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  1. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  2. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  3. Loved it!!!!
  4. Rate the Episode!!!
  5. Didn't Love it.
  6. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  7. Preview for 02/28/07
  8. Jack's Tattoo
  9. Isabel
  10. Jewelry Store Woman in the Hydra Station?
  11. Jack's Kite
  12. Sawyer let Karl go?
  13. Alex wanted her Father dead....
  14. I have a gift...
  15. Ben's eyes
  16. Why would Ben send Ethan into the Jungle?
  17. The children are given a better life...
  18. Cindy IS an OTHER
  19. Sawyer Loves Kate!!!!
  20. ****Marked****
  21. Large Boat on the Horizon?
  22. Toothpicks again!
  23. Who are Achara's People?
  24. Eye for an Eye
  25. Branding and Tattoos...
  26. Jack and Juliet
  27. Little Girl Whispering to Cindy
  28. Ben and The Great Gatsby
  29. The Others are not kept informed...
  30. Salute to An Officer and a Gentleman?
  31. Three questions?
  32. What exactly did the girl (Achira?) say to Jack???
  33. Time?
  34. The Trial
  35. this episode really left nothing to talk about it
  36. Perspective and going "Home"
  37. Jack as Jesus?
  38. Captain Bunny Killer
  39. Why did jack get beat up?
  40. Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land"
  41. Karl and Rousseau... destined to meet?
  42. We're here to watch . . .
  43. Somewhere out there. . .
  44. God loves you as he loved Jacob
  45. It looks like Ben got what he wanted
  46. Karl
  47. Ursa Theodorus?
  48. Carl didn't know Brady Bunch?
  49. People standing outside Jacks cage
  50. Bai Ling!?
  51. Alex Didn't Like Jack's Answer
  52. Tattoo Lady, her Job and Gift similar to THE ILLUSTRATED MAN movie
  53. Billions and billions of stars
  54. Glass Houses And Stones
  55. OM shirt
  56. Snow Globe "Capital One Commercial"
  57. Teddy Bears
  58. Isabel (the judge lady)/smoke monster
  59. How did the kid know?
  60. Animal noises....
  61. Thai Translation??
  62. What? No Easter Eggs!?!
  63. Jaws
  64. cargo on boat
  65. The final scene on the boat
  66. Need for a surgeon, huge boat and EM blast
  67. Not knowing about Ana
  68. The Kid's Feet
  69. The Others: Evil, brutal, manipulative...and self-righteous too?
  70. Should "Others" be an outdated Lost term?
  71. What is the deal with all the "gifting"?
  72. Jack isn't smart
  73. Missing Dialogue
  74. Why lose the boat?
  75. Dharma logo in court room
  76. Why does no one wonder about Alex?
  77. Ben's in charge?
  78. Was Juliet's trial staged? Is Pickett really dead?
  79. "God loves you as He loved Jacob"
  80. Isabel = "Older" Juliet?
  81. "No, let me ask you a question Alex"
  82. Mr. Candle?
  83. Ana Lucia?
  84. JACOB means ÇA JOB ?¿?
  85. good guys/bad guys
  86. It Was All A Setup
  87. Favorite Lines
  88. No moon implies Dec11th or 12th
  89. Boat ride back to main island
  90. Baby crying?
  91. How Big Is This Island???
  92. Chinese Characters/Pictograms
  93. Cindy and the kids...
  94. Gateway Episode To The Others
  95. The Village
  96. What was wrong with Juliet's face?
  97. Jack's great memory
  98. Has Isabel been on the island this whole time?
  99. Pointless, or hidden point?
  100. More and more like a cult
  101. Tsunami tie in?
  102. Dude...was Juliet about to get stoned?
  103. Karl is in some sort of trance...programmed to strike when hearing "trigger" words?
  104. What Karl Did
  105. Is Isabel Kate's Mother?
  106. Achara in Phuket...What did she do for a living?
  107. How many islands ARE there?
  108. Where do you suppose they're going?
  109. When Will The Right Questions Be Asked
  110. The Kite
  111. Stoning and throwing stones
  112. Don't trust Juliet
  113. Why did it take a whole day for Sawyer/Kate to row back to their island?
  114. Why did Juliet go Back?
  115. Being "Marked" and Jacob's List
  116. Stranger in A Strange Land is a
  117. The ‘Watchers’ scene breakdown
  118. Diffierent actors playing the two kids?
  119. Achara and Dharma
  120. Where can I find all the answered and unanswered questions on Lost?
  121. Isabel's Office
  122. full cast list for SiaSL
  123. "He walks among us...."
  124. Ben not Alex's Dad?
  125. X-Files or Sixth Sense?
  126. I do not like Achara AT ALL!
  127. Is Tom married?
  128. does the writing on kite mean anything?
  129. Injecting Ben On The Table
  130. Pics of Juliet mark similar with photo in Achara tattoo parlour?
  131. The longest Con
  132. Has Sawyer been hypnotized?
  133. What was on Juliet's belly during the aloe scene?
  134. Fast-developing infection
  135. Epi's funniest moment
  136. The Marking
  137. The Fans Are The Reason...
  138. Will Jack and the Others be the heroes?
  139. He Who Walks Among Us
  140. Achara is an Other: Tattoo Parlor Easter Egg
  141. Karl and Alex...
  142. writing in the background
  143. jack... walks amongst us but is not one of us
  144. Star,ill reach you if i try...
  145. Lost's villain? Do we know who it is yet although we're in season 3?
  146. Connection between Achara and Malkin
  147. Did Isabel remind anyone else of Andrea Thompson from NYPD Blue?
  148. Circa 1850?
  149. Des and penny.
  150. Jack's wet pants
  151. We are the good guys Michael? Why would Ben send Ethan?
  152. EKO's brother, desmond episode and jack's memories
  153. Dharma symbol
  154. Jack in Phuket - to be continued?
  155. Tom's Stones
  156. Tattoos are huge
  157. Isabel's Chinese
  158. What exactly is "home"
  159. I want you to WANT to save me
  160. Actually filmed in Thailand? Or Oahu?
  161. LOST Rewind: "Stranger in a Strange Land"