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  1. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  2. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  3. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  4. Rate the Episode!!!
  5. Didn't Love it.
  6. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  7. Loved it!!!!
  8. Previews are SPOILERS
  9. Last Recruit?
  10. Jack and Claire reunionS
  11. Sawyer/Widmore Deal Off
  12. Desmond
  13. Sawyer + Kate
  14. Jin and Sun reunion!
  15. The Boat
  16. Wasn't he well really deep?
  17. Christian was Smokey...
  18. Someone has to die. Who will it be?
  19. who does kate end up with...my prediction....
  20. Sayid Went Down Pretty Easy?
  21. Miles has not heard Flocke speak. He can kill Flocke.
  22. Sun Recognized Locke...
  23. Episode titles & catchphrases
  24. Is Jack Dead?
  25. Jack and Locke Surgery scene
  26. Cap't Jack Sparrow
  27. "Never get out of the boat. . . ."
  28. Flocke's Voice Change
  29. Will Jack steal Locke's form from MiB?
  30. Annakin ended up on the dark side, will Sayid and Claire?
  31. Why did Widmore give the go ahead to fire the missles?
  32. Best Lines/Scenes
  33. What is a jaboney?
  34. Is Flocke scared of Locke?
  35. How did Claire know that Jack was her brother?
  36. Is Sun #42 Kwon ?
  37. Sun speaking English?
  38. Jack called Sawyer "James"
  39. Jack's son is Jimmy Kimmel?
  40. Wish they stopped calling him Locke
  41. The Sonic Fence
  42. Are Cindy and the kids (anticlimactically) dead?
  43. What did Sawyer want with Frank?
  44. Flocke's Statement About the "Family"
  45. LOST -Untangled "The Last Recruit"
  46. Is MIB residing in more than one body?
  47. What is Charles Widmore DOING?
  48. Jughead didn't cause FS: Here's proof
  49. Help me make Sense of the Sideways Timeline!
  50. Claire's Not Crazy -- She's Just Got Abandonment Issues
  51. James knew Jabba but not Anakin?
  52. Help me sort out the dead people...
  53. Sun/Jin Reunion
  54. Sayid saying "I died, he brought me back".
  55. Widmore and finding the island...
  56. I have no idea who you are.......sure you do
  57. What happened between Desmond & Sayid at the Well
  58. Is it just me?
  59. Climax to happen on Hydra Island?
  60. Locke's Wheelchair Not Destroyed
  61. Ilana's accent?
  62. Thought the Sun/Locke being wheeled into the hospital interesting.
  63. So Tina Fey sure acted like a mercenary this week...
  64. "John. My name is, John"
  65. Locke Will Save Them All??
  66. FLocke is wrong about Jack
  67. On the third day?
  68. Alternate episode titles for The Last Recruit
  69. If Smokey = Christian... Did Anthony Cooper = Smokey?
  70. Hospital Theme
  71. Kate - her timelines are very similar
  72. Flocke Isn't Christian
  73. Desmond's true intention for hitting Locke
  74. Sawyer offers Kate an apple....
  75. What Does FS Locke see?
  76. The 2nd person in Jacob's cabin
  77. The Explosion
  78. Two points on the FS & continuity errors
  79. Captain Ann Austin?
  80. (not-so-funny) Jokes from this episode...
  81. "Don't Let Him Speak to You" - Connects Des, Jacob and MiB
  82. Jack's Wife / David's Mother
  83. Sawyer the bone head and the jerk
  84. Is Desmond a 'Wild Card' Candidate?
  85. Head Trauma Causes Synchronization?
  86. Favorite Lines
  87. Where was Sayid when the missile struck?
  88. The Writing's On the Wall - Sawyer's Gonna Die
  89. Is Jacob inhabiting Desmond's body?
  90. The Game--are these the rules?
  91. Jacob is winning
  92. Maybe Desmond can't die?
  93. when Flocke broke the walkie
  94. The Price of Being The Candidate
  95. Things I noticed from last night:
  96. The Star Wars Analogy
  97. John Locke was a "Sucker", and I miss him.
  98. What's Up With Being "With" MiB?
  99. Original Locke has never heard MIB speak
  100. Wash, lather, rinse…REPEAT!
  101. Jack's Neck Cut?!?!
  102. Best Screen Grab!
  103. Widmore, be careful where you blow up things
  104. Question about Claire
  105. "I [I]was going[/I] to marry her"
  106. Miles???
  107. If Open Wounds are entry points for The Sickness then....
  108. "Sure you do."
  109. Claire with Locke
  110. Sawyer's ready to bail on Miles?
  111. Widmore the Double Crosser
  112. Is Sun's baby REALLY ok?
  113. Diddt, you might have been right
  114. Can Smokey Only Impersonate the Dead that have not been Buried???
  115. Jack's Surgery on Locke
  116. Desmond and the Numbers
  117. Sweetzer and Verdanski
  118. Locke...coming back?
  119. Did locke die when flight 815 crashed?
  120. Man In Black and Duma Key
  121. No new episode next week (April 27th)
  122. LOST's Most Iconic Boat Trips - Illustrated in Graphic
  123. Ben's Knowledge of Smokey
  124. Howitzers magally appearing
  125. "Lucky 13"?
  126. MiB's Disguises Aren't Necessarily The Dead
  127. Sideways Miles still Straume, not Chang?
  128. How Jack will Reunite with Kate in ALT
  129. Concurrency of Sideways Events
  130. Dr. Shephards Miracle Surgery
  131. Locke and Helen both benefit from the island?
  132. Does John Locke Have A Split Personality?
  133. Did Dharma Build The Donkey Wheel?
  134. a theory on how to merge the timelines
  135. Island is a Cork that Keeps the Future safe from the Past?
  136. Jack, Locke, back surgery and the bleed throughs
  137. Aaron and his Mommy