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  1. Watching Live Thread
  2. The Canadian watching live thread....
  3. Lost Fans Speak! Rate This Episode!
  4. Loved it!!!!
  5. Eh, could have been better.
  6. The Diagram of the Hatches
  7. Nadia-Locke's customer?
  8. I'm thinking the blast doors came down so that Dharma could make the food drop.
  9. Well there you go...
  10. Safety deposit box # 1516
  11. Are you him?
  12. Jack and Sawyer Playin' Poker
  13. Locke's Legs: The island giveth, the island taketh away
  14. Henry's "fall''
  15. Locke's dad = the real sawyer?
  16. Know Thy Father Well! (and Locke knew his!)
  17. Why would "Henry" help Locke?
  18. Jack and Thailand
  19. Henry Gale- BUSTED
  20. "The LOOP:" A Key Element in "Lost"
  21. Preview for Next Week
  22. Dharma's food supply
  23. Locke's name on the speaker?
  24. Who is this Henry Gale from Wayzata?
  25. Surprised?
  26. Dharma Logo On Bottom Of Oceanic Airplane
  27. Retinal identification of Locke's eye opened the hatch doors
  28. Locke's father in on Dharma?
  29. Did "Gale" really enter the code?
  30. After tonight: More sides....less leads.
  31. Bank Lady's Name Tag
  32. Numbers in this episode
  33. Amarillo Slim
  34. welcome home - locke's truck
  35. Supply Drop - No Plane?
  36. The Wheel of Dharma
  37. My TV Cut off,PLEASE, Describe The Last 4 Minutes
  38. How was the map drawn there?
  39. Was Helen part of a Long Con?
  40. Blast doors written on when in UP position
  41. Sayid was right after all
  42. Why didn't they crawl through the vent to begin with?
  43. But who buried the real Henry Gale?
  44. 4, 8, 15
  45. the mole connection
  46. Voice on the speaker
  47. Second Set of Numbers
  48. "Dark Tower" series connection?
  49. "Hatch Henry" and the others
  50. Timer at 107?
  51. Timing of ultraviolet light
  52. Missiles?
  53. food drop and symbols
  54. Is Locke the "chosen one"?
  55. The Race Around the World
  56. How would Desmond/Kelvin reach the supplies?
  57. 47'00" on the counter
  58. Did "Gale" cause the lockdown?
  59. maybe kate never said anything about the med hatch because
  60. Which way are they supose to go?
  61. What caused the incident
  62. Sawyer is a mole
  63. Flashing Light on the Food Supply & Test
  64. We still don't know
  65. More Great Lines
  66. What were the "5 big things" mentioned in the promos?
  67. Our friend Henry
  68. Helen discontinuity
  69. Kate gushing all over Jack
  70. Was Cooper pulling another con on Locke?
  71. Helen discontinuity
  72. Does anyone remember what the ballon basket looked like?
  73. Did Henry Gale send out a distress code?
  74. Does Anyone Care About Walt & Michael Anymore?
  75. D.i.m.g.
  76. Music In Last Night's Episode
  77. Locke's Promise
  78. Locke's daddy-o is SO full of it.
  79. Diagram not really written on the door?
  80. NOW who thinks old blue eyes is an other?
  81. Truman Show
  82. Locke an easy con, out of character?
  83. Gale "I wont leave you here"
  84. Voice in the speaker
  85. Counted down to zero
  86. Hatch starts going nuts at 48 Minutes
  87. Could Henry be Kelvin?
  88. $200,000 for Locke
  89. Magnus Hanso/ Black Rock?
  90. Production goof?
  91. Observations About Cooper's Faked Death
  92. Nadia's house in same neighborhood as Hurley's?
  93. Know this.....He will Lie for a Long time!!
  94. So will Locke tell anyone about the map?
  95. A Surreal Perspective of LockeDown
  96. Blast door pictures talks about polar bear
  97. Can the Map Update Itself?
  98. DISCUSSION on the Hatch Map
  99. Being gone overnight is no big deal...
  100. E.e.p.
  101. The Staff
  102. Kristin - episode summary from Damon
  103. AH/MDG Incident of 1985
  104. flapping (hatch button thread)
  105. Leaks:the hatch is smarter than we think
  106. Dharmatel Servers - what are they?
  107. screencap of Locke's coveralls?
  108. Sayid = awesome.
  109. Does Anyone have a good jpg of Jacks Tattoo
  110. Henry's handwriting?
  111. Nothing Happens!!
  112. Inquiries and a thought
  113. Did Kate see Henry?
  114. Fake Henry connected to incident?
  115. Jack left the beach in daylight. Why is it dark?
  116. Locke= Fear of Abandonment?
  117. What have we learned about the incident?
  118. They added a CG Crowbar (Promo vs. Episode)
  119. Blind Losties
  120. A request for help: Any board Karma out there?
  121. Why The Lockdown Makes No Sense
  122. A doggy bone for Locke's Legs
  123. Should I Get A Ruler?
  124. Is Jack psychic?
  125. Did the Others put the door down?
  126. Cereberus
  127. Henry the Supply Man
  128. The Man at Cooper's Funeral
  129. This Really Does Make Sense
  130. abc diary, weird
  131. What We Learned From This Episode
  132. Over the rainbow. Theories about "Henry Gale"
  133. Desmond and the blast door map
  134. "Thank you for not leaving me."
  135. the con is how they get you to the island
  136. So, Claire has a crush on Jack?
  137. Henry Gales Arrow
  138. the sign out in front of the house that locke was inspecting
  139. the prisonbreak
  140. How will locke decipher the Map?
  141. Question about the Hatch doors
  142. Digging up bodies
  143. Why does the lights flicker during the Lockdown?
  144. Kept waiting for the 2 thugs to break Locke's legs
  145. Safe vents welded shut?
  146. Fake Henry's Missing Time
  147. The Others
  148. Helen got things rolling with the newspaper
  149. Henry is such an idiot
  150. Inconsistencies in Lockdown
  151. License real? We have dealt with that Question once before
  152. if Locke describes the map, will Kate and Claire FINALLY mention the medical hatch?
  153. SO, did you LISTEN? Did you hear?
  154. 2 Points. One about Lockdown and what could follow.
  155. Jack lied to Kate
  156. Who buried Henry Gale?
  157. Henry Gale maybe not an "other"
  158. Someone standing on other side of hatch door?
  159. UV light as a drying agent?
  160. Oceanic plane at Flight Path hotel?
  161. Why would a minister be at the burial?
  162. Macaroni and Cheese SUPPER
  163. Smokey's finally got a name.
  164. Why could Locke access that safety deposit box?
  165. The voice and the loudspeakers
  166. Why would the lights go off?
  167. The numbers were on the safe deposit box!
  168. jack and the guns
  169. The Answer to How Long Henry Gale has been on the island...
  170. Sound during card game
  171. What should they do with Henry?
  172. Interactive Version of Blast Door Map
  173. Coincidence? Locke was listening to "Compared to What?"
  174. Why does the computer have a new cursor?
  175. Another wedge between Jack and Kate ?
  176. Lockdown not on iTunes
  177. Aborted #7?
  178. Vents?
  179. Meteorite?
  180. Tie in with the Others.
  181. theory : who drew the map/ what is going on?
  182. The lockdown procedure another possible explanation
  183. The Woman in the Safety Deposit Box Scene - Look Familiar?
  184. Mind Control Super Intelligent Computer
  185. Why is DHARMA feeding the Losties?
  186. What the "AH/MDG Incident of 1985" was
  187. Helen and Desmond
  188. Interesting Name on the Balloon (Widmore)
  189. Did anybody else laugh? and my theory...
  190. FLAME hatch
  191. The Blast Door Map and the Medical Hatch
  192. What do you think Henry was doing after the Lockdown, before he returned to Locke?
  193. Glow-In-The-Dark Dharma Logo Theory
  194. How and when the Map was drawn!
  195. Question for someone with HD
  196. Clip of lights turning off in the hatch
  197. Henry: Did you try to pry...
  198. The button & the re-supply
  199. Henry unbolted the vent?
  200. Was this the episode?
  201. Random Thoughts
  202. Locke on the beach!
  203. What caused the lock down?
  204. Sawyer's Regression & SOS for Skate...
  205. Out of Character?
  206. The Blast Doors
  207. Locke's concern about the code
  208. What else did Benry do?
  209. LOST Rewind: "Lockdown"