to diagnose Sayid?
  32. Claire's Ultrasound/New Timeline
  33. Would anybody really...
  34. Ethan infected in original timeline?
  35. Toy Whale
  36. Team Jacob vs Team MIB
  37. Dogen
  38. Why everything has to be so convoluted?
  39. Free Will and The Sickness
  40. At least now we know why they wanted to heal Sayid...
  41. What Kate Does
  42. Jewelry store on the island?
  43. Danielle's Been Dead "For Years"
  44. Jack The New Dogen?
  45. Mothers don't time skip?
  46. Sawyer/ Juliet the new Des/ Pen
  47. Alternate Episode Titles for What Kate Does
  48. How is one claimed?
  49. "infection" medicine is spring water?
  50. If infection affects unburied dead bodies
  51. The Passive Mr. Pickett
  52. Claire's Infection (not to be confused with Jane's Addiction)
  53. How Does Dogen Know Jack & Claire Are Brother & Sister?
  54. what is the war for?
  55. The Significance of Baseball
  56. Switching b/w "realities"/ "timeline"
  57. Dharma Village Inconsistency?
  58. The Swan Time Line
  59. "I was brought here, just like everybody else"
  60. Good People are Immune
  61. Dock Scene
  62. Lindsey Baskum
  63. Why Ben was able to Summon Smokey
  64. Kate/Claire/Aaron Bond
  65. The Mechanic
  66. Angel of Mercy Hospital
  67. The Poison... Ash?
  68. Sayid has to Take the Poision Pill Willingly???
  69. "Don't mistake coincidence for fate."
  70. The Dharma Mass Grave
  71. Who else has been claimed? and by whom?
  72. I thought the current timeline was in days NOT years ?
  73. Aaron's Birth Delayed Until Island Resurfaces
  74. Pessimism, Part 2: ENOUGH with the unanswered questions, already!
  75. "Bad person" = "claimed" ?
  76. Dumb Plot Elements
  77. What Miles Knows
  78. Sayid was only "MOSTLY Dead"
  79. did they call james ford ?
  80. Kate and Sideways Questions
  81. Kate really looking pathetic
  82. Mirrors
  83. "I am not a zombie"
  84. The Island is shrinking
  85. The mark on Kate's left hand
  86. Apollo Bars and the date in LAX
  87. The detective that questioned Claire
  88. Smokey Brought 'Em
  89. Sayid's new brand - Can smokey copy distinguishing features?
  90. is this real or a possibility?
  91. An Assumption?
  92. free will only exists on the island....
  93. Red Pants
  94. Why Sawyer can't leave / Sun didn't go to '77
  95. Christian, Claire, and Jack Theories
  96. Three Forces
  97. Nobody is sicker than Jeremy Bentham
  98. Did Hawking take over Claire's body?
  99. Baby heart monitor - Aaron flatlines
  100. Simple question/guy that catches Kate in jungle
  101. Triangle Dismantled - Cliffs Notes
  102. Eloise Hawking Moved The Island
  103. Sayid, Charotte Malkin. Same thing happening?
  104. The Blurred Images
  105. So, Radzinsky
  106. The Magic Ash / Black Smoke
  107. Aegrescit medendo
  108. I thought Aldo died on the beach?
  109. Why the Ash is made from Banyan trees:
  110. The problem with Sayid...
  111. Maybe the Test was the Lie
  112. Lost Untangled - What Kate Does
  113. Is Sayid Han Solo?
  114. Wo is Terry O'Quinn's character
  115. Did Sayid die in the pool?
  116. Who was infected, really? Danielle, or her crew?
  117. Jacob's people always seem ready to kill
  118. Why is Ethan's name different?
  119. The Temple and Smokey
  120. I Wonder if Claimed Means Taken Over by a CTTraveler
  121. Jack as Doubting Thomas
  122. Once you have been claimed, you have no right over your own body
  123. Daniel's journal exists in the Alt. Timeline
  124. The Incident???
  125. Two Old Friends' Plan
  126. Why Did MIB tell Locke to turn the FDW?
  127. Did Sawyer die at one point?
  128. Jacob is alive and well. . . .
  129. Time difference in the ALT realities
  130. The Losties Have Jumped Timelines Before
  131. Locke as a boy, drawing the smoke monster
  132. The same thing happened to me in 'Not in Portland'