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  1. Loved it!!!!
  2. Eh, could have been better.
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  6. Preview for 10/25/06
  7. Long Lost List - Further Instructions
  8. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  9. "Lift up your eyes and look North"
  10. Desmond can predict the future?
  11. I need to speak to the island...
  12. Polar Bear or wolf in the sweat lodge?
  13. What family is Locke going to bring together?
  14. Changing Perspectives
  15. The actual "Further Instructions" in this episode
  16. Eddie not in the truck right before they pull up to sweat lodge
  17. Hurley works for them?
  18. Hallucinating Agent/Paste
  19. Zeke knows Locke...
  20. Best lines
  21. The Einstein of Bears
  22. Polar Bear and the Pilot?
  23. Sweat lodge references
  24. Nikki and Paulo
  25. Desmond, Just Helping Himself?
  26. Toy truck?
  27. Hidden Audio!
  28. Eddie, Did the cops have it wrong?
  29. eko playing dead?
  30. Bones / Pearl Inhabitants In The Bear Cave?
  31. Locke: The Perpetual Victim
  32. Timeline of Locke's flashback?
  33. Locke joining a commune?
  34. Geronimo Jackson
  35. The imploding Hatch
  36. Locke, Date of Birth?
  37. "Ballerina" & "Cities" set-up "Instructions"
  38. Hurley Knew About the Hatch?
  39. Why didn't Hurley hear the polar bear?
  40. Not as much to discuss anymore...
  41. The Trees Are Good Conversationalists
  42. Eddie was headed to Eureka
  43. Do you like Charlie again after this episode?
  44. Eko's Speech
  45. Boone tells Locke who to save - Sweat Lodge Airport Dream
  46. Hurley's Lackluster Return
  47. Any thoughts now that we see Fake Henry/Ben as the security guard at the airport?
  48. Did we know John was in CA?
  49. "By the way...Michael's a murderer and got a boat!"
  50. Upside Down Bridge Picture Resurfaces
  51. Not Zeke, he looks like Goodwin
  52. Did anyone think Boone looked REALLY different?
  53. Korean translation, please
  54. Did we miss the Others camp storyline? Disjointed feeling?
  55. Did Locke kill Eddie?
  56. Is Jan really Martha Toomey?
  57. Eddie=Benry
  58. Hurley Staring at Desmond; deja vu?
  59. The opening scene and its meaning - A new leader
  60. Technical Difficulties with Further Instructions
  61. locke not help hurley because numbers curse?
  62. Did Charlie remember?
  63. what was the song at the beginning?
  64. Is Desmond Dead?
  65. John couldn't speak because he didn't believe.
  66. Further Evidence that Rain is Bad
  67. Eko's leg
  68. In search of a family
  69. Did Locke say "They have Ecko?"
  70. Ecko's words to Locke by the stream, real or imagined?
  71. The torch: mystery solved
  72. Leaving the Bear Cave
  73. Missing Day
  74. Where's Jack, Kate, & Sawyer... but what about Michael?
  75. Locke's connection to Jack?
  76. did the polar bear eat kate's horse?
  77. Locke: "Amenable to coercion"?
  78. Most Touching Moments
  79. Locke falls up the stairs
  80. Progress vs. New Questions thread
  81. The way Locke treats Hurley
  82. So now that the Swan is gone...
  83. Is Bernard the last?
  84. The numbers are good for whoever uses them!
  85. Locke's commune - Others similarities
  86. Locke's Scratches Changed
  87. No more polar bears, please!
  88. Henry Gale's parachute's used as a canopy?
  89. Ben's Wand
  90. child or adult?
  91. Locke calls Losties "The Others"
  92. Purple sky?
  93. Opening scene
  94. Locke finds religion, then loses it?
  95. Locke told Charlie to go back to Claire
  96. Desmond and Jack in the stadium
  97. Desmond's Tie-dyed has polar bear on it (actually Hurley's shirt)
  98. who was NOT in the airport vision?
  99. Didn't Charlie's accent seem off?
  100. Hidden Clues
  101. Desmond's Beard
  102. Why didn't Hurley tell everyone what happened?
  103. Not the Dharma Logo in the cave
  104. "Sayid killed the polar bear"
  105. Hurley the Werebear
  106. What do we think of Boone now
  107. Jim Morrison and the Indian=
  108. locke's descent
  109. "she wants a daddy, like everyone else here.
  110. Isn't it a bit sacreligious ?
  111. The Numbers in this epi...
  112. Locke the hanged Man
  113. Locke- and the forbidden apple
  114. How many guns are left?
  115. Eddie and Edward?
  116. Can you see..
  117. something that kind of gnaws at me
  118. Eddie's connection to the island
  119. healing island powers and Ben
  120. Ben wanted Locke
  121. Had John Been In The Psych Ward?
  122. name significance: Edward Colburn
  123. Daniel in the Lions Den
  124. Locke and Drugs
  125. electromagnetic anomoly detected
  126. Drugs Tent Guard
  127. Did anyone else notice...
  128. Weed Connection?
  129. A Recoverage...a Bump...and a The Way Things Could Be.
  130. Bandages
  131. Polar Bear(s)
  132. Locke's Speech
  133. Mike's bizarre eyes
  134. Why Does Jack Wear Black In Locke's Vision?
  135. Lost Voice
  136. Desmond's Helping Himself?!
  137. Was Locke paralized in the (assumed) raid on the pot camp?
  138. Locke's Dream
  139. "You can still find them John"
  140. LOST Rewind: "Further Instructions"
  141. There's nothing you can do for them. Not yet.