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  1. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  2. Rate the Episode!!!
  3. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  4. Loved it!!!!
  5. Didn't Love it.
  6. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  7. That had to hurt...
  8. Ben and his manipulations
  9. whiskey
  10. Cooper...the real sawyer?
  11. Eternity
  12. Not So Subtle "Third Policeman" Reference
  13. What to believe...
  14. Did Hurley see John fall?
  15. The List, just maybe?
  16. Deux Ex Machina and LOST
  17. Weebalo badges
  18. The C4 was in Sayid's backpack?
  19. So... Jack plays piano
  20. juliet and cooper
  21. What was on the TV John was watching?
  22. Kate's horse, Sayid's cat, Locke's ... DAD?
  23. Locke and Ben Connections....
  24. The Box...Metaphor? Real? Pandora's? Discuss!!
  25. "I hope that box is big enough for you to imagine yourself a new submarine"
  26. My Mother is Dead...
  27. Retired computer ??
  28. Honest John....
  29. I'll let them go as soon as you leave the island
  30. The Others and the survivors..
  31. Making Deals with Devils...
  32. Cooper on the island....
  33. Preview for 3/28/07
  34. Cooper: on-island still conning Locke or really victim?
  35. Locke's Paralysis Revealed!
  36. Who/What is the "Man from Tallahassee"
  37. I HATE Anthony Cooper
  38. Cooper's clothes
  39. Did Locke Really Blow up the sub??
  40. Ben WAS coming for Locke in season 2
  41. How many people said "OMG" at the end?
  42. Jack and Juliet cuteness
  43. Light/Dark Chicken Meat
  44. Game. Changer.
  45. Observation of masks in Ben's house
  46. More Questions, here it goes:
  47. A Brief History of Time makes it on the screen again
  48. How could anyone survive a fall like that?
  49. Was this after Cooper faked his death?
  50. Favorite Line
  51. Ben, Juliet, Claire, Now Ben Again
  52. Is the Submarine the only way off the Island?
  53. La-Ti-Da
  54. Jack and Kate (Juliet and Sawyer too) confusion and the implications (and Jack's motivations)
  55. Locke LIES, People DIE--off-island
  56. Sphere
  57. Tom's signal to Jack
  58. Who is Ben's Father?
  59. Ben and his bug eyes
  60. Vintage Submarine
  61. Cooper may not be Lockes father but is from Tallahassee.. Other goodies
  62. So Jack is a Submarine Pilot ???
  63. Better Dialogue
  64. Ben Manipulated Locke to stop pressing the button
  65. 4:30 Island time.
  66. New and improved Locke (now with 35% more crazy vigilantism)
  67. Stolen Bolivian Coal Deposits...
  68. How is the Electricity running?!?
  69. Locke lowered into the chair for the first time
  70. This is all Ben's doing!
  71. How will they get off the Island?
  72. Jack's New Tattoo??
  73. What if Cooper = Jacob?
  74. Ben Linus, the charlatan....
  75. island paintings
  76. Locke's Dinner Tray...
  77. the detective said something VERY interesting
  78. having trouble with locke.....
  79. Why are we all here?
  80. Who is this new Other?
  81. The Tragedy of John Locke
  82. Healing Island
  83. putting chicken in the fridge
  84. Ben's Dilemma (revisted?)
  85. Mittelos Guy
  86. Did Ben take a trip to the Farmers' Market? :)
  87. What 'd John meen by asking bout Ben being sick
  88. Mystery Car Of Death
  89. What about Desmond's boat?
  90. Putting the pieces of the puzzle togehter
  91. Ben is Pharoah
  92. Locke not wanting to leave
  93. What is up with Danielle?
  94. Different names for Kate and Sayid?
  95. where is penelope?
  96. The Other's Still have Desmond's Sailboat
  97. Locke's Special Ops patches
  98. Tom and Kate
  99. Inquiring minds want to know: are the Others Dharma or not?
  100. Ben's Fridge
  101. Gamechanger?
  102. Cooper and his stolen kidney
  103. Ben's Eyes...
  104. Does anyone doubt . . ?
  105. Why didn't Locke ask Ben: HOW do you know all about me, and why?
  106. Locke's Fall Didn't Happen
  107. Paging...... spinal surgeon
  108. Tallahassee references on lost - magnet lab
  109. What did you think was in the room before he opened the door?
  110. Father knows Best/ Ben's Daddy issues??
  111. Ben Is One Sinister_____!
  112. Sub only way out but Michael left on boat??
  113. Rousseau is missing?
  114. Kate-Obsolete to Jack?
  115. How did they get to the submarine dock?
  116. How many born there? How many brought in?
  117. Locke was staggering...?
  118. Will James "Sawyer" Ford kill Anthony "Sawyer" Cooper?
  119. The Beginning of The End For Locke As A Lostie
  120. Locke's Pyro Reaction
  121. If Looks Could Kill!!
  122. Anthony Cooper, Mentor
  123. Communion
  124. Locke's physical therapist, Dharma employee?
  125. Is the Island Under Water???
  126. What was with the terrible CLOSED-CAPTIONING?
  127. Tom and Locke.
  128. Did anyone else in the begining of the epi. get think that Locke might attempt suicide?
  129. Supply drop by the hatch during lockdown...
  130. Locke is the TrashCan Man!!!
  131. Why was Locke getting disability?
  132. Fakeout in Opening Flashback
  133. Ben's House Decorations
  134. Star Chart
  135. Locke's din-din.
  136. Locke vs Ben
  137. Does Locke Have Something To Hang Over Ben's Head?
  138. Locke Knew Exactly Where The Light Switch In The Sub
  139. Sayid chained to the swing set
  140. Clarification on Richard/Ben
  141. reactions to physical therapy scene???
  142. What is given, can be taken away
  143. Locke and Walt Similarity
  144. Cooper no arms
  145. Same scrubs...
  146. "Where's the submarine?"????
  147. "... that's why you(Ben) left the C4 in Sayid's bag."???
  148. "Why are you treating us this way?"
  149. Ben: A man of his word(s)
  150. Falling from Buildings Theme
  151. Alex & Danielle
  152. Fantastic Journey
  153. Looks like Ben has a plan...
  154. It's all Dad's fault
  155. Anthony Cooper, Adam Seward" anagram for "Sawyer, the con man, a poor dad"
  156. Did I miss the beating of Locke?
  157. You are a Pharisee
  158. Why did Locke call him Dad?
  159. Easter Eggs with Screencaps(yes,apollo is there too)
  160. Did Locke Save Jack's Life
  161. You Make People Think That Your Their Family...
  162. How'd Locke get to the sub?
  163. Revelations....
  164. Masks in Ben's house belong to "4 Toe Statue" Tribe??
  165. Dad is Mr. Smokey
  166. Cooper's Con Target at Other Camp
  167. "We have two giant hamsters running in a massive wheel at our secret underground lair"
  168. Who played the kid that died in this episode?
  169. Who is this guy on Ben's bookshelf...
  170. Tom gives Jack strange advice??
  171. Did Tom call Ben "Dad"?
  172. Did Patchy give Locke the C-4 on purpose?
  173. Why was John soaking wet ?
  174. Juliette's Brand and "The Box"
  175. Painting of a woman in Ben's home
  176. Ben's Apollo in the Star Chart
  177. Jon Manipulated into doing the wrong thing...again
  178. Kate buys a bus ticket to Tallahasse
  179. Telephone in Ben's home
  180. Maybe Cooper isn't there because of Locke..
  181. Jack made a deal?
  182. Ben's home
  183. Why is Rousseau so weird?
  184. Have the Losties finally exhausted their weapons cache?
  185. Locke is Going to Take Over the Others
  186. What Was That Kids Name Again?
  187. Cooper is not Johns dad
  188. The Others Control Smokey
  189. Who Is Alex's Daddy?
  190. Timeline
  191. That hospital in CA: run by the Others?!!!!!!!!!!
  192. Jacob's List, Hydra Worksite, Locke's Father
  193. Could Cooper have been in Australia or on the plane?
  194. The Hostiles
  195. locke is NOT special ops
  196. The Same Corridor
  197. Ben and the Black Rock
  198. Widmore Industries make Dharma branded products?
  199. Locke DID fall out that window!!
  200. Bad Twin
  201. The Fall and the Future...
  202. The island must move
  203. Is Anthony Cooper the real Sawyer?
  204. The Man From Tallahassee = All To Shame Fathers Name
  205. I am tired of Sayid being tied up and tortured!
  206. The submarine is NOT the only way off the island!!!!
  207. Did something happen to Jack??
  208. Locke is the man who commits "Suicide" in "Numbers"
  209. Love/Hate
  210. doors
  211. Locke's Eye
  212. "Did it hurt?"
  213. 8-ball is missing
  214. All food for Swan-station
  215. John and James are half-brothers?
  216. Clocks
  217. who was in the house with lock, ben, and alex?
  218. Impressed with the treatment of Alpert
  219. Was Cooper there for Sawyer?
  220. Why does Ben present Locke with Cooper?
  221. The most beautiful thing in the world.
  222. Locke and Ben brothers?
  223. Freckles
  224. Unintentionally Consistent Locke?
  225. The Ladies of Deadwood
  226. The importance of Alex
  227. Where are the children????
  228. Another prop discrepancy
  229. More details from Ben's bedroom
  230. How Cooper got to the Island...
  231. Island Daddies...
  232. What did Marvin tell Rambo?
  233. So sick of the ABSURD plotholes in this show
  234. lockes dad on the island
  235. " Be Carfeul in here" - Tom
  236. Ryan the Other
  237. Aaron
  238. Locke Didn't Blow Up the Sub
  239. The Island Punishes
  240. The Box - A Poll
  241. If the Others aren't Dharma...
  242. Locke's backpack and the Jesus Stick
  243. Who does Ben answer to?
  244. Claire, The Psychic, and Her Mom
  245. Supercollider?
  246. Anthony Cooper con his way on the List?
  247. A Real Sub Captain Says...
  248. Put yourself in John's shoes...
  249. Tallahassee showed how Losties survived the Crash
  250. I wouldn't know but...