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  1. Watching Live Thread
  2. Loved it!!!!
  3. Hated it!!!!
  4. Rate the Episode!!!
  5. What does Michael know about the computer?
  6. ack with the God Complex
  7. The beardy man showed up!!
  8. Just because Locke says it....
  9. Geronimo Jackson
  10. How do we know his name is Zeke?
  11. Torches = people? No way!
  12. Bring 'er out, Alex!
  13. Jack and Sarah are both *******!
  14. Jack is immediate pick by Bearded Tex!
  15. Sawyer and Beardy: Showdown at the OK Corral
  16. Locke's Shoes
  17. An army!!!!!
  18. Was Sharah.....
  19. Locke & Hugo
  20. screencap of mural?
  21. Jack can't be with Kate because...
  22. Favorite line of the night?
  23. Zeke quoted Hanso!!!
  24. Questions asked to Zeek
  25. The pregnancy...
  26. Was it just me or did I see.
  27. Locke's dad is the real sawyer?
  28. Any screenshots yet?
  29. What did Ana Lucia say?
  30. Zeke's Luger gun
  31. Ipod cast...?Help!
  32. The Song
  33. Wait... did I hear this correctly...?
  34. Is there a 'spy' among them?
  35. Oh, Sawyer...
  36. hope this army thing isn't the season's big story arch...
  37. Recap??
  38. Is Locke actually much older...?
  39. Did zeke KNOW ethan?
  40. You're in our house is BS..
  41. Michael has to go alone?
  42. Smoke around Torches
  43. Jack's Dad STepping out?
  44. The Numbers on the Lock
  45. Alex
  46. Another "Dark tower" similarity
  47. Sun Lays Down The Law!
  48. "Issues" with the Hunting Party
  49. Opening doors they shouldn't be opening...
  50. LOL Sawyer shot again
  51. How did the Others light those torches?
  52. So what's going to happen to Michael now?
  53. The delineation of Jack
  54. How did Sawyer know about Cindy?
  55. What Did Zeke Say?
  56. Long Lost List - The Hunting Party
  57. Where to see the preview?
  58. "Almost two months"
  59. Why are they letting them live?
  60. Very Interesting....Xray
  61. Losties just handed over the BEST GUNS the others have
  62. Jack's wife...
  63. Charlie/Hurley
  64. The Italian Woman Was Hot!
  65. Curiosity killed the cat...
  66. Who Was Sarah Cheating on Jack With?
  67. Why ask Ana Lucia how to train an army?
  68. Why go after Michael?
  69. Why dont you build us a fire John?
  70. THe guy behind zeke
  71. WHOSE army?
  72. Sawyer's Motivation for Joining the Hunting Party
  73. "Man has been blessed with curiosity"
  74. The black smoke is around them....
  75. Sawyer protective of Kate
  76. So honestly, who would have shot Mr. Friendly aka ZEKE as soon as he popped out
  77. More then one group of others or not?
  78. Based on tonights episode alone..... KATE VS ANA LUCIA
  79. Maybe if Locke would stop talking in riddles.....
  80. Locke's hypocrisy
  81. Psyco-babble thought on Sawyer and names
  82. Did they forget anything or one?
  83. How did saywer know zeke's name????
  84. What SHOULD have been said in the jungle
  85. Theme in Episode
  86. Locke working with the others
  87. Michael = Rousseau???
  88. Were there any flashback crossovers?
  89. It Must have been the Others!!!
  90. What did Zeke accomplish?
  91. What did the Hunting Party get too close to?
  92. 7 shots heard, 3 casings found?
  93. Sawyer is Back!!!
  94. Instant-On Torches
  95. Tide Shifting Kate/Jack/Sawyer
  96. Beards
  97. Dumbest Line Ever
  98. "Why Dont you just go Home"
  99. Did Desmond encounter the others
  100. Is there something to Zeke's question about how long they've been there?
  101. North and Crossing the line
  102. Did Locke really "lose" Michael's trail?
  103. Telling Others What To Do....
  104. two actors playing zeke?
  105. File Name?
  106. The Number Mix-up?
  107. Jack is looking for a battle
  108. Just Me, Or...
  109. Mixed messages... confusion in the air...
  110. Jack the Miracle Worker
  111. My prediction
  112. Is Hanso the man Jack....
  113. Flub
  114. Alex
  115. Ok we get it... Walt is "special"
  116. The Records?
  117. The names of The Hunting Party
  118. Seabillies have military training?
  119. What do we know about the Seabillies?
  120. The song Charlie and Hurley put on...?
  121. How many "Others"?
  122. tattoos now part of the storyline?
  123. Is Anyone Sick?
  124. recap and thoughts on the hunting party
  125. A botched scene
  126. [B]Zeke's reaction to hearing Ethan[/B]
  127. Jack's Wife made me Hate Women
  128. The Others do not want the Losties to get off the island
  129. Seabillies vs. Military
  130. Maybe Sawyer doesn't love Kate
  131. The Others & The Hanso Foundation/Dharma
  132. Ana Lucia and Vincent
  133. wtf? did i miss something??
  134. Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Cant Believe Noone Commented On It
  135. The dirty beard
  136. uh... RECAP PLEASE!!!
  137. War?
  138. Poor Sayid
  139. flies
  140. Jack's Tattoos???
  141. "Zeke" was observant, that was it........
  142. I can't WAIT until...
  143. Charlie?
  144. All I can say is "I TOLD YOU SO"
  145. OMG is this walt? (or cindy?)
  146. Locke's Eye
  147. Zeke's was Frendly asking Locke to Light a fire
  148. Lets cut the man some slack here
  149. About the gunshots...
  150. Is this Desmond? Hes one of them !!
  151. Time For a New Leader
  152. Sawyer's line about Cindy cut from the episode?
  153. Will Locke defect?
  154. Who is This guy from the Lost media screencap??
  155. Conclusion: Mike's not hallucinating.
  156. Why did they take Cindy?
  157. Jack was right!
  158. Is "Zeke" really Gerald DeGroot?
  159. There must be a way to get around the island underground
  160. Jacks Key. . . .
  161. sarah on the island? Something aint right!
  162. The objective of war is to 'WIN'
  163. Is that a faint Dharma symbol behind 'walt' or 'cindy's' head in the is this walt pic
  164. Jack is a baby
  165. Sawyer, shooting at Zeke
  166. Ready For Battle
  167. heroin
  168. In his element...
  169. How many "others"?
  170. What would have happened to Kate?
  171. "Crossing the line"
  172. ZEKE, MC Gainey, and the Country Bears. Craziest Pic Evar
  173. New Thought on The Others in this episode
  174. Where is Vincent??
  175. coming from the EAST, now heading NORTH, and some speculation
  176. Locke's been out there before
  177. The Others singled out Jack
  178. James Ford and Jacks Wife????
  179. Zeke = Kelvin
  180. They were after the guns all along: Did Kate set it up?
  181. Sara upset about Jacks Kiss?
  182. Is it over for Sun and Jin
  183. Remote Viewing
  184. Numbers no longer have a meaning?
  185. Maybe the sickness isn't a sickness
  186. Michael and the computer.
  187. The Line...
  188. Why are you condemming Jack for wanting an Army?
  189. The others and the monster!!!
  190. The world on the head of a pin
  191. Did anyone notice...
  192. The Army!
  193. right before eko sees the smoke...
  194. The mural in the Hatch
  195. Zeke's make-up?
  196. Locke rolls his eyes
  197. Where is Rose?
  198. Sun/Jin Conversation
  199. Jack's wife / affair with Desmond
  200. The Smokey God
  201. Could this be Walt
  202. girl from boat = girl on G.jackson cover..???
  203. Geronimo Jackson LP Cover = Island
  204. Father-In-Law Theory
  205. Was Ethan the kidnapper?
  206. 105 y.o. female x-ray
  207. Mr ring cloner becomes Mr forthright
  208. Locke/Claire
  209. Has Locke run into Zeke before?
  210. why not ask sayid?
  211. How many others with Zeke?
  212. Locke has ....
  213. Vincent Brings Bad luck
  214. Religious themes
  215. "Daniel Boone" or "Danielle Boone"?
  216. Jack/Gabby/Sarah
  217. Philosopy 101: The Hunting Party
  218. Transcript of Episode
  219. Does Michael Need Lessons on Shooting?
  220. Ethan = Zeke's Son
  221. Sawyer Locke's father?
  222. Ok who thought Locke looks like Mr. Clean BEFORE this episode?
  223. Gabriella's father
  224. Where is the line?
  225. Italian Guy's Tumor - Map of Island?
  226. Zeke's look at Locke
  227. Cheaper than therapy?
  228. Sawyers Uncle?
  229. Other's don't wear yellow t-shirts
  230. "ZEKE" Zero Kinetic Energy
  231. how he knew????
  232. Locke/Sawyer Conversation! Connection?
  233. Don't cross the line!!!
  234. The Others: 21 people?
  235. "Zeke" and the Hanso connection.
  236. Sarah
  237. LOST Rewind: "The Hunting Party"
  238. Did they ever explain