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  1. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  2. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  3. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  4. Didn't Love it.
  5. Loved it!!!!
  6. Rate the Episode!!!
  7. Jack is taking no...
  8. Monica and Kevin
  9. Compound breach?
  10. Run???
  11. The Others are killers
  12. The Con is ON
  13. One Hour Head Start?
  14. Kate and Jack
  15. A life for a life....
  16. Jack Outsmarting Ben
  17. Monica and Kate?...One chasing the other...
  18. If you have any thing to say to your girl u best say it tonight
  19. Best Lines
  20. Benry or Juliet
  21. Sawyer Loves Kate!!!!
  22. Alex on the intercom
  23. Nothing as it seems
  24. Did Alex ask about me?
  25. Who is Jacob?
  26. Benry is the leader
  27. Will he shoot?
  28. What'll be North?
  29. But Kate loves Jack
  30. Kate's timeline
  31. Alex's Boyfriend . . . Is it Carl, and is he dead?
  32. They killed Alex's boyfriend
  33. In the OR
  34. Tampa Connection?
  35. Flaw In Jack's Plan?
  36. Once again Kate is useless
  37. "Home"
  38. The story from the pilot
  39. Kate's Preg Test was negative
  40. Kate Carrying Out the Juice - Juice Theory
  41. Rousseau + Pickett = Alex
  42. Why did Jack choose to do the surgery?
  43. Who let Jack out?
  44. Kevin has striking resemblance to Tom
  45. Did Kate exchange those Oceanic tickets to go to Sydney?
  46. Kate and Sawyer Making Love
  47. Preview for 2/7/07
  48. Pickett?
  49. Sawyer's ball and chain.
  50. What did they do to Kate?
  51. Was this eppy only for the shippers?
  52. eko's burial
  53. Ecko's stick
  54. miami dade county significance?
  55. How Jack has grown
  56. lockes detour
  57. Process of elimination= Kate!
  58. kate calls...the marshal?
  59. Is anyone else sick of them threatening death on Sawyer?
  60. "Jumped the Shark" term overused
  61. is jack getting played?
  62. kate and sawyer
  63. sawyer knows they are breaking him and doesnt care.
  64. Why didn't kate just yell...
  65. What was on Ben's TV monitors?
  66. "Eko died for a reason"
  67. sawyer's day off
  68. Pickett and Juliet's conversation
  69. Too Many Previews!!!!
  70. I do...what?
  71. The Obligatory N&P Thread
  72. Um...why DONT they just swim?
  73. Easy to ignore but...
  74. What is Danny Pickett's Problem!?
  75. Why Sawyer wanted dead by Other so bad
  76. Lots of Steinbeck
  77. I don't know what it is, but, it's big
  78. pregnancy test was positive, no?
  79. It's going to be a rough 2 weeks--how long has it been?
  80. Kate: "I'm not leaving without you"
  81. Story from Season 1?
  82. Juliet - Evil to the core.
  83. Where was the cliffhanger/big-reveal?
  84. "I only believe what I've seen"
  85. Skate Sex Scene
  86. Voice on the intercom
  87. "Did the doctor get out again?"
  88. Surprised Kate married a COP!!!
  89. ben can keep his promise to Jack
  90. Biblical & Spiritual References in this Episode
  91. Lock was already open!!!
  92. More Rain
  93. I'm proud of everyone here
  94. Kate and Sawyer Sex Tape
  95. Tom knew what Danny was going to do?
  96. Did we find out why the Others wanted Kate and Sawyer?
  97. The Numbers
  98. if the island is surrounded by water?
  99. Jack goes his own way!
  100. The Best Lost Episode Yet
  101. Locke's clue-giving it away too early?
  102. Juliet's flashcard communique to Jack was lies...
  103. Why Sawyer and Kate were set up
  104. Enjoy the ride...
  105. Alex Getting Captured... Again?
  106. Alex and Henry
  107. Confused about some events in this episode
  108. Music at the wedding
  109. Will Locke end up with egg on his face yet again?
  110. Ben's Long Con on Jack Starts on the Dock
  111. Ben's x-rays
  112. The Blink
  113. Alex
  114. Jacob is...
  115. Did Jack actually damage the kidney or was it a con?
  116. Why is Alex on the Small Island?
  117. Idle hour in the operating room?
  118. Questions... any answers?
  119. How did Jack know about the walky talky?
  120. Once again.. Jack shows that he's a hero.
  121. Did Alex refer to Jack as Kate's boyfriend
  122. Best Kate moments thus far...
  123. Ben's glasses?
  124. Welcome back Jack...
  125. Alex & Benry, connection?
  126. The Deal
  127. The story Jack told Kate
  128. Ethan
  129. It depends on how you define: home, love, this island
  130. Week-old x-rays
  131. If Kate knows/thinks they're on another island...
  132. The others do care about Benry
  133. "He killed them with their love" John Coffey
  134. Their names are their jobs
  135. Do we know yet
  136. off this island
  137. Selfish Jack
  138. Good guys kill execution style
  139. Baffling
  140. Mr. Friendly and Ben brothers?
  141. to sum it all up so far
  142. Tom's moving moment.
  143. The Toy Plane
  144. Anyone else annoyed at jacks lack of a gun obsession?
  145. What Danny said
  146. They should have killed Sawyer
  147. The Preacher
  148. If juliet was telling Jack the truth...
  149. The Islands
  150. Jacob / The List / Jack-Kate-Sawyer
  151. Rousseau + Ben = Alex
  152. Dating the flashbacks
  153. What's the problem with the slingshot?
  154. Is Carl a tailie survivor?
  155. what is a Kidney Sack?
  156. Run Kate, Run
  157. Who else broke something at the end of the eppi?
  158. Sawyer is crying.....small details.
  159. Feast Of The Ascension
  160. Paranoid much, Monica?
  161. It's Really Big
  162. The two islands
  163. IT might be what brought us here.
  164. My sisters (while watching episode) reactions (FUNNY STUFF!)
  165. If Jack had a gun, why didnt he just...
  166. Kate -- Our Mrs. Reynolds
  167. What was the point of Kate's flashback?
  168. Dear Pickett...
  169. Who did Kate choose?
  170. If the Others can leave the islandů
  171. Child in the Window...Kinda Creepy
  172. Kate "almost" had a baby?
  173. Help!!!!
  174. Jack's motives
  175. A tumor on the island of healing ?
  176. Any one want Jack to leave?
  177. Kate's wedding locket
  178. Jacob and The Twelve Tribes of Others
  179. Kevin's Cop badge...
  180. What Doctor got out again?
  181. Any other Jack fans glad that kate chose james?
  182. Did Kate kill her husband?
  183. I hate Danny
  184. images in smoke
  185. No way there are two Bens
  186. Why Sawyer?
  187. Kevin Callis
  188. Red octagonal dot in Jack & Tom OR scene (Record mode?)
  189. The lack of character discussions about things that have happened
  190. is jack going to be spending anouther 10 episodes with the others?
  191. What Jack should have done...
  192. Kate and Sawyer
  193. Kate and Sawyers Future with the Others
  194. Separated by the Glass Wall
  195. They killed my boyfriend!
  196. The scrub scene
  197. Palmetto Telesis
  198. Gotta get off this Island!
  199. Why Jack HAS to save Kate and Sawyer
  200. What is the song...
  201. The music for "I Do"
  202. The Others: Could they be protecting Kate,Jack, and Sawyer
  203. Anyone hear 'the monster' ?
  204. Ben's disappearing scar ?
  205. Could Jack be Exaggerating Ben's Tumor ?
  206. All the Smoke Monster Sounds
  207. Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang
  208. I can't wait for...
  209. More magnet stuff
  210. The thing in Sawyers heart
  211. Kate still married?
  212. Is Sawyer dead?
  213. Why Would Ben Wonder if Alex Asked About Him???
  214. Alex Has Some Sort of Transportation
  215. Jack fans / I Do fans. Correlation?
  216. Open ended or just plain unanswered
  217. A Lostie is an Other...
  218. Alex's slingshot attack
  219. THe Others and the monster
  220. 2 smoke monsters
  221. kate does love jack
  222. Des' reaction to Eko burial...
  223. "I Need To Get Off This Island"
  224. Are we sure there are really two islands?
  225. what if Ben doesn't have a tumor?
  226. Kate is the mole
  227. Weird Sawyer/Kate question...
  228. The "numbers" on Eko's jesus stick!!!
  229. Camera inside Sawyer's cage?
  230. Sawyer's little secret...
  231. Jack's discovery: staged?
  232. Stations of the Cross Allusion
  233. Ben is one of the good guys
  234. 2 weeks?
  235. 'They're gonna kill your boyfriend'
  236. Maybe Juliet is a Veterinarian?
  237. Pillows and Blankets
  238. Kevin x Jae
  239. The Kate/Jack relationship
  240. Why was Pickett going to kill Sawyer?
  241. Sun?
  242. kate's hubby
  243. Juliet & Pickett's conversation
  244. The Houses
  245. who needs Contraceptives?
  246. i do
  247. The Minister in this epi was also in All best cowboys have daddy issues
  248. The OTHER Private Ryan
  249. Question About I Do Episode
  250. LOST Rewind: "I Do"