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  1. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  2. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  3. Preview for 02/21/07
  4. Didn't Love it.
  5. Loved it!!!!
  6. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  7. Rate the Episode!!!
  8. To clear some things up
  9. LLL: Flashes Before Your Eyes
  10. Turning the key returns you home - to your previous life???
  11. Time Travel Theme Developing...
  12. Timequake
  13. Either a bad dream or future without island exp.
  14. Fionnula Flanagan (the ring lady) - simply awesome!
  15. Pushing the Botton is the Only Great thing you will do...
  16. the old lady with the shop
  17. I know a coward when I see one....
  18. Our destiny is not our fate...
  19. was tonights episode pointless?
  20. The Art in Charles Widmore's Office
  21. Wonderwall
  22. Time Loop Theory - What Iteration is it?
  23. Sawyer's Stash . . . What was the latest book?
  24. So is Charlie destined to die?
  25. Final Destination
  26. Desmond's vs. Jin's Permission Experience
  27. Out of Sight
  28. Background for picture
  29. Radzinsky Couldn't Take It
  30. Appointment in Samarra
  31. Is Your Brain Fried?
  32. "Because if you don't we will all die"
  33. Ahhhhh .... the mythology is BACK!!!!!
  34. Des Getting Knocked in the head and switching back
  35. Does Penny Know About the Island because of Desmond?
  36. my observations musings and questions
  37. Wizard of Oz allusion
  38. Des' facial hair
  39. Smoke Monster/ Ring Lady
  40. Life Flash
  41. Then is Sawyer Destined to Live?
  42. Charles Widmore
  43. "See this is why we don't do drugs"
  44. Des & Pen: Will she find and break fate? Will love conquer all?
  45. Charlie and Claire: business as usual?
  46. Predestination vs Free Will
  47. Did it stop a little over halfway through for you?
  48. Did it happen to Locke, too? Eko?
  49. No Opera House in Des/Penny Photo
  50. The Whiskey
  51. Juliet's Bus & Desmond's Scaffolding
  52. Cause and Effect - Again
  53. Red Paint
  54. Donovan and Rewriting History
  55. A sign of things to come....
  56. Anyone catch the Lord of the Rings Reference?
  57. Woman was the Island, Flashbacks are memories, Desmond did Time Travel
  58. Charlie 'Hieronymus' Pace
  59. Choice, Freewill, Loops... a theory
  60. Slaughter House Five?
  61. Reminded me of Vanilla Sky...
  62. Apollo Bars, Oceanic...Easter Eggs Galore
  63. Is The World Stuck in a Time Loop?
  64. microwave
  65. Why is Desmond now Charlie's protector?
  66. Doctor Who reference?
  67. Isn't Claire also destined to die?
  68. Its Really Pretty Simple
  69. Time Travel, Again
  70. Perhaps it's the flashbacks that are not real?
  71. Where did Penelope get the picture?
  72. Donovan
  73. so maybe our dead losties may return?
  74. So Locke is re-living his life too, right?
  75. 108
  76. Vincent, anyone???
  77. Infinite loops?
  78. Dark Tower Ending?
  79. How could Charlie have saved Claire
  80. F A T E
  81. Are the "Flashes" Random Events?
  82. Disappearing Painting
  83. "See You In Another Life, Brother"
  84. Eko's Death & Charlie's Reaction
  85. "We're Next"
  86. Desmond Confusion - Re-living past vs. current life
  87. The Confusion of FBYE...
  88. This was a pure flashback AND time travel
  89. Barça - Madrid?
  90. groundhog day
  91. Package Delivery Guy Conversation
  92. Is it me, or...
  93. Ms. Whidmore
  94. Could Charlie be Widmore's Son?
  95. Maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me
  96. "Downtown" surfaces again
  97. Ironic
  98. Time Travel--No, Memories/Dream--Yes
  99. desmond/jacob great man
  100. Fed Up!
  101. Penny - "You can't re-write history"
  102. Not Time Travel... Multiverse?
  103. Desmond's eye, then and then again.
  104. Charlie busking in London
  105. Flashbacks
  106. art in Desmond's apartment
  107. The meaning of Penny's name
  108. Stupid Question
  109. Recursive Loop
  110. We will all die.....who is 'we'?
  111. Best Lines
  112. Mr. Widmore's Painting
  113. Desmond's tie?
  114. Desmond and the Royal Scots
  115. How many times has Desmond had the island experience?
  116. A moment in destiny....for Hugo.
  117. Boone was right -cry-
  118. Delivery guy and photographer...
  119. Desmond = Wannabe Superman
  120. Question about Desmond's Ability
  121. Did this episode tell us more than we realize?
  122. Desmond's Power Theories
  123. Shocked at Hurley
  124. more Jesus parallels
  125. Helpful hallucinations, but why
  126. Desmond, Vedder Look-a-Like
  127. Figured it Out
  128. Desmond and the quintessence
  129. Has the entire show been a flashback?
  130. Desmond's name
  131. The Good & The Bad...[Spoilers] & some Questions for the Big Wigs...
  132. Hatch!?
  133. Did the writers lie to us?
  134. juliet's sister rachel
  135. Time Travel Idea Is Stupid
  136. Jimmy Lennon
  137. Desmond's flashbacks
  138. The Glitch Is Back
  139. "special" people on lost (desmond, walt, rose)
  140. Pennys Photo and Desmonds Photo
  141. Two Things That Bother Me
  142. A new way to look at flashbacks
  143. Hatch Implosion?
  144. Dr. Galen Hieronymus and his Radionic device
  145. Did Desmond "Change" Anything?
  146. Am I wrong or was last night yet another example that TPTB just don't get it?
  147. The Music
  148. Reminded me of the Twilight Zone.
  149. Ben's gotta be guarding his own key/switch on the island!
  150. Parallel to S. King's The Dark Tower?
  151. Another deleted scene?
  152. Just a test by the island...
  153. Time not linear for Desmond?
  154. Understanding "Flashes"
  155. Whoever can change the course of the Universe, wins.
  156. a lack of continuity or misunderstanding
  157. Ben, The Swan & The Numbers
  158. How far into the future has Desmond lived?
  159. Why does everyone suddenly think time loop?
  160. So is Ben now destined to die?
  161. 1/3 on island, 2/3 off.
  162. How can Desmond see the future?
  163. Instead of time travel, how about "replay"
  164. Run the same test 10 times, get 10 different outcomes...
  165. MacCutcheon anagram?
  166. Four-toed/Buddha statue
  167. Everything can be explained rationally?
  168. So Desmond has three brothers....
  169. Stolen ideas from Nip/Tuck?
  170. Fate and the Grand Scheme of Things
  171. Charlie's Death Sentence and Late Fate
  172. Dream/flashback, Time Loop/travel, Multiverse or something else?
  173. Desmond time traveling devalues rest of the show?
  174. Involuntary Memory
  175. Desmond in Jewelry Store - Reflection of Eyes
  176. But cant Locke already do what Des can do??
  177. Who it that?
  178. Sawyer's gonna be PISSED about the whiskey...
  179. Was Mr. Eko meant to die, as well?
  180. Smokey in FBYE?
  181. Too much "red" with Des
  182. Leyland sign in pub...easter egg?
  183. Desmond Art in Brainwash Film
  184. Physics of Destiny
  185. Possible photographic proof he hallucinated: is the time-travel hyphothesis busted?
  186. The Picture Paradox
  187. Moonlight serenade in Seas2...hint at time travels?
  188. Namaste - maybe something different
  189. similar to fire and water
  190. Timeline?
  191. desmond can predict the rainfall
  192. Desmond - a more compelling lead character than Jack?
  193. Choices and Redemption
  194. Errors in the show.
  195. It's really pretty simple, Part II
  196. Times Charlie almost died
  197. The Can of Paint
  198. It's a Wonderful Planet of the Pilot, Part One
  199. Flashes to Re-play 21 Feb before new eppy!
  200. New interesting connection!
  201. The Next-"Who Shot J.R.???"
  202. "The Red Shoes"
  203. Desmond at the Event Horizon?
  204. Whiskey Bottle?
  205. Desmond died.
  206. History repeating itself with Clarie drowning????
  207. Sky behind Mr. Widmore
  208. NO Time Travel. YES Clairvoyant, YES Blackout
  209. Quantum Leap
  210. Free Will vs Destiny
  211. Ms. Hawking is The Woman In The Door!
  212. Claire's Flashes in Raised by Another
  213. Is Desmond actually a scientist
  214. Millenium references....
  215. Desmond's Fear And Trembling
  216. Going for a swim...FULLY DRESSED!!!!!
  217. Submarine
  218. Desmond broke his time
  219. Nobody even thanked Desmond!
  220. Dr. Robert "HUME" aka Steven Falken...
  221. Theory about Libby
  222. Lost Time = 4 Minutes
  223. Tom's painting in Widmore's office
  224. time loop problems
  225. Memories, Daydreams and Island Hallucinations
  226. What Was That? A Dream? A Vision? Time Travel?
  227. Bit Cheesy!!!!
  228. All the Best... Have Daddy Issues...
  229. Continuity error?
  230. Desmond back in a jumpsuit
  231. Brave New Flashback!
  232. Either I'm crazy, or they've went to great depths...
  233. What if it isnt time travel or time loops ?
  234. Namaste and other Nepali/Indian influence
  235. The Reflection in the Glass
  236. Donnie Darko reference?
  237. how do we know...
  238. (Edison)Mac cutcheon anagram
  239. Does Desmond "dream" in American?
  240. Greenwich?
  241. Desmonds 'Time Travelling' - what ARE the flashbacks really.
  242. Items for Discussion
  243. 2 lost moments cut
  244. "She was only the farmer's daughter."
  245. How Penelope Knows what to look for...
  246. Flashback date
  247. Wonderwall the movie...
  248. Desmond's Topsy-Turvy World...
  249. Desmond What if there was No Time Travel
  250. The Blue Book