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  1. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  2. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  3. Rate the Episode!!!
  4. Didn't Love it.
  5. Loved it!!!!
  6. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  7. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  8. The Oceanic manifest!
  9. Penny is Daniel's Half Sister...
  10. Desmond Cracking The Alt
  11. The scales in Widmore's office - he's a good guy!
  12. LOVE is the CONSTANT between Universes
  13. Eloise says all the same things...
  14. Why was Desmond Happy to go with Sayid?
  15. Desmond finally gets the fact that HE IS "SPECIAL"
  16. "I think I exploded a nuclear bomb"
  17. What is the sacrifice that Widmore wants from Des?
  18. See you in another life, brother...
  19. What Price Happily Ever After?
  20. what did desmond see?
  21. backpack man
  22. The Widmore Bunch
  23. And that is the Truth! (Dark Tower again)
  24. "Desmond is my constant" source of LOST inspiration...
  25. The Electro-Magnet Shed
  26. it worked
  27. Ascending and Descending
  28. penny can't break through
  29. The Bunny
  30. Desmond's Family
  31. I was a little disappointed
  32. What They Truly Want
  33. what is penny training for?
  34. The Real Meaning of the War
  35. Hint on island that losties' consciousness is travelling
  36. Best Scenes/Lines
  37. Red and Blue
  38. Why is Desmond so ready to help Widmore?
  39. Alice and The Watchmen
  40. The limo Driver
  41. In the alt, is Desmond still a Celtic fan?
  42. But Des was wearing a wedding ring in LA X??
  43. What will Desmond have to sacrifice?
  44. Ultimata
  45. Is Desmond the MIB?
  46. Not Penny's Boat
  47. don't press the panic button-
  48. Why didn't Sayid kill Tina Fey?
  49. I need some help understanding a few points..
  50. Still no sign of Wallace....
  51. The nurse who tended to Desmond
  52. Smokey sounds like an MRI machine
  53. I really missed the big red 'V' this week.
  54. Sayid Intervenes
  55. Desmond is the only known survivor of a catastrophic electro-magnetic event
  56. What does Des know now? Is he a time/space super pimp?
  57. Penny's last name in the Alt = MILTON
  58. Zoe's purpose
  59. Easter Egg?
  60. The significance of the head contusions
  61. Widmore/Hawking know about both timelines...
  62. Charlie!
  63. New Desmond theme music
  64. Eloise 1 and Eloise 2 and in Opposition
  65. So was that Ben's "magic box"?
  66. Jack
  67. As for the "love" theory...
  68. My Small Little Observation
  69. What do Charles and Eloise know and how do they know it?
  70. The all knowing Eloise
  71. Des as Widmore's "Fix-it" man
  72. Hi, I don't know you, but let me tell you about my life...
  73. the water gate....
  74. The Irony of Daniel
  75. Life/Death/Love...You Can't Always Get What You Want
  76. Juliet DID see
  77. Only the dead (and Desmond) can crossover worlds
  78. Coffee Date
  79. LOST - Untangled - Happily Ever After
  80. ABC - Selected Moments
  81. balance between the universes...
  82. Jack and Desmond's missions
  83. Exceptional Island Colors
  84. Charlie's mirror
  85. Alternate Episode Titles for "Happily Ever After"
  86. The clouds at the beginning?
  87. Desmond's Job in Australia
  88. Baseball Recap
  89. A lot can happen in 20 minutes...
  90. A Wrinkle in Time...the love aspect
  91. Do the Eyes Have It?
  92. The Harbor
  93. Daniel The Musician
  94. Widmore's whipped
  95. Nod to Fight Club?
  96. A Tale of Two Widmore's (Maybe)
  97. Desmond is very special!
  98. odd symbol on license plate
  99. What did Desmond say to the driver at the end? "I just need.."
  100. Choices....
  101. The first timeline broke off in Eden
  102. Rabbit Angstrom
  103. My smokey theory
  104. 1996 Desmond
  105. Jack's sideways son and Daniel play Chopin...
  106. Desmond the Man in the Cabin from Way Back
  107. Claire getting on a helicopter...
  108. Lost - thanks for being found - welcome back!
  109. So . . . they're all gonna die?
  110. Did Jacob experience what Desmond is going through?
  111. Not Convinced Alt Timeline is Good
  112. Was The Looking Glass built by Daniel Faraday?
  113. Boat race
  114. Now I think I see where the series is heading...
  115. Lost - Donnie Darko Comparisons
  116. eloise...
  117. Jin: Did anyone notice...
  118. Desmond and his constant
  119. Scene from the Constant - Who Hates Desmond
  120. You can't change the past. But you can just move to a different version of it...
  121. Why isn't Desmond a candidate?
  122. Desmond, Submarines, &
  123. This episode's Lost song parody
  124. Why believe Daniel?
  125. Epi Made Me Think Of 3 Things
  126. Desmond, Submarines, & Jacob's Loophole
  127. Why is nobody wondering what the heck the museum is?
  128. Media Manipulations
  129. Are we sure this isn't Kate?
  130. In the Sideways World, Jacob & MIB Don't Exist!
  131. Picture Theory
  132. Ben vs Widmore and Jacob vs MIB
  133. Please, oh please, STOP CALLING ZOE TINA FEY.
  134. Desmond and Penny
  135. FBYE, The Constant, HEA, etc: Are Desmond Episodes the Best?
  136. Arrgghhh The Timelines - Can someone please provide a definitive explanation !
  137. Musical Dan's Notebook=Imaginary Time
  138. Where are we with the Locke-returning watch?
  139. Charlotte's Chocolate
  140. So who is happily ever after?
  141. "It worked."
  142. Are Desmond and Penny the Adam and Eve skeletons?
  143. "love can be complicated" Charles & Eloise
  144. Why didn't Charlotte remember Sawyer/Lafleur?
  145. Sayid and Nadia are NOT supposed to be Together
  146. Widmore's Eyes?
  147. Why its 2004 in the Alt
  148. Desmond's 'Lostie-enlightening' montage?
  149. Art in Widmores office (Scales)
  150. Behold... MEGA-Desmond!
  151. 3 different Desmonds
  152. Charlie's alt. ring
  153. "Any two time-lines approximate to the exact degree to which their material contents are alike"
  154. juliet
  155. Dr. Pierre Chang