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  1. Countdown!!
  2. Orientation & Curtis Jackson
  3. See the new promo? What do you think?
  4. I am curious if we will ever find out....
  5. Centric
  6. Last episode featuring Desmond ?
  7. The Black Rock and the others. My simple thoughts
  8. What questions?
  9. Take a look at this.
  10. From the Preview: Hurley Down Under
  11. Question: Whose flashback?
  12. Is this the episode where Jack finally comes out of the closet???
  13. Dharma Industries website?
  14. Ana-Lucia: Good or Bad Character?
  15. Master LIST Orientation >^..^<
  16. Orientation interupted by MLB playoffs?
  17. Where Boston area residents can see LOST
  18. Another Entrance to the Hatch
  19. Orientation Preview link?
  20. LLL Observations & Facts List: Orientation
  21. Program Description from my Cable Provider
  22. Countdown
  23. Red sox Vs. White Sox Vs. Lost all on abc all at 9:00pm
  24. LIVE thread Orientation >^..^<
  25. The orientation filmstrip...
  26. Man...this is the wierdest episode Ive seen so far.
  27. Whoa!!!!
  28. to many commercial breaks
  29. This episode...Anti-SNOOZE!
  30. Execute
  31. The Shark is from another sector
  32. We never saw where the entrance to the hatch was....
  33. Jack is on the verge.
  34. What would you do?
  35. I called it! I called it..
  36. So now that we've seen it, let's talk about that book they showed
  37. PLEASE Read: About Duplicate Posts
  38. the gun has no bullets??!!!!!!!
  39. Turn of the Screw
  40. http://www.thehansofoundation.org
  41. The Dharma Initiative...
  42. Locke's Disability
  43. I'VE SOLVED LOST...kinda
  44. Request: Orientation film clip please
  45. I cannot stand this any longer!
  46. Who`s in the picture?
  47. Munitions Magnate...THIS IS HUGE!!!
  48. Anagram!
  49. "You think you were my first Con?"
  50. So where is Desmond going?
  51. Reminds Me of the Stanford Prison Experiment
  52. Survivors now divided?
  53. Sciencebillies/Scientillies
  54. it snow OBVIOUS what brought the planes down.
  55. Locke's "fake" father... was he HANSO????
  56. Roses Husband
  57. Desmond...gone for good?
  58. Namaste...on Hanso site
  59. Helen
  60. Very dissapointed.
  61. What about the Monster??
  62. Scientist & Sayid??
  63. Electromagentic fields and "the sickness"?
  64. Shannon's Gonna Mess It Up!!
  65. All of Locke's flashbacks.....
  66. The blackboard in Locke's class
  67. Dharma & Numbers.... coincidence?
  68. can anyone direct me to a summary of this episode?
  69. How did Locke know?
  70. the swan and Buddha
  71. All that hatch stuff for nothing?
  72. So what will happen to the island if the code isn't entered?
  73. The "incident"
  74. The Numbers and Hugo
  75. "The Third Policeman"- A Major Theory?
  76. Why does Hurley say
  77. Desmond: See you in another life (said again!)
  78. Life Extension, Vanilla Sky, and Strawberry Fields
  79. The woman in Desmond's photo...
  80. I find it hard to concentrate...
  81. Desmond's explanation doesn't add up
  82. The countdown does it...?
  83. How do you fix a computer using a jar of Black and White rocks?
  84. About Walt...
  85. The Choice
  86. So So So So So Bad....
  87. 540 days
  88. My theory on the 108 minute countdown is...
  89. BEST episode ever!!!!!!!!
  90. HD caps of the 'Orientation' Film
  91. Electromagnetic Station / Book on Shelf
  92. What was with the dart board?!
  93. Jack's motivation for chasing after Desmond?
  94. 3 Places Now?
  95. The girl who takes Sawyer's gun
  96. About the preview for next week (spoilers)
  97. Anyone notice an emphasis...
  98. I Was So Hoping that Michelle Rodriguez
  99. Film was just too much...
  100. Sawyer and the Island
  101. Desmond Is The Monster!
  102. Mural houses = six locations?
  103. Was there a date on that film clip?
  104. Who is Alvar Hanso?
  105. 6 Experiments???
  106. Remote Viewing
  107. Jacks wife
  108. "Security System"
  109. typing the numbers in
  110. Crash landings?
  111. MINOR continuity Error?
  112. Michelle Rodriquez as Ana-Lucia
  113. Strange conversation Desmond/Jack
  114. Who are Gerald & Karen DeGroot?
  115. The writers DISSED us! LOL
  116. No more mention of the numbers....or, new numbers?
  117. 108 minutes
  118. Why ppt "Quarantine" on the inside of the hatch- if there was another way out?!
  119. What about the Security System?
  120. What did one him say to the other him?
  121. The Third Policeman and the Mural
  122. In keeping with the nanobots theory...
  123. B.F. Skinner..Walden Two and a perfect society
  124. Alvar Hanso on the island?
  125. New Island Theory
  126. Hanso question
  127. Station 3
  128. DeGroots still on island??
  129. Jack & Neo
  130. This Site Considers Previews As SPOILERS.
  131. Jacks Second Go Around with A PC that will Save The World?
  132. Lostzilla
  133. http://www.dharmaindustries.com/
  134. Desmond Quarantined in Hatch
  135. What are we ruling out an actual 'incident'?
  136. Who Covered the Hatch?
  137. >:\
  138. Rose's husband
  139. There is more to the Island than Dharma
  140. The video gives out a very big clue.
  141. Where is Calvin/Kelvin's body?
  142. Thoughts on the episode
  143. www.thehansofoundation.org
  144. Was that Peggy Bundy?
  145. If that is the answer, then Lost has lost this "Fan"!
  146. Electromagnetic Fields
  147. that wasn't who i thought it was, was it?
  148. Dharma is an acronym
  149. Locke Is In On The Whole Thing
  150. Why hide the orientation filmstrip?
  151. John Calvin and Calvinism
  152. What happened to the Candy Bars!
  153. 'Shaft'
  154. A Leap of Faith ?
  155. Ana Lucia's former occupation
  156. How did Locke know?
  157. Why didn't the others??
  158. Good 'ol Milgram
  159. Desmond is lying his arse off!
  160. The Third Policeman? History?
  161. two guns?
  162. Operant conditioning- for you "Psychological Experiment" junkies.
  163. What was the Incident?
  164. The orientation video is a fake
  165. 108 min.
  166. Aldous Huxley?
  167. Leap Of Faith
  168. Could Calvin be.................
  169. Where are the other "stations"
  170. The Lost Triangle
  171. Timeline
  172. Future Scurvy Pirates?
  173. Survival of Polar Bear semi-explained
  174. Hanso Foundation --- Kate's Plane
  175. Question about The Swan
  176. Sarah's last name.
  177. The Hatch has a BACK DOOR?????????
  178. Locke in the flashbacks looks like...
  179. A Thought On Not Pushing The Button...
  180. Turn of the Screw
  181. The Button
  182. Did someone get off the island?
  183. The Guy Hurley got the numbers from
  184. Different EXECUTE buttons
  185. Leaps of faith
  186. Jack and Desmond's Hatch conversation
  187. 108 UNITS, not minutes?
  188. Does anybody think this is getting nuts?
  189. So many thoughts I don't know where to put them...
  190. It isn't supposed to be this way!
  191. Here are some HR screen captures
  192. the world is still out there
  193. Help!
  194. Funniest line of the ep
  195. Two Helens?
  196. Computations on the 108 minute countdown...
  197. Bad Ending!
  198. Would YOU keep typing in the numbers
  199. So...was Hurley right?
  200. What about Calvin's partner?
  201. Did Desmond know of The Others?
  202. Jack's Black Eyes
  203. Finish this sentence: "The computer must never be used to..."
  204. help make a diagram of the hatch environs
  205. Locke's legs
  206. At least one other research station is very close
  207. Was LENNY in the Hatch?
  208. Scientists form a cult?
  209. Timer at zero
  210. Anyone think that maybe Nadia was working for the Hanso Foundation?
  211. Anyone think that maybe Nadia was working for the Hanso Foundation?
  212. Hurley, throwing ball to Vincent on the beach
  213. Why oh WHY??!
  214. The Hanso Foundation
  215. Ana & The Shark
  216. A hatch in The Third Policeman
  217. Sun's Father and Hanso in cahoots?
  218. Party Prank
  219. Second Set of Numbers
  220. Orientation Film a programming device?
  221. dont forget - something is WRONG
  222. Transcription of Dharma Video Here
  223. Jack is TOO analytical
  224. Is Sawyer acting OOC?
  225. Locke telling Jack to have faith?
  226. Oh No...
  227. Turn of The Screw by Henry James
  228. Kelvin
  229. 540
  230. POLL: Is Anthony Cooper the real Sawyer?
  231. The Hatch and The Others
  232. Polar Bear & Comic
  233. Swan project/ARGOS\
  234. How come we're not talking about what's really important?
  235. Shaft's Tattoo's?
  236. Calvin, you're a year too late
  237. Lost 2.3: "Orientation"
  238. Skinner, Higher Purpose and Free Will
  239. Dharma Initiative link at Hanso site works now...
  240. Observation on the food
  241. Candy "Apollo" bars could not stay fresh that long.
  242. Previews ARE Spoilers (title edited)
  243. The key to Locke
  244. Computer Program
  245. Jack/ Locke Connections
  246. Subliminal messages in film strip?
  247. Pascal's Wager
  248. The Degroots = The Others?
  249. hatch "team"
  250. The "6" Experiments