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  1. Loved it!!!!
  2. Didn't Love it.
  3. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  4. Rate the Episode!!!
  5. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  6. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  7. Preview for 03/14/07
  8. Live Podcast Question
  9. Sayid doesn't speak French?
  10. Who is Ben's Others Groups if Not Dharma???!!!
  11. First 2 minutes recap?
  12. Nadia Comaneci birth day
  13. Mikhail Bakunin
  14. The Flame
  15. Locke and his buttons
  16. Why did Patchy and Ms Klugh want to die?
  17. marvin candle was downstairs
  18. Any Russian Speakers?
  19. Cats have 9 Lives
  20. Sayid Tortured Women...And the lessons he learned..
  21. Where is Dharma???
  22. Kaboooomm!!
  23. Food Drop Protocol
  24. Final Cat = Smoke Monster?
  25. Listening Posts . . .
  26. New number 77
  27. We may have finally got some answers!!
  28. What did the computer tell Locke after he entered 77
  29. Hostiles?
  30. Ping Pong Ball
  31. Sneaky, sneaky Danielle
  32. Sayid & Kate, The Dynamic Duo
  33. Sayid's Map
  34. Could Patchy have inverted his story?
  35. No More Nicknames?
  36. Where does Kelvin fit in?
  37. Sonar Access . . . The Submarines?
  38. Poll: Should Locke have blown the Flame?
  39. Who is Nikki
  40. I think after tonights episode...
  41. So how does Tom fit into all of this?
  42. Did Anyone else from Alabama get a 30min show?!
  43. Saddle on horse
  44. iced tea
  45. Why Lie?
  46. I don't understand...HELP
  47. Marvin Candle Getting Ridiculous?
  48. Parallels between Mikhail and Danielle???
  49. How does Marvin Candle know?
  50. Cat is Vanilla Sky Reference
  51. The Others' "Eye for an eye" rule of law: What effect on Mikhail killing Klugh?
  52. War Games
  53. Two weeks: Could Kate be leading Sayid and Locke into a trap?
  54. Seeing the future, Locke, and the Flame
  55. Did Patchy set up John?
  56. Chef Sayid
  57. Radzinsky and Mikhail
  58. What all can we gather about the Hostiles?
  59. Dharma Stations/Blast Door Map revisited
  60. Locke: maybe he didn't cause the flame station to blowup
  61. Locke's Plea
  62. How did Patchy
  63. The Cable on the Beach
  64. Food drops are happening from the island and I can prove it
  65. Last Dharma Employee?
  66. Patchy knew how to play Locke
  67. locke knows something
  68. Hostiles are not the Others..
  69. the Smoke in 2 places at once?
  70. Green Flame from the Lighter
  71. Compass and island magnetism
  72. some connections...
  73. "We are all capable of doing what those kids did to this cat"
  74. they were here before us. long before us.
  75. Did he or didn't he?
  76. "Purging" I demand your thoughts!!!!
  77. Hatch=flame
  78. Numbers on the videos in "The Flame"
  79. Missing footage, glass eye, and the Swan computer
  80. Interest in the sailboat
  81. Do you think John took anything from The Flame?
  82. How does a Other introduce themselves?
  83. Communications never worked at the flame
  84. Locke only checked
  85. Locke and the computer buttons
  86. Can anyone link EP 311 to The Lost Experience
  87. Locke wanted to destroy the communications system
  88. Someone was watching
  89. Sayid and C4 Explosives
  90. Paulo's "hillbilly" remark
  91. Missed Opportunity For Lost Connection
  92. Power Source
  93. Locke's Behavior
  94. Answers = Contradictions
  95. Nikki: "Who are you?"
  96. How French Can You Get?
  97. Locke's Gaming Addiction
  98. Purge = "Incident?"
  99. Sawyer and Hurley friendlyship ?
  100. Chess - Sequence Code
  101. Hmm, there's that news stand again...
  102. Amira's harboring an enemy of the state
  103. Houston - We have a problem
  104. The Black Horse
  105. Why were their tactics so bad?
  106. the outside dharma doesnt know the island dharma lost the war/"incident"
  107. Hunks of meat in the fridge at the Flame..
  108. Paulo & Nikki: Lost's Al & Peg Bundy
  109. Eko's stick - not just a direction, but an EXACT direction
  110. Is Patchy Alvar Hanso?
  111. Help with a few of questions
  112. Mittelwerk + Island Native(s) = Hostiles/Others
  113. Why didn't they take the horse??
  114. Chess terminology
  115. A favor from the community
  116. The reason behind the button?
  117. Mikhal and Glass Eye
  118. Dharma, the Others, and theatrical glue
  119. Red Sox World Series
  120. Did Locke save Mikhail's life?
  121. Does Sayid Have a Tracking Device Now?
  122. Did Danielle do something with the livestock
  123. Walt was kept at the Flame?
  124. Why are they going to the Others' Village?
  125. The others left Kelvin and the Swan alone why??
  126. Mikhael Couldn't Beat the Computer?
  127. Flame station override system
  128. Missed opportunity to fully introduce Paulo and Nikki?
  129. Questionable Computer Interface Design
  130. Mikhail/Radzinsky/Kelvin
  131. Why Are They Turning Locke In To Jack Tripper This Season?
  132. Thoughts on Enter 77 and the Future of Lost Part I
  133. Does Dharma still really exist? Food drops say yes?
  134. Purge was the Sickness ?
  135. This to confirm the cat was indeed a manifestation of Smokey
  136. Why is Marvin glitchy?
  137. I'm dead quicker than you can say "plot holes"!
  138. Rosseau's behavior extremely peculiar.
  139. was there a symbol on the saddle?
  140. Anyone notice the look on Patchy's face?
  141. Something bothering me about Kate
  142. The Camera.
  143. More cattle? Where?
  144. marvin candle's arms
  145. Why did Locke..
  146. Danielle's shack another station?
  147. The Cow
  148. Sawyer's er...."collection" of magazines...
  149. Worth Rewatching?
  150. Communicating...with no Communication
  151. Juliet must have really butchered a cow
  152. someone needs to make that chess game!
  153. I missed the cat connection...
  154. Paulo's purpose...
  155. Mikhail and Ms. Klugh secret agenda
  156. Marvins questions were a test
  157. Commercial Time
  158. The Flame Station Storage Facility/Lounge/Butcher Shop/Diner
  159. Was Mikhail Going to Kill Himself?
  160. Why didn't Patchy kill Sayid?
  161. Swan 108min protocol - security against the hostiles
  162. Mikhail was kept in the dark
  163. Enter 77: Ice Station Zebra Connections
  164. Patchy is Really Houdini!!!
  165. Why Goodwin Killed Nathan
  166. Danielle Is An Other Danielle Is Not An Other
  167. Mikhail told the truth...accept he never worked for Dharma
  168. Which was Sayid's lie?
  169. Distance to the Flame and Staff
  170. Locke has been getting too much noggain'ed.
  171. Help needed re: earlier Patchy sighting
  172. Why was The Flame above ground?
  173. The Computer Cheated!!!
  174. Did anyone notice...
  175. Dharma Soldiers??
  176. Confusion about wire on the beach, maybe just me
  177. UNEXPECTED...no one will see it coming..
  178. Sayid's Flashback
  179. Did Locke Actually Beat the Computer?
  180. This eppy gave me a sense of the Cold War
  181. Vladivostok
  182. The Chess Game Cheats
  183. Another Way
  184. Locke believes the Losties are the hostiles
  185. Nadia Comaneci birthdate a possible BTTF reference?
  186. Camera in the chess room
  187. Patchy=Radzinsky?
  188. Bakunin on Rousseau
  189. chinese zodiac?
  190. New here, but here's what i got from this episode.
  191. 'We're Not Killers'
  192. Was it really a station at all?
  193. So the groups both have similar interests.
  194. Vodka!!
  195. Radinsky (sp?) was Russian too?
  196. why do they always build sawyer up just to break him down?
  197. Chess computer or live game?
  198. Smokey says MRRROOOOWRR!!!
  199. Others within DHARMA and their origins
  200. One to make the other cooperate...
  201. Wiring Inside the Flame
  202. Patchy wasn't in The Flame
  203. Locke cheated at the computer chess game..
  204. "The Purge": a discussion..
  205. Hanso v Mittelwerk?
  206. If no Dharma, then who are the food drops for?
  207. Desmonds Injections
  208. why cant people accept that the others were never a part of dharma?
  209. The Radio Tower/The Danielle Question
  210. The Chess Game...
  211. Kate going back for Jack
  212. Sayid Is Still A Bad-Mamma-Jamma
  213. Desmond
  214. What was Patchy hiding?
  215. M. Candle and Flame questions.
  216. Why was Klugh hiding in the basement?
  217. Images in the smoke monster
  218. Strange Connection ~ The Flame
  219. How did Mikhail get a scabby face?
  220. LOST Rewind: "Enter 77"