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  1. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  2. Loved it!!!!
  3. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  4. Didn't Love it.
  5. Rate the Episode!!!
  6. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  7. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  8. Dynamite Rules!
  9. Whispers!
  10. Desmonds Sideways Agenda
  11. Best line
  12. You got some, Ilana.. on you.
  13. When Libby kissed Hurley I got goosebumps...
  14. Desmond is Sync'd and Locke Knows It
  15. What was in the Bag?
  16. Jack vs. Locke/Jacob vs. MIB
  17. No Mirror / Reflection
  18. Locke is sacrificed....again!
  19. Why did Jack look so shocked when he saw Locke?
  20. What book did Hurley find?
  21. why walt is special?
  22. Another weird kid...
  23. Desmond's license plate
  24. Hurley won't find Libby's ghost on the island.
  25. Chicken Costume
  26. Miles is the only one who hasn't heard Flocke speak
  27. Michael's Source
  28. The Island hates experts and know-it-alls
  29. Which well is this??
  30. Destroy Everything
  31. Des at the chicken shop
  32. The blackboard
  33. Desmond Stirring The Pot
  34. Jack Has "let go"
  35. Is there ANY hope left that the MIB isn't the bad guy?
  36. Richard asking "What is the island"?
  37. Eko's Stick?
  38. Everybody Likes Cheese
  39. The Human Fund??!! Shoutout to Seinfeld or some kind of Easter Egg?
  40. Was it a Mistake?
  41. LOST - Untangled - Everyone Loves Hugo
  42. "#42".. "That's me!"
  43. Why would Hurley take Jacobs ashes?
  44. Reverse Parallel
  45. You had to have know she was going to explode!... Didn't you?
  46. Alternate Episode Titles for "Everybody Loves Hugo"
  47. I want answers, but not like that....
  48. Jacob's favorite son thrown into the well
  49. Starting to believe the current Unlocke really is John Locke
  50. The Human Fund
  51. Could Desmond be dead in both realities?
  52. Desmond just started the chain that will defeat MiB - alt Locke's flashes to the island
  53. Was Richard wearing his cross?
  54. So that young boy is Aaron, right?
  55. The teenage boy has definitely aged
  56. Pierre Chang has both arms
  57. Desmond running John over - many birds with one stone
  58. What alt John Locke sees in his flash.
  59. What are the dead people doing on the island and for what purpose?
  60. Des can see the future
  61. This Episode Make You Hungry?
  62. Why's Christian on the Island?
  63. Desmond Meeting Walt + Walt's Flash
  64. Pierre Chang has to remember Hurley from the 70's
  65. Desmond visit with Hugo = Jack stadium visit
  66. Was that why libby was in the mental hospital in the original timeline?!
  67. Desmond is not afraid....remember Sawyer's quote?
  68. R.I.P. Desmond
  69. Desmond's son...Charlie?
  70. Hurley and Flocke
  71. Michael as Napoleon...
  72. Des shot by Ben in the island timeline...Locke shot by Des in the alt timeline...
  73. Sarah vs Rutherford.....Sun vs Locke...
  74. OOH-GO's MOM
  75. How to stop a smoke monster from flying a plane
  76. Chang turned the Wheel
  77. Previews are SPOILERS
  78. The Boy is
  79. Illana = Dr. Arzt
  80. They must all be together
  81. Widmore Brought Desmond To Replace MIB ??
  82. Desmond vs Jacob?
  83. "You Can Go Now"
  84. Chang was clapping!
  85. Christian Sheppard said, "You can go now, Michael."
  86. Desmond's motivations?
  87. Hurley's been conned by Flocke since LAX
  88. Jack
  89. Purple!
  90. The soul as information
  91. Jorge's dog Nunu!
  92. Lottery
  93. They blew up the Black Rock...
  94. Charlie talking about pure bliss
  95. So the Island IS Hell...but only if you are dead
  96. Those who are Enlightened
  97. How was John Locke walking to his car??
  98. Was that Lenny in the background at Santa Rosa?
  99. Lenny didn't speak... or did he?
  100. No spoiler tags
  101. Predicting the remaining "flash triggers"
  102. The dead dont need a near-death experience
  103. Richard, Ben and Miles
  104. The Desmonds switched places.
  105. Heh, the Father, the Son and the "Holy" Spirit.
  106. If there are grenades...
  107. How smokey gets around
  108. Hurley's box company is a hospital?
  109. Micheal's comment to Hugo
  110. Purgatory (have we been lied to?)
  111. What did Richard say to Hugo?
  112. The Submarine
  113. Chang doesn't age?
  114. "See you in another life, Brother".
  115. So what did Michael "do"?
  116. The mystery kid + Jin and Eko's Others
  117. Desmond is one of THEM now.
  118. The significance of Des being able to see the mystery kid
  119. What if the Man in Black's true identity is...
  120. Did Flocke Break the Rules?
  121. Desmond took FLocke's hand . . .
  122. Is there a parallel being drawn between Desmond and Jacob?
  123. A New Crash. A New Beginning....
  124. Is Desmond to become the new Smoke Monster?
  125. Hurley's Dad?
  126. Love is "The Constant".
  127. The Kids = Adam and Eve
  128. cerberus
  129. I think I have the answer....
  130. So, what happens if they DO blow up the plane?
  131. Locke and Flocke.. and who's working for the bad one?
  132. The Elizabeth and the trawler
  133. Gift-giving Recap
  134. Locke Can't Die In The ALT
  135. Desmond Not Trying to Kill Locke in Altverse
  136. Jacob has already been training his replacement...
  137. Locke Going To the Hospital for Spinal Surgery?
  138. Locke is Carving a Key.
  139. The alt universe we're seeing is three years behind the island universe
  140. Couldn't they fly Harold Perrineau to Hawaii?
  141. The "War:" Is it a War Between Realities?
  142. "Any two time-lines approximate to the exact degree to which their material contents are alike"
  143. Significance of Desmond taking Locke's hand?
  144. Crazy Lost Dream
  145. Locke the MIB's boy?
  146. End of the Episode Music
  147. Will ALT Locke Download MIB Memories?
  148. Jack meets his sister
  149. MIB/FLocke and the Frozen Donkey Wheel
  150. Main-story Hurley vs. Alt-U Hurley
  152. Will Desmond turn the Frozen Donkey Wheel?
  153. The well who has an effect on compasses...
  154. The True Job of the Candidate?
  155. If the island sinks in the ALT....
  156. Cant Touch Yourself!!!!
  157. Desmond was trying to kill Locke
  158. MIB suicide mission
  159. Was Desmond pushed into a "Well of Souls?"
  160. Is this *REALLY* the end of Ilana?
  161. Richard in the Alt
  162. Is Jacob now stuck on the island just like Michael?
  163. What Dreams May Come
  164. How would you guys feel?
  165. Alt-Reality a Panopticon?
  166. Desmond is totally the new Jacob