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  1. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  2. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  3. Lost Fans Speak! Rate This Episode!
  4. Loved it!!!!
  5. Eh, could have been better.
  6. Fenry/Ben & Juliet don't get along
  7. Others and info
  8. Was that Jack's Dad?
  9. Why do the Others Want Their Blood?
  10. The plane was NOT crashed on purpose...
  11. teaching to let go of jealousy, anger, hatred, and other evils
  12. fav. quote
  13. What Stephen King Book was that?
  14. The tremor before the plane crash
  15. So who was the other guy?
  16. Were they or weren't they?
  17. Sawyer in a skinner box?
  18. Jack/Juliet vs. Dharma
  19. I Absolutely LOVE Jack in this episode!
  20. Benry, Kate, and the unpleasant 2 weeks
  21. Karl
  22. Things hanging from the tent walkway that Kate and Tom walk under
  23. Bear cages, dolphin/shark studies... now it makes sense
  24. Preview for 10/11/06
  25. Same or Different Island
  26. Hydra=Nine Heads
  27. Upload the preview!
  28. Who Hates the Other More?
  29. Book Club Members
  30. Moonlight Serenade in the ether...
  31. Make a list in three days?
  32. Juliet
  33. Sound equipment inside Hydra?
  34. A file on Jack
  35. Not His Type
  36. Sawyer/Karl Edits
  37. So, why did the Others send Michael to "save" Ben
  38. The Village
  39. Benry and Juliet
  40. Missing from Credits
  41. Mr. Friendly (aka Tom) in Jack's Flashback?
  42. info on the others from the opening scene
  43. Did Juliet lie about Sarah?
  44. Atlas Shrugged?
  45. Juliet, Libby and Helen
  46. Has Kate's 2 Weeks of Hell started?
  47. Is there still a plan??
  48. A Parrot in Sawyer's Cage??
  49. Crossword
  50. View from Sawyer's cage
  51. Did anyone see...???
  52. Planet of the Apes
  53. Living in the middle of the Crater
  54. Wait a collar-pickin' minute there!
  55. What caused the ground to shake right before the plane crashed?
  56. Did this episode remind anyone else...
  57. Why Are The Others Still On The Island?
  58. Lab Experiments
  59. Why the Drugs?
  60. Gaining Jack's trust:Was the dangerous situation a set up?
  61. what city is jack in?
  62. Kate acting weird when she got back...
  63. What is the significance of the title, "A Tale of Two Cities"?
  64. The face with many names-Ben's position in Dharma?
  65. Couple of Jack questions
  66. Parallels to last season opener?
  67. Benry question...
  68. Sawyer/Kate: Mating in Captivity
  69. Why does the fishbiscuit machine...
  70. Why was the plane flying so low?
  71. Did anyone notice Sarah's smirk
  72. Who was Juliet?
  73. Something flying above the plane?
  74. Jack: Mentally ill?
  75. Juliet, Sara & Penny
  76. Wrong CD
  77. After Juliet knocks Jack out...
  78. Jack feels responsible for his dad's relapse
  79. Sawyer scenes out of order?
  80. Wrong way?
  81. One or Two Juliets?
  82. Polar Bears
  83. The Official What We (Think We) Learned From This Episode
  84. the name 'Ben'
  85. White thing (dove) flitting across the screen...
  86. Dharma Spring Water!
  87. ben and juliet married
  88. Tattoos and Bandaids
  89. goodwin and the tail section
  90. Ben the Rat...
  91. Was Juliet the one in the background on the boat during the inital Walt capture?
  92. Rousseau didn't know?!
  93. The plane WAS crashed on purpose...
  94. Juliet in the mirror
  95. The biggest question left
  96. I still have no idea how they survived the crash
  97. Ben vs Juliett
  98. Where are the children?
  99. The Affair- Let it go, Jack
  100. Revolting Against Ben?
  101. Utopian Society?
  102. Others Trying to Break Jack
  103. Jack and Sawyer in the same area (with pics)
  104. Costume Change?
  105. The Others and the Swan
  106. The injection?
  107. Dharma . . . Who we were, and Who we are . . .
  108. Jack in jail
  109. "Now you have something to Fix"
  110. Raiders of the Lost Ark?
  111. The plane crash WAS on purpose, but was NOT planned
  112. Direction of plane when it crashed...
  113. Smoke in the distance?
  114. "So you know about Sara?"
  115. The Other Prisoner
  116. Black Smoke from the Plane
  117. What was up with the whole Kate-Benny breakfast?
  118. Will anyone ask THE question?
  119. Babel Fish
  120. Dharma Whales?
  121. Juliet is Libby's sister
  122. screen cap of new hatch logos?
  123. Plane Crash
  124. Ethan and Juliet are Married
  125. If the Others have a file on Jack...
  126. This episode reminds me of Plant of the Apes and
  127. message for the losties was to hide the others village.
  128. volcano on island theory again?
  129. Distances on the island
  130. Questions about the Others!
  131. Beeper numbers
  132. Map?
  133. Monster Noise
  134. Odd Sawyer Cut or something more?
  135. something strange about the Hatch/flood mechanics
  136. Underwater Hatch
  137. Location of Othersville
  138. It's all psychological
  139. Friends of Bill W.
  140. More Proof Jack's Dad Paralyzed Locke?
  141. Lost's Juliet vs. Shakespear's Juliet
  142. Where Walt was kept
  143. The other captive (Chachi)
  144. Dehydration?
  145. What's with Kate and the Showers?
  146. Why did Kate eat Sawyer's cracker?
  147. Pine Tree
  148. Juliet's Defiance
  149. the others and kids
  150. Plane Crash from The Others' Perspective
  151. Why so much emphasis on food?
  152. Jack and Juliet's off island connection?
  153. Why is there a zoo on the island?
  154. Captivity!
  155. How long have THEY been here
  156. The lock on Sawyers cage...
  157. C3=The Hydra?
  158. The Township is a Station and Ben is Big Brother
  159. Rebellion in the ranks of the others?
  160. Birds!!!
  161. Jack blabbing on his dad
  162. New Sarah
  163. What's with all the TESTS ?
  164. The Others Village
  165. They all look the same
  166. There is another way the Others could have that info on Jack without outside contact
  167. Hang on a second...
  168. What's up w/Juliet & Penny resemblance?
  169. Goodwin and ethan's clothes?
  170. Why keep Jack away from the other two?
  171. Is Juliet for Jack?
  172. When we Zoom Out on the Island
  173. Sawyer's blood
  174. Power
  175. Is Jack still pulling his chain?
  176. It's NOT sci-fi
  177. Two Fake Escapes
  178. CD Case "self sufficient" ?
  179. Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues
  180. Jate or Skate?????
  181. The Others technology...
  182. the others ability to play mind games.
  183. Something weird
  184. 2 weeks
  185. Old Lady DeGroot
  186. Sarah and her new man
  187. It doesnt matter who we were, it only matters who we are.
  188. Who's Eye? (w/screencap)
  189. Ben means "Son of"
  190. "The Prisoner" similarites
  191. I think Jack was supposed to use the toothpicks
  192. Was Ethan a doctor/ Do the others need Jack to replace him? Assuming they get sick..
  193. Which dharma logo is this?
  194. Red Herring
  195. Can't they use the files to make "the lists"?
  196. Look! in the sky! but... why?
  197. If the others didn't crash the plane, why the files?
  198. Carl Must Be An Other
  199. The others are trying to train Jack
  200. Weakness
  201. Prisoners among Others
  202. Is the Others Village Protected?
  203. Kate's Beach-Brunch
  204. Can you see the coffin falling out when the plane explodes?
  205. Arial View Doesn't Fit Detailed Island Map
  206. "Doorway, get into the doorway"
  207. " and there was me thinking free will still existed on this..."
  208. Eyes All Over
  209. Goodwin's List and the attack on the Tailies
  210. Why didn't Jack ask about his mother?
  211. A knife and a fork... why?
  212. First thing I thought of
  213. The good guys helped Jack...finally
  214. Why is there a intercom in the hydra
  215. Who cooked Jack's sandwich / Kate's bacon & eggs?
  216. The Others Have Cars (w/screencaps)
  217. Jack's Watch!
  218. Tom (zeke) Married?
  219. The Charm School
  220. guy in cage
  221. Juliet isn't like the others - she's good.
  222. New Idea..jab at scientology?
  223. How did Jack escape?
  224. Benry matchmaker
  225. the others part of the experiment too!
  226. Does anyone seriously believe Kate is still in on it?
  227. Speakers (w/screencap)
  228. Jack blew an opportunity to learn something about the Others
  229. Did Kate try to use the "real live fork" on Ben?
  230. Henry Gale crashed the plane
  231. What happened to Karl?
  232. Other Indoctrinationv(AKA, Brainwashing)
  233. Binder Clips
  234. Kate's toy plan and 815
  235. why are kate, jack in sawyer undergoing such different scrutiny?
  236. Sayid's Power Line
  237. Sawyer and pop references
  238. The Button is Bad
  239. Carl (W/Screencaps)
  240. Dharma power struggles
  241. Hint about jacks future on the island?
  242. different others?
  243. 2 Things
  244. Who is Bob?
  245. Perhaps Jack is not underwater after all?
  246. Apollo / Hydra connection
  247. Othersville: What we DON'T see
  248. Juliet = the real Henry Gale's wife?
  249. Ben dislikes Stephen King? Or not?
  250. Jack's Father Still Alive?