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  1. Long Lost List - What Kate did Episode 2:09
  2. Rate the Episode!!!
  3. Post While You Watch!
  4. We know Kate does not have a dad...
  5. What is with the Patsy Cline Songs?
  6. The story Mr. Echo told
  7. Did anyone see that website?
  8. Great, Good, Bad Or Indifferent?
  9. What does the horse represent?
  10. Was anyone else hoping...
  11. Anyone else see Sayid in the TV
  12. "Do not mistake coincidence for fate"
  13. The Computer at the end
  14. Kate's interactions with Sawyer in this episode...
  15. Eko vs. Locke
  16. Was Kate conceived to Kill?
  17. What is it Locke sees on the filmstrip??
  18. Major Inconsistency?
  19. Sabotage
  20. Books in the bunkbed?
  21. So, what else can we get the writers to say?
  22. Walt-sightings in the jungle...?
  23. Could Jin be.....
  24. Could Communications have caused the plane to have gone off course?
  25. Sabotage of the Film
  26. Sawyer Loves Kate
  27. Kate spills all to Sawyer
  28. Eko: "You men call it the Old Testament"
  29. Where's Biiiiiiiiiiiig Miiiiiiiiiiike?
  30. Why Kate did it
  31. Could The Numbers Be...
  32. That Was Gold Baby!!
  33. Blast Doors...
  34. Question on the film strip.
  35. Question about the Film
  36. The explosion
  37. Anyone else let down by the door?
  38. Korea
  39. OK....that darn hatch again
  40. Kate's T-Shirt
  41. A closing blast door ...
  42. Other splices
  43. The marshall's car
  44. Echo, the Numbers and...
  45. Kate's Mom
  46. Hanso Site Updated, and Hidden Numbers?
  47. Who is the most hated now?
  48. WHOSE face does Kate see right before......
  49. The Sickness and the Hatch
  50. spliced tape
  51. Kate is one accident-prone girl!
  52. Next Week's episode promo online??
  53. We're Almost Half-way there
  54. Dr. Candle's hair
  55. Family Issues
  56. Preview at the start in Canada
  57. Continuity error in flashbacks...
  58. "Hello Again"...."Hello"
  59. So happy Sayid told Kate about Walt
  60. Help with carving on Eko's staff
  61. Ending
  62. So is Kate "Good" now?
  63. WHY is everyone just chilling in the hatch?
  64. The kind of thing that drives me nuts
  65. Reference to number 42 ???
  66. So who did the little plane belong to?
  67. Complexity
  68. Station 3 is talking to them...
  69. What was said between Jack and Ana Lucia?
  70. Horse is definitely real, so... how did it get on the island?
  71. The real name of this episode
  72. Song Charlie is working on.
  73. Sayid On TV
  74. The spark to set off the explosion ---
  75. My questions
  76. Well I'm floored
  77. Did the others cut the film?
  78. The Clock and the Computer
  79. Newest thoughts: Why the children?
  80. The Men in Lost
  81. Back ot basics?
  82. Did anyone see a person in the Kate/Jack scene?
  83. Hello?
  84. "What Kate Did."
  85. Hanso Boys slipped up: if the film was made in 1980...
  86. One In The Same???
  87. One In The Same???
  88. Great friggin' episode!
  89. Kate not a good person
  90. The "Incident"
  91. So, how many of them have been responsible for the death of someone else?
  92. Kate is as dumb a murderer as Ana Lucia
  93. Philosophy 101: What Kate Did
  94. Is the Island Jail?
  95. 00:00
  96. "Dad?"
  97. 00:00 Poll!!
  98. Two assumptions that need examining
  99. Why did 'they' remove THAT piece of the film?
  100. Finally!!!
  101. Why were the US Marshals involved?
  102. the Jack/Kate Kiss
  103. Kate's Age / Timeline Question
  104. Wardrobe! I need that shirt
  105. Clue to Hurley's Condition - Transference?
  106. What was AL doing?
  107. Hiatus?
  108. Jack doesn't 'win', Sawyer does't 'win'.
  109. Backgammon
  110. Another thing we still don't know....
  111. SGM Sam Austen
  112. Mr. Ecko & the Drug Plane
  113. I Love Her
  114. He never touched her??
  115. Few Questions about flashbacks
  116. "It Might Be of Great Value To You"
  117. Where's the still?
  118. Was It Walt?
  119. Kate and Mars/Kate’s Running
  120. The things Kate did
  121. Locke & Eko - different kinds of faith
  122. Good Morning America extra scene
  123. Cigarette Brand
  124. Why splice the film?
  125. It's not a love TRIANGLE...It's a love CIRCLE?
  126. Do you believe in ghosts?
  127. Hurley Strikes Again
  128. film experts?
  129. The other guy in the army recruitment office
  130. Funeral
  131. Love opens your eyes?
  132. Chronicles?
  133. Forgotten Son?
  134. 000:51
  135. What happened to the counter at 0, flashing red
  136. Question unrelated to this weeks episode.
  137. "i love her"
  138. If you were Walt, which Messenger would you use?
  139. If you were Walt, which Messenger would you use?
  140. Could this be the end of Kate?
  141. Contact The Outside World
  142. Did Ecko "out Locke" Locke?
  143. What happened to this pic?
  144. Whens the next new episode?
  145. Jack and Ana, Kate and Sawyer - the same?
  146. so who was Kate's husband??
  147. "Missing Film" Isn't Really Missing?
  148. One Kitchen to Rule Them All
  149. I would watch what I say around Eko....
  150. so is it POSSIBLE to use the computer for other things?
  151. Tallahassee and Sawyer?
  152. Parallel characters and Black and White
  153. TV at the Army Recruitment Office
  154. Next Episode?
  155. Just HOW MUCH i missed Sawyer!!!!
  156. You Know What I Just Realized?!?
  157. Coincidence – Fate - Destiny
  158. Money?
  159. the phone "numbers"
  160. Jasons
  161. Incident theory
  162. too much Eko drama?
  163. Where Was Sayid???
  164. why mash mango with a spoon?
  165. Locke backwards is Ekco with an L
  166. Did you know?
  167. Something about the splicing
  168. Sayid on TV is Kate's flashback
  169. What if...???
  170. Orange Shirt Sighting....
  171. Kate's bank robbing = future flashback???
  172. If the button is an experiment then...
  173. So who's your Daddy now?
  174. Kate's "Good Bye" Kiss to Jack
  175. Where was Sawyer and Jin?
  176. I'm just curious about...
  177. So what happens in the end?
  178. AL and Libby
  179. Help! My VCR cut off the end...
  180. Typing on the keyboard was possible
  181. Pushing Jack's Button
  182. About Walt and the sickness
  183. food hallucinations?
  184. Shannon's funeral
  185. rehash of Killer on the island.
  186. Horse and Boar
  187. Transcipt of the new film splice?
  188. The Solution to the Computer Mystery
  189. Something to note.
  190. What Kate Did - The episode discussion
  191. Computers and communicating
  192. Bernard- insight into Monster
  193. Did Locke actually press the button in time?
  194. Where'd the caves go?
  195. Kate should not be with Jack nor Sawyer.
  196. No sleep, horses, and fathers
  197. Hurley's talk to Jack
  198. Michael's intrest in Computer
  199. Kate helps Wayne to death and Sawyer to life
  200. Pocast questions?
  201. Mr. Echo is going to be important
  202. What if the sickness doesn't mean .....
  203. Need help: Anyone know morse code?
  204. Michael as the Mole
  205. Oceanic hidden messages
  206. Filmstrip technology
  207. Island...what island?
  208. If they didn't want them to , then they couldn't...
  209. Mr Ecko , Whats his story?
  210. Black and White Horses
  211. Dad
  212. Two horses, a kid and a trophy
  213. How did Kate acquire her survival skills?
  214. Eko got the story WRONG...
  215. Calender
  216. One car costs too much for Lost?
  217. aaaah!!!!
  218. Timeline 2012!!!
  219. Distortion durind Shannon's funeral?
  220. Kates dad's Army patch
  221. Map of the hatch
  222. More Then One Island?
  223. Did Locke enter the numbers in time?
  224. Michael is a computer expert?
  225. Computer/A.I.?--LOSTCasts
  226. ATTENTION: It's a *FILM* and not a filmstrip
  227. Jack/Kate Kiss- Poll
  228. Diane had a...
  229. When You're Ready To Have A Serious Conversation About The Spliced Orientation Film..
  230. "What Kate Did" Replay?
  231. The Ten Commandments of Lost, and which ones this episode broke (warning: LONG)
  232. Ana Lucia and Libby better get their act together...
  233. Purpose of Numbers on outside of Hatch
  234. Does the button do anything?
  235. TV in Recruiters office
  236. Marshall and Kate on the Plane
  237. Evidence that The Hanso group expected uninvited guests at Station 3
  238. The Incident,The Arrow, and The Swan_Theory!
  239. Where was Kate's (Step)Dad?
  240. Question- first few minutes
  241. I just posted this on another board
  242. Army pamphet????
  243. Sayid on the TV
  244. Love Sqaure !!!
  245. Cigarettes
  246. Nature vs. Nurture, frozen embryos
  247. Stupid Kate History Question
  248. Glass Eye?
  249. Channel 4 webpage
  250. What Do We Know