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  1. Season 3 to be darker?
  2. "The Other 48 Days" ep for the Others?
  3. If your favorite character dies this season...
  4. Benry and the Others to get flashbacks?
  5. Names
  6. Time for the Monster to have a flashback?
  7. Houses
  8. How come no one asked about the "Others" new clothes?
  9. No pregnant Others?
  10. Parallel's between top three characters
  11. jacks season openers from 1,2 and 3 have similarites.
  12. what the show has become and what it is becoming
  13. season 3 on i-tunes
  14. Indiana Jones References
  15. Season 3 Oddities (Thus Far)
  16. why do the female victims get shot in the stomach?
  17. Others' Names Reference List
  18. I give up
  19. Do we like The Others yet?
  20. Lost Women Body/Casualty Count List
  21. Do the others have trust issues too?
  22. Something doesn't add up
  23. Lost and Baseball
  24. Season Three Episode List
  25. Season 3 production delay?
  26. Which Lostie has the most interesting past
  27. Smoke Monster in Season 3 already?
  28. A Tale of Survival: Need your help
  29. How many Others are there?
  30. Do we recognize any Others from the medical hatch?
  31. Where is Michael and Walt?
  32. How are you liking season three so far?
  33. Why not ask "WHY!?"
  34. Questions Questions Questions
  35. It's been 3 days since the capture...
  36. plane crash
  37. Are the Lost writers losing focus?
  38. Similarities to Season 2 (and 1) in opening episodes
  39. The time warp on the island
  40. Lost is like "Mediate" by INXS
  41. The writers better be careful, or they will make their biggest mistake yet.
  42. Is it just me? I don't understand.
  43. Dissapointed-Thoughts on Locke
  44. Could we get a Smokie clue?
  45. didn't Ben originally say he was coming for Locke (in season 2)
  46. Season 3 episode repeats?
  47. Bring back the ensemble!
  48. Others Flash Back. Who would you like to see
  49. Other deaths v.s. Castaway Deaths
  50. For those who are enjoying Season Three
  51. Cameras
  52. Non-Flashback Episodes - What do you think?
  53. The season as a whole...is it really worse than the others?
  54. All but given up on Lost? Why are you still watching?
  55. What we've learned from Season 3 so far
  56. when Lost resumes in February..
  57. Just Ask Desmond
  58. Best Episode of the Fall Mini-Series?
  59. Eko pic saving chick. could it be her in season 3
  60. Where Are The "Tailies?"
  61. Lost Deaths = Lacking in Emotion
  62. SO, Hurley . . .
  63. Most emotional season three moment
  64. Will we ever see Miss Klugh again?
  65. rags, riches, and other duds
  66. have all the episodes been recorded yet?
  67. Alex's boyfriend...
  68. Jack's magic tattoo
  69. The Plantation Guy/ Sawyers Boss-same guy?
  70. Brian's messages from "Walt"
  71. Where Are The Children?/Other "Others"?
  72. Is LOST teaching us that...
  73. Have Kates two weeks of unpleasantness to do with IVF?
  74. Who Attacked the Survivors?
  75. Quick literature question...
  76. The Season of Free Will
  77. Looking UP, and other noble vacation goals...
  78. why didnt the others take kate sawyer and jack in the middle of season two?
  79. Miss Klugh and Colleen - interchangeable?
  80. Future Episode List
  81. Eko's stick
  82. Visions in the smoke monster revisited
  83. Strawberries and Hallucinations
  84. Fish Biscuit and Strawberry Kiss
  85. So now that The Others are all busy on the other island...
  86. Desmond's Powers
  87. No caves anymore?
  88. Apollo Ads? Why?
  89. the second island was actually revealed last season?
  90. Lie, lie and lie again. "There isn't any time travel"
  91. The one thing we are missing
  92. Going No Where
  93. Male Eye-Makeup in Season 3 Possible connection
  94. POLL: The flashbacks
  95. It's time to consider making season 3 finale be the series finale
  96. Spontaneously Generated Water?
  97. What Was "The Bomb"?
  98. My new showdown wish: Danielle vs. Isabel
  99. Season 3 Unanswered Questions
  100. movie
  101. Season 3: Who will die...?
  102. The Halfway Mark = Favourite Episode so far?
  103. Cerberus for obsessives
  104. fountainhead
  105. Stars and Tattoos
  106. What about Frogurt?
  107. Sailboat
  108. Dharma and The Others
  109. things are what they seem
  110. So, What Does Locke Do With His Dad?
  111. Paulo and Nikki Must Die
  112. Is Jack Still Being Used?
  113. What happened to the numbers?
  114. Season 3 is only 20 episodes?
  115. What ever happened to the pirate ship?
  116. Screentime for each character
  117. What happened to penny and the end of s2?
  118. What Happened to The 'Big Event' That Was Coming?
  119. Cheating Chess Games
  120. Mystery that's been ignored by everyone
  121. reconsider the first part of the season 3
  122. Charlie is the only Main Lostie Not To have Visited the Others camp
  123. Why did they show those scientist guys in that submarine thing when the event happened?
  124. it's only been a season...GIANT FOOT?!
  125. Sayid beating Ben at his own game
  126. Are We Tired Learning About The Others Yet?
  127. Julliet and Ethan a Couple?
  128. JJ Abrams - When was the last time he wrote an episode?
  129. Smokey... a couple of things that have been bugging me
  130. Consuming life from the island?
  131. Did the tailies just have more "good people"?
  132. Rank Season 3 episodes
  133. We've learned more in the past few weeks
  134. Tomorrow episode
  135. Please can anyone answer...
  136. Season Formula
  137. Preferential Treatment
  138. I still hate Michael, but...
  139. Sawyer and Cooper
  140. May I ask how the island still exists?
  141. Easy question for you dedicated Lostonians...
  142. Episode rating rankings
  143. the finale?
  144. Has there been any mention...
  145. Do Jack/Sawyer/Kate know...
  146. late question - Mr Clean's dad - Poll
  147. Will it turn out that something on the Island was responsible for the 2004 Tsunami?
  148. At Least 16 Things We've Learned this Season!!!
  149. Timeline of LOST, please help (Compilation of S1, S2 and S3)
  150. We have just Gone back To the Beginning As far as Questions Go
  151. Whose backstory do you most want to see?
  152. Michael and Walt are no where close to home!!
  153. Desmond and Sawyer = Jedi
  154. Who do you think will die in the finale?
  155. Best Character Interaction of Season 3?
  156. Next Other to turn Lostie?
  157. Purple Sky Event solved?
  158. Hats off to the Writers!
  159. New Connections CMAP
  160. mystery remains
  161. Matthew Fox deserves an Emmy
  162. Your choices for the Season 3 soundtrack
  163. Getting too violent?
  164. Juliet never told Jack how she got to the island?
  165. Favorite Episode of season 3?
  166. Stones Jack found on Adam/Eve
  167. I wished for a surgeon and one fell from the sky.....
  168. Season 3 - Beginning and End
  169. Lessons / Trends in the Deaths of the Losties?
  170. So what could have been flash-forwards?
  171. Jacob's List
  172. Fuselage Member Rankings of Season 3 Episodes Compared
  173. Survivor Head Count
  174. where this was discussed? (re: ben, juliet)
  175. Question about Charlie's "Fate"
  176. The original inhabitants of the Island....
  177. conception on the island
  178. Why was Richard off the island in 2004?
  179. Season 3 Weak ?
  180. anyone remember the implant in Claire's head?
  181. What happened to the rest of this season?