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  1. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  2. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  3. Rate the Episode!!!
  4. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  5. Eh, could have been better.
  6. Loved it!!!!
  7. Long Lost List - Two for the road
  8. The Sawyer/Ana aka Sana scene.
  9. Jack's family
  10. The Others want Locke
  11. Will Sawyer give the guns up easily?
  12. Will they find out what Michael did?
  13. Michael and NotHenry's relationship
  14. Preview for 5/10
  15. Numbers on the Police Car Roofs
  16. I Counted 22 Of Them.
  17. Missed 1st 8 minutes, any kind soul want to help??
  18. Ana and Libby
  19. Michael's Behavior
  20. Libby's mystery unresolved
  21. Jack and Locke's relationship improving?
  22. bad twin?
  23. The big guy doesn't forgive...
  24. Can we put the mole issue to bed yet?
  25. Could Claire be Christian's Daughter? (and Jack's sister?)
  26. I'll call you Sarah
  27. Resolution + Sex + Island = DEATH
  28. Goodwin thought Ana-Lucia might be worthy?
  29. Why Libby Isn't Dead
  30. Jack's Dad and Fate
  31. Relationship Changes in this episode?
  32. 18 right, 1 left, 31 right-The Combination
  33. Locke LIES, people DIE - part two
  34. Chest or arm?
  35. New Age Commune
  36. Could Jack be Desmond's brother?
  37. If Ana and Christian had "hit that"
  38. Henry Gale = No Eyebrows
  39. "Ana, don't do anything stupid"
  40. Christian's Australian Family
  41. The Teeth-Chattering
  42. Jack and Kate missed a couple of MAJOR clues
  43. Hanso Commercial / Phone Number / Website
  44. the Jack/Christian/Sarah timeline
  45. screen cap of ana's phone please
  46. Did Henry say to Ana, you've killed two of us?
  47. That was Sawyer walking into Ana's door...right?
  48. "They're living in... canvas tents!"
  49. I don't buy Ana's redemption theory
  50. Foreshadowing
  51. Did Ana know?
  52. I lost respect for Jack
  53. The Others have 3 guns
  54. Sawyer and Christian at bar
  55. Jack will never know
  56. Hurley Gets the Shaft Again!
  57. What was Sayid digging?
  58. Christian key character?
  59. Patsy Cline Again
  60. Micheal vs. Walt
  61. Anyone else notice parallels to Christianity in flashbacks?
  62. Ana Lucia and Henry
  63. When is Kate going to open her mouth???
  64. was that a wedding ring?
  65. 2 different kinds of Others
  66. Did Ana know who Jack was at the airport?
  67. Michael and Sayid
  68. mumblings..hitech help??
  69. Ana's Mother
  70. Henry is "Him"
  71. Can Michael be redeemed?
  72. Didn't the mention of the metal doors blow a hole in his story?
  73. Henry Gale's Motionless reaction ...
  74. Locke Checking the Blast Doors
  75. A tragedy you can't blame on Vincent!
  76. The Situation
  77. The Jack Apology
  78. The Sickness is in the Food and Water
  79. Black frame when Michael wakes up
  80. Missing Point That I Haven't Read Yet
  81. Help!!!! I Missed Something!!!
  82. How Could We have missed this guys?
  83. Henry Coming For Locke
  84. What did Henry mumble to Ana Lucia?
  85. FauxHenry=HIM=Hanso
  86. Why did Christian tell Sawyer and not Ana?
  87. The woman Christian went to see...
  88. Say Anything
  89. The Official What We (think we) Learned from This Episode
  90. Love the title of this epi
  91. "Midnight Cowboy" reference
  92. Questions unasked of Michael : Computer, missing Rifle, finding the Others
  93. Was Ana the target or was she...
  94. Sawyer always taking a beating
  95. Is Michael next to die?
  96. Shock and Awe
  97. Henry is dead, Michael was sent back, and there ARE two camps
  98. michael...did he always know?
  99. Diary Writer = Scott?
  100. Gun Control
  101. "look..there's Jin"
  102. More Ruthless: The Others? Or the Writers?
  103. The cooktop in the swan
  104. Ana and Christian and time
  105. Lindsey?
  106. Libby is an Other
  107. UnHenry is "Him"
  108. Julius Ceasar
  109. Christian's "dangerous" trip
  110. Washer&Dryer+ =Hatch= Micheal
  111. Why such big cans??
  112. Kate is an Other
  113. Another pointless flashback
  114. Tom
  115. Hurley's Gonna Feel Cursed
  116. Another alternative for Michael's behavior...
  117. Why no mention of the disguises in light of Michael's " revelation " ?
  118. Why did Christian need Ana-Lucia?
  119. Michael's observations about the "Others."
  120. Is Michael heartless?
  121. The wrong others!!!
  122. Did anyone notice...
  123. speculation on the identity of the "tent others"
  124. Is Michael's character redeemable?
  125. What Micheal did just does not add up??
  126. So much for crossing the LINE...
  127. Michael's shooting ability
  128. Sawyer VS Ana-Lucia
  129. Doesn't NotHenry seem stronger then he should be?
  130. Well, so much for the Libby & Hurley significance
  131. Are we rooting for the wrong team?
  132. would sawyer really not know he lost the gun?
  133. Will Michael Push the Button?
  134. What's next for fakeHenry?
  135. Oops, there goes reality....
  136. Libby and Michael
  137. Will Jack notice?
  138. Why is fakeHenry lingering around?
  139. Shadow leaving Libby's body.
  140. So is Eko next?
  141. Is Mike in trouble with "him?" for killing Libby?
  142. "You need help"
  143. Food Symbolism
  144. Dripping noise after Michael shoots Libby
  145. Henry Gale and locke?
  146. O-Henry's Not Dead
  147. Assigned "Others"?
  148. The "good" ones
  149. Quick Theory About Good People
  150. Episode Goof with character name?
  151. Michael's Appearance
  152. Are the Others abnormally strong?
  153. Writing issues
  154. Libby cured - thanks to Hanzo?
  155. Good vs. Bad
  156. Guns
  157. Utopia?
  158. Michael Looked Different
  159. Ana-Lucia is Jacks Sister?
  160. Could Jack's dad be the "he" fakehenry refers to?
  161. Sympathy deaths
  162. A small scene that struck me as odd...
  163. Jack´s apology to Locke
  164. Libby Theory
  165. Are Ana and Libby definately dead?
  166. gma scene?
  167. Danielle gets no respect from the Others.
  168. the others on the defensive
  169. 2 for the road overlap with Alias?
  170. Henry's "mission"
  171. My Theory on Gale
  172. What was Locke reading?
  173. Michael Heading North
  174. Help me find a screen cap please
  175. What's with JACK/LOCKE not CALLING Micheal on his story???
  176. Jack's explanation is Lousy
  177. "I couldn't agree more"
  178. Bill\Jacks dad.
  179. Libby knew about henry?
  180. do they live???/Fantasy Island
  181. epitaph for Ana-Lucía Cortez (beware: not that short)
  182. What is written on the boat? (with sreen cap)
  183. The time for Micheal being out doesn't match up
  184. A new hurley?
  185. Wish We Had Gotten To See It...
  186. "Apocalypse Now" Reference?
  187. If Michael was truly sorry for killing Ana...
  188. Why did Christian pick Sarah for AL's name?
  189. Anna & Jack at the airport season one?
  190. Is Michael trying to frame Henry?
  191. Michael didn't mean to shoot Libby
  192. Locke to be put in his place?
  193. Micheals motive
  194. Ana told sayid they never found Jason-why?
  195. Henry: You killed two of us'
  196. Season One forshadowing for Michaels treachery.
  197. Didn't Zeke say, "Michael will never find us." ?
  198. Is this a clue??
  199. Computer sounds
  200. What are the losties doing with all the trash?
  201. Computer Equipment-Similar to ALIAS?
  202. Flashback Oddities
  203. Anna Was Fenry's Mission
  204. Returning from the dead
  205. Do you think Henry knew Michael was coming?
  206. Why aren't the Losties talking to each other?
  207. Not a religious gal myself.....
  208. About this episode....
  209. the same car
  210. Why Ana Lucia is not Dead (possible Spoiler)
  211. Ship Docked; the One Al & Christian Pass
  212. The Island as HIM
  213. hanso newsletter signup pic
  214. Two For the Road
  215. not quite in sync?
  216. Michael saying "Hey John"
  217. Whispers in the Dark...
  218. Confused about something
  219. I thought this was the last Episode
  220. about Richard the psychic, a new discovery (at least 4 me)
  221. LOST Rewind: "Two for the Road"
  222. "Aaron Kills Me"?