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  1. Watching Live Thread
  2. Eh, could have been better.
  3. Loved it!!!!
  4. Rate the Episode!!!
  5. Preview for Lockdown
  6. Watching Live thread..
  7. Live Thread?
  8. Things in the Bronx.....
  9. Widmore labs?
  10. Locke's Hatch
  11. Rose & Bernard fighting
  12. The Truth? Sun's story.
  13. what were charlie and sayid building?
  14. Immaculate conception?
  15. Henry asking about the computer?
  16. Does Jack have a tattoo on his back?
  17. Shout out to Judy Blume!
  18. Number Sequence on Dharma Cereal Box
  19. Henry Gale-- in total control
  20. Henry Gale and the Balloon
  21. You're husband?
  22. The Rain is Never Good!
  23. Who else is Loving Henry Gale?
  24. Sayid and Ana
  25. Ana Lucia in this ep
  26. "Running like the devil is behind you"
  27. Red Shirt
  28. Writers Listening to Us?
  29. Theres a whole pantry full?
  30. "I didn't tell anyone, Ana"
  31. Where did you get the gun Charlie?
  32. Forget Rose and Bernard
  33. What was your fav line from this episode?
  34. The Mounting Evidence that Henry is an Other
  35. Hurley and Sun... hilarious moment!
  36. Two women: both attacked while pregnant
  37. Jack advising Sun to tell "The Whole Truth"...
  38. Why did Sayid go?
  39. Sun's hotel key card
  40. half truths and lies
  41. TWT Shirtless Count
  42. The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard (Song)
  43. Locke in the mirror, Jack in the shower
  44. Kate's pregnancy test
  45. Just a microphone?
  46. Bernard and Sawyer talking backwards
  47. The Island Giveth, The Island Taketh Away
  48. Rose's birthday - December 8th?
  49. Got any milk?
  50. supposedly your enemies
  51. First Locke can walk, now Jin can reproduce?
  52. Henry insists EVERYONE pressing him for map
  53. dead and more dead
  54. Henry messing with AL's head?
  55. secrets
  56. Anyone mentioned this about Henry yet?
  57. Were those "THE MARKS" on the shower?
  58. Do they NEED an "enemy?" re Henry Gale
  59. Who did the Korean ObGyn look like?
  60. Knowing the day of the week - Rose!
  61. Charlie you need to save the baby!
  62. When did Sun and Jin
  63. Why does Sawyer have all the medical supplies?
  64. Henry being blackmailed
  65. Jack cannot hear anything in the gun storage?
  66. Pregnant for 6 more seasons?
  67. You haveta love those SAWYERISMS
  68. Who's the father?
  69. "The Brothers Karamazov" quote
  70. Did anyone else sense that
  71. Y2K bug
  72. Desmond's Balloon?
  73. The new diary entry..
  74. My Problem With Henry
  75. A question re: Charlie last night
  76. Flashback crossovers?
  77. Do you think there will be an ambush?
  78. Henry Gale -manipulator
  79. the map
  80. Was that Kate's pregnancy test?
  81. 2nd Geronimo Jackson reference
  82. Will Sun be taken?
  83. Can't hear through the door
  84. The last few moments
  85. Henry & Rousseau
  86. What Jack said to Sun
  87. Sun brought the test on the plane
  88. What did the video say?
  89. Do you think Rose could be "special?"
  90. Did the Men or Women like this eppy better?
  91. the thing that seems strange to me
  92. BEING pregnant isn't necessarily STAYING pregnant
  93. Felt sorry for Jin
  94. Dharma owns Widmore;therefore Dharma owned the plane
  95. Flashback connection?
  96. I think Henry Gale did meet a couple in a balloon that crashed on the island
  97. The Whispers heard from Jin's ears?
  98. No Dharma Shaving Cream?
  99. Dharma Initiative Cereal - Coming to a grocery store near you...
  100. Ana and Charlie
  101. Jack & Locke holding out on other survivors.
  102. Theory on who the father of Sun"s baby is
  103. Converted Charlie Fan
  104. Jack's Got The Combination?
  105. um, wasn't Shannon killed less than a week ago?
  106. Ana, Charlie and the gun.
  107. Timing is all wrong for either Jin or Baldy to be the daddy-o
  108. "I love you"
  109. Its the fish!
  110. What if Sun's not pregnant?
  111. No Mention of Costumes or Other Hatch!!
  112. Does Jack know Sun was leaving Jin?
  113. What did Ana mean
  114. Sun's reflection
  115. Naked Sawyer?
  116. Nice to see someone not go back to his old ways
  117. The whole truth - Henry
  118. Some Questions about Henry!!
  119. Sun's "Partial Truth"
  120. Sayid-Goodwin connection?
  121. Is Henry Gale HIM?
  122. Jack didn't tell Locke WHAT about A-L?
  124. Charlie using?
  125. Continuity Questions ...
  126. What Does Charlie Say?
  127. A Wombs Riled
  128. Jin Shirtless = Mandatory
  129. Has anyone seen these anywhere?
  130. So Jin told Sun about her father anyway?
  131. "Do you like games, John?"
  132. Who wrote this episode?
  133. Traffic sign
  134. Writing on the wall
  135. Henry Gale/Ana Lucia: 'Interrogation' Chat
  136. Wait A min....
  137. What were Sayid and Charlie working on?
  138. LOST Rewind: "The Whole Truth"