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  1. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  2. Lost Fans Speak! Rate This Episode!
  3. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  4. Eh, could have been better.
  5. Loved it!!!!
  6. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  7. Preview for 5/24
  8. Hanso Commercial/Phone Number/Website
  9. Screencap of the thing at the end anyone?
  10. That's NOT Love
  11. why hurley?
  12. "They aren't who they say they are"
  13. Metaphor/Walt's in the funny pages?
  14. Ana-Lucia and Cerberus the Dog wait for Michael in Hell
  15. "are you kidding me?"
  16. Locke
  17. cold side of island?
  18. Claire and Charlie!
  19. Ana-Lucia and Libby's Funeral
  20. Mrs. Klugh/Clue theories
  21. Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley and the List
  22. The Vaccine
  23. The compass
  24. Zeke Observations
  25. Should Michael know Henry's name?
  26. The carving near the Others camp
  27. Jack and Sawyer-Friends?
  28. A father's love
  29. "They make me take tests!"
  30. Appearances by everyone, but...
  31. Here comes Sayid to save the day; any more observations
  32. Observations on the Others
  33. So why was Locke not on the 'list'?
  34. Sawyer, Kate, and Ana
  35. Does Eko Know Michael's Lying?
  36. Michael and the others
  37. Why did Michael Kill Ana?
  38. Did I just see Desmond in this episode?
  39. Walt can astral project himself?
  40. Armed hatch in the Others' camp
  41. Lockes faith shattered?
  42. so was it Walt on the computer after all?
  43. Fav. Lines
  44. others and michaels blood
  45. Michael's story
  46. pickett just happen to be peein
  47. Willing to Give Up Walt for Henry?
  48. why couldnt they just go get fenry?
  49. small thing, maybe nothing
  50. The Stewardess? The Tailies?
  51. Charlie and Locke, Charlie and Sun
  52. The Others and Paternal Expirmentation
  53. Gag him-Did Kate hear?
  54. Walt's Voice dubbed?
  55. Alex, her role in the group, and her concern for Claire
  56. Eko's Crucifix & the Compass
  57. My DVR cut out just before the funerals
  58. The Other's Camp/the Black Rock- Fake or Real?
  59. Locke's leg is healed?
  60. The Watches
  61. Locke at the Funeral
  62. What's up with Eko?
  63. Michael isn't compromised, he's just an idiot
  64. Michael's watch a clue?
  65. Does anyone think Walt is lying or brainwashed?
  66. Michael's Fate
  67. So what were the "Three Minutes"?
  68. Eko returns to Hatch
  69. Hatch Computer Chat Line
  70. How do they know Sawyer's name?
  71. Ana Lucia and Libby WERE dead, but now?
  72. One Group of Others
  73. World War 2 armaments
  74. Putting one theory to rest?
  75. Did they just leave the Hatch unmanned?
  76. Michael calls Hurley Hugo for first time?
  77. Mr Eko's Secrecy
  78. Why guard the Door?
  79. The Room?
  80. Why Sayid understands Michael
  81. Island Terrorist
  82. The DHARMA symbol on Others' hatch doors
  83. two "diversions" to separate the Losties
  84. Statues
  85. bye bye charlie?
  86. Alex - The Key
  87. "I Never Even Knew Her Last Name"
  88. Others can't go on the Lostie's side of the island.
  89. Libby in this episode?
  90. kate keeping her mouth shut still
  91. does anyone else think walt is in on it?
  92. So after having seen the epi, what would you have done?
  93. Hurley's look at Michael...
  94. Is Walt a Breaker?
  95. Alex and Claire's baby
  96. Leadership and other roles
  97. It's a Yurt!
  98. Why didnt Michael just show them the list?
  99. I think we finally know that Jack wasnt that into Ana Lucia
  100. How could the button be good?
  101. Raid while they go on walt-quest?
  102. White Boat in Season 1
  103. Character Developmentastic
  104. Wow...Harold Perrineau
  105. Walt's Whisper
  106. When Hurley was speaking about Libby....
  107. Michael: "I want the boat"
  108. Locke is losing his mind
  109. the Rock structure
  110. Didn't Charlie help Sawyer hide the guns and the heroin in first place
  111. Michael's Blood
  112. Where was Locke going?
  113. Filming of Three Minutes
  114. Another Pregnancy?
  115. Why can't the others go to the Losties side of the island?
  116. The demands of The Others
  117. Visual similarities between the Others and George Taylor from POTA
  118. Kate is in on it- This episode proved that.
  119. Anybody else getting mad at the naivety of Jack?
  120. What's REAL on LOST?
  121. Sayid, Ana Lucia, and Michael
  122. Is the dripping water happening more?
  123. Walt's "Value" vs. Fenry's "Value"?
  124. Last names
  125. They won't expect us....
  126. Henry's role, those on The List, and Michael's plan
  127. They're Aliens....Or am I hearing wrong?
  128. Island 'monster' appears when Charlie throws heroin into ocean
  129. Kate Austen
  130. Did anyone notice if the sailboat...
  131. Where is the Monster?
  132. Download This Episode?
  133. "They'll Never Give You Walt"
  134. Locke is the Finale Wild Card ...
  135. Ana-Lu Sea of Cortez
  136. The real question is...why now?
  137. Oh, and Sayid, The Others like to play "Dress Up"
  138. So, who made the list?
  139. What "3 minutes" ?
  140. Michael's Clothing
  141. Why tell Mike about the rock then capture him?
  142. Charlie's Reaction
  143. Long Lost List - Three Minutes
  144. Is Walt really Michael's biological child?
  145. Henry
  146. Libby's last name
  147. Latest Mystery
  148. Only one Group of Others
  149. From Losties view Zeke said "Alex" bring her out?
  150. Can anyone identify the weapons
  151. Michael's Compass Working?
  152. I think Locke is gonna' blow up the button!
  153. Hey, Wasn't that...
  154. Jack's Son
  155. Sawyer should've figured out Michael was conning them
  156. Rumbles from Magnetic Source="Incident"?
  157. Michael burns the "list", but ....
  158. Why is Sawyer on the list?
  159. Someone dies and Locke can walk?
  160. Is Charlie in on it?
  161. Vaccine-9 days = 216 hours
  162. Vincent
  163. Thing in the water is part of the deal...
  164. They don't want those on the list ....
  165. Final Four-Setup to take Aaron?
  166. Quizzing Michael about Walt
  167. Why is Vincent the first thing Walt asks about?
  168. Maybe Eko...
  169. Is Michael setting a trap for the OTHERS?
  170. Thoughts and Observations..
  171. James Ford: 'Satan's Ferryman'
  172. michael + charlie= killers
  173. Attack of the clones allusion?
  174. Does Ms. Klugh outrank Mr. Friendly?
  175. Black Smoke
  176. New Hatch Symbol!
  177. Mikey's silly
  178. Eko's English Parish and Charlie
  179. I wanna know....
  180. how do the others know so much?
  181. Their gonna tell...
  182. Did one of the Others look like that guy with Jin in the airport bathroom?
  183. Wet Walt and The Room
  184. Connection between the four
  185. Eko + Michael = Locke + Sawyer
  186. I Screamed Like a Little Girl Once, Does That Make Me Evil?
  187. What was Zeke's message?
  188. What is Sayid gonna do?
  189. Episode synopsis wanted please !!!!
  190. There were only 5?
  191. Did they forget about pushing the button!
  192. Big clue missed at the others camp
  193. Sayid's Plan
  194. I still like Michael
  195. Bring her out!
  196. The Magnet and Eko
  197. What did michael originally try to type? {3 minutes}
  198. How did the Others know that Henry Gale was captured?
  199. Sawyer's gonna die!
  200. LOCKE part of "The Others"?
  201. Gun shots were different
  202. Eko and Charlie, what happens now?
  203. So...where are the kids and other Tailies?
  204. Are the writers getting lazy?
  205. Walt's clothing is the same - but should it be?
  206. The Very Belated What We (Think We) Learned from this Episode
  207. Angry or sorry for Michael?
  208. What Locke May Do
  209. why locke wasn't on the list?
  210. Danielle never saw the Others?
  211. The Boat.
  212. "Bag him quick"
  213. Timer flipped to 107:00 on camera
  214. Blond Woman in the Others' Camp Who May Be Watching the Lostaways
  215. Kate's last name
  216. Missile Hatch
  217. Sayid letting Michael off?
  218. The others and their primative weapons?
  219. Not the level of surveillance some thought?
  220. No one wants to go
  221. What did the Title '3 minutes' refer to?
  222. Awkward looking ZEKE
  223. Michael's Compass: North vs East
  224. Charlie tossing the heroin maries
  225. They let Kate go
  226. "Don't use the computer for communication under any circumstances"
  227. Notice something in common with Claire's flashback?
  228. Walt's First Words...
  229. Is Libby Dead for good?
  230. Someone is hiding a gun?
  231. Jin should have been given the 'BOAT' line...
  232. Do you think the Others will have flashbacks?
  233. Was Charlie Selfish when he disposed of the H
  234. The Sickness
  235. huge BLACK ROCK near other's camp
  236. Eko and the Computer
  237. "They're not who they SAY they are?"
  238. Has Jack ever entered the numbers??...if not READ THIS!
  239. Michael vomiting
  240. Maybe they want Hurley because he took a lot of the food
  241. Why didnt Zeke give up the beard????
  242. What did one snowman say to the other snowman?
  243. How many guns left for rescue attempt?
  244. "Because she's gone"
  245. So many errors in this episode!!!
  246. Why wasn't locke pissed?
  247. why didnt they notice michael lied?
  248. Body Count?
  249. Did Mr. Eko know Michael killed Ana-Lucia and Libby?
  250. The Room