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  1. Predictions for tonights episode (spoilers)...
  2. Sawyer's flashback: recap?
  3. Countdown Thread
  4. Rate the Episode!!!
  5. Discuss abandoned here while it airs.
  6. What did Walt say???
  7. how'd you get shot, anyway?
  8. Sort of disappointed with the "Killer"
  9. Any place any time
  10. For Real?
  11. LLL Observation List for Abandoned
  12. So Sayid saw Walt...
  13. Was Sawyer with them in the last scene?
  14. Aaron's Leg Changed Shape
  15. The Lost Hockey Team?
  16. Boone -- Did anyone else laugh when...
  17. REQ: Whisper translation
  18. So did Jack walk past in the background at the hospital?
  19. Was I the only one feeling deja vu?
  20. Backward speak
  21. Jacks patient was Shannons Dad?
  22. They took a lot of things
  23. Next Weeks Extended Episode?
  24. Jack in the hospital
  25. Goodwin
  26. What Did Sawyer Say?
  27. Communicate, People !!
  28. stop posting spoilers
  29. So what should happen to...
  30. The World's Oldest Cliche (SPOILERS)
  31. Were you spoiled for this episode?
  32. More timeline weirdness...
  33. Is anyone else mad that...?
  34. So glad it was her.
  35. Comment to Eko
  36. Button?
  37. Mike & Sawyer
  38. CountBACK Thread
  39. Did we really see the shooter?
  40. Question about the whispers
  41. Sayid: Is he a 2 timing Gigolo?
  42. Comparisons to Swan Lake
  43. Boone's appearance...
  44. Canadian Preview............
  45. Rose
  46. New Numbers from the tailenders?
  47. Libby the Psychologist...
  48. Who else was jazzed about seeing Boone again?
  49. Where's Cindy?
  50. The interestingness of the whispers
  51. Cindy's secret is safe, just like Boone's....
  52. Why would Walt...
  53. French connection?
  54. Lesser of 2 evils
  55. Charlie/Claire/Locke
  56. Welp, she's doomed
  57. Shannon's story
  58. Mister Eko
  59. Sad about the death
  60. Deja Vu
  61. Who is lost forever?
  62. Mother/Child Thoughts
  63. I know many are delighted that......
  64. Shannon's Dad's Death & I think we arent' asking the right questions!
  65. Cliff Climbing Music returns!!!!
  66. Is Shannon's Whole Family Dead?
  67. Poll: Killing Off Main Characters - Good Drama, or Bad Idea?
  68. Any clue what the others whispers are saying?
  69. Best episode of season 2 thus far?
  70. Is rabies the sickness?
  71. Episode Timeframe
  72. Don't have to worry 'bout that...
  73. Good Morning America 11-10-05
  74. A Dish of Karma
  75. did anyone notice the bizzare cut in the beginning of the show?
  76. I'm Gonna Miss Those Dynamite Gams of Shannon's
  77. Libby
  78. No Kate?!
  79. Perhaps we are being misdirected
  80. Were Tailies and Shannon and Sayid in one shot?
  81. Aaron and the Island Guys
  82. Ana Lucia -- YOU GO GIRL !!!!!
  83. I may be branchin out with this one....but......
  84. Vincent, the psychic wonder dog?
  85. Doesn't anyone remember........
  86. Timeline, Shannon, Dave Matthews Band
  87. Timeline, Shannon and Dave Matthews Band
  88. It was not Ana Lucia
  89. Good Morning America
  90. Sayids Nails
  91. Is Sawyer or Shannon dead?
  92. Sayid Makes That Face Again!
  93. One Man's Theory...
  94. The "new" passenger/lostaway group: Meet or greet?
  95. Why couldn't Ana have shot her?
  96. Could It Have Been Someone Else's Blood?
  97. A theory on the others
  98. Was that Jack in the Hospital......?
  99. How quiet are they?
  100. GREAT Episode-BAD Flashback!
  101. Jack/Shannon and the Timing
  102. The extra scene (shown on GMA)
  103. Poor Cindy.
  104. Shannon as Cinderella?
  105. Walt = Angel of Death?
  106. Bossy Ana
  107. Am I blind or something??
  108. Walt's whispers
  109. Inconsistencies in the Others behavior
  110. Is Libby a Plant? A.K.A. the Ficus thread!
  111. Ana's comment to Mr. Eko...
  112. Good Morning America
  113. Two shots?
  114. So now what happens??
  115. The Others' Whispers
  116. walts conection with vincent
  117. The "Other" People on the Island
  118. Here is a question
  119. The title... Why Abandoned?
  120. The Gang's all Here...or Are They?
  121. GMA & Jimmy Kimmel
  122. They all have to be in pergatory
  123. Rose in Hospital Scene?
  124. What Cindy Might Say...
  125. The five missing tail-enders ! ? !
  126. Locke's "green thing"
  127. Thoughts on Four Questions
  128. Some observations regarding the shooting
  129. Even injured Sawyer is still funny
  130. if yyou tivoed or taped this ep , check this out!!!
  131. the substance of Walt
  132. Question about dreams and who dies
  133. On Shannon's fate
  134. ABC Recaps
  135. Saddest, most romantic thing I've ever seen on this show.
  136. Ana Lucia has a child?
  137. Screenshot anyone????
  138. Just want to be your teddy bear
  139. What DID happen to Goodwin?
  140. The Whispers
  141. Shannon's wound
  142. Why did Vincent go to Boone's grave?
  143. Children, and the psychic's warning to Claire
  144. Who watched Good Morning America?
  145. Where are the W.H.I.S.P.E.R.S. people??
  146. A Step-by-step walk through of Shannon's Death and Who Did It
  147. Anyone else not moved by Shannon's backstory?
  148. New Poster - Hi - What is this screencap?
  149. Extra scene on Good Morning America?
  150. Shannon gave the disease to Sayeed?
  151. New Numbers??
  152. Who shot Shannon?
  153. Observation on Scene from Good Morning America
  154. Need Help
  155. I thought the only scene Jack was in was his cameo at the hospital.
  156. AnnaLucia's position with the original Lostaways
  157. Shannon's age
  158. Just how many pages......
  159. Ana and Sayid know eachother?
  160. Goodwin's wound
  161. Why Jack was in the trees! FACTS!
  162. My Theory on the Whispers!
  163. Did Sayid Trip On A New Hatch
  164. Screencap needed...please help me :)
  165. Is it a coincidence?
  166. Charlie & Claire's fight
  167. Desmond on the beach?
  168. Anyone catch what Walt said in the first vision?
  169. Shhhh! Be Quiet!
  170. USA Today article confirms Shannon's death
  171. Dharma Institute
  172. tivo people, did you record this?!
  173. Was that the guy from St. Tropez?
  174. Jin's untranslated Korean
  175. whisper time
  176. Lost 2.6: "Abandoned"
  177. Vincent Key To Seeing Walt?
  178. I can't believe about Shannon
  179. Wet Walt
  180. Claire & Locke
  181. Jack and the Rutheford-Carlyles
  182. "Shannon has a nightmare."
  183. Did the Tailers put the Lostaways in danger?
  184. The Hanso Foundation---new info
  185. I Hated Abandoned The Episode
  186. Person in the background!
  187. recap and thoughts on abandonded...
  188. Nadia - Dis you see her ???
  189. Hear Walt's whisper played backwards
  190. The children on the flight and the Others
  191. The Other's Whispers
  192. The Motive Thread
  193. 2 gunshots
  194. Picture in Shannon's apartment
  195. Watercooler Poll
  196. Is Ana Lucia insane?
  197. Ethan Rom at Shannons Dance Academy?
  198. I don't think Ethan was an Other
  199. Meningitis
  200. Shannon, Vincent, Walt and Boone
  201. So who's left handed?
  202. Ana did NOT shoot Shannon!!! Screen Cap Proof Within!!!
  203. Jack's New Choice
  204. Another observation re: Ana
  205. Is Walt Holding a Gun???
  206. Did Boone know that Shannon would die?
  207. Was Cindy kidnapped? kill? or just Lost?
  208. the kiss?
  209. Now I finally understand LOST!!!
  210. Ana Lucia and Eko have kids (The Others took them)
  211. Deleted Scene on Good Morning America
  212. Walt's Warning?
  213. It WAS Ana- Lucia who shot Shannon... right?
  214. How do you feel about Michael now?
  215. Any idea what Locke was looking at?
  216. Okay lets get the whispers and two walts coming....
  217. walt-speak
  218. Is Shannon really dead?
  219. possible problem for the future?
  220. Tailies numbers don't add up
  221. There's a LOT more to Rose than meets the eye......
  222. not the only time something was backwards
  223. Ethan Rom?? You decide
  224. how did Locke and Charlie...
  225. Sayid's "I Love You" line
  226. Shannon's Assassination More Controversial than JFK's
  227. Others and Whispers Two Different Entities?
  228. Ana as the killer - the best long-term solution
  229. Feel Bad for Tallies??
  230. Coastal sea cave?
  231. i'm starting to think that the Others killed Shannon
  232. does Vincent know something humans don`t?
  233. Update of OceanicAir??????
  234. 8 sided rain drops?!?!
  235. How many of you believe that......Dead on the island..
  236. Second letter... Art. 2342
  237. Letters
  238. Jack in Shannon Flasback
  239. Was there a second shot???
  240. Shannon takes the Au Pair job?
  241. "....Head-on collision WITH an SUV."
  242. We thought we saw Walt...
  243. What if it's Nadia
  244. The Eyes
  245. Did the tailaways witness the shooting?
  246. Cindy - Anna Lucia's Sister?
  247. Run!!!
  248. The kids and random thoughts
  249. Why were Tailies stolen?
  250. Locke has chalk, Boone's grave moved?