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  1. Loved it!!!!
  2. Rate the Episode!!!
  3. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  4. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  5. Didn't Love it.
  6. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  7. Preview for 04/04/07
  8. So... how does that make one iconic?
  9. Paulo Smokes
  10. CSI:Lost
  11. Was This the Game Changer?
  12. Told u im not crazy
  13. ...Expose ...The result of an Indecent Proposal...
  14. They see dead people
  15. Charlie making up with his past...
  16. "Promise Me We Wont End Up Like That?"
  17. The origin of the diamonds?
  18. Sawyer The Good Guy...
  19. Paulo and the Others...
  20. Will Nikki survive???
  21. Diamonds are a girls best friend...
  22. "Things don't stay buried on this island"
  23. More spiders=More Smokey?
  24. Paulo/Nikki and Boone/Shannon parallel
  25. Shannon in Expose
  26. Never grew to like them, glad they're gone
  27. Favorite Lines
  28. Time Line mess up?
  29. Ben exploits peoples emotions
  30. Was Boone gay?
  31. Who was having the flashback?
  32. Nikki's run through the jungle: Time Shenanigans?
  33. Ben and Juliet-when was it?
  34. Ethan
  35. Expose = 2 More Killers
  36. Shout out to "Kill Bill?
  37. Disappointed???
  38. The Cobra!
  39. Enough with the Shout-Outs to the Fans
  40. Island Justice and link to Eko?
  41. Who thought it was hilarious...
  42. Two weeks since Thanksgiving
  43. So what was the mythological questions that was answered?
  44. Understanding Juliet's line
  45. Hypocritical Lost Watchers
  46. bens capture
  47. The Smoke
  48. Nikki's a looker
  49. Hidden Corridor in the Pearl Hatch?
  50. Okay, we know Rose is still there...
  51. A microcosm of the entire series
  52. Juliet thinks that Jack is cute!
  53. Nikki dodging the hatch??
  54. 8 hour paralysis
  55. Hurley has officially killed someone
  56. The Cupboards are Getting Bare . . .
  57. Was Paulo looking at something after the crash?
  58. what happened to the scenes from the promo pics?
  59. Confused
  60. What happened?
  61. Diamond pouch = Adam & Eve's rock pouch?
  62. So were Nikki and Paulo...
  63. The Fate of Niki and Paulo
  64. Paging Adam Seward
  65. still dont see the point of nikki and paulo
  66. Episode Shooting
  67. "Paralized", not "Paulo Lies"? Right?
  68. Similar to "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead"
  69. Paulo and Nikki = Adam and Eve??
  70. Its Winter
  71. episode plot sort of like an actual episode of "Expose"?
  72. Any way to confirm the Monster noise is indeed the Monster noise?
  73. Who the blazes is Howie Zuckerman?
  74. Great Episode--Sawyer without a shirt
  75. How was this epy filmed? Did TPTB reshoot the crash?
  76. Sick Ending to a Totally Pointless Episode
  77. Strong woman
  78. big bad guy whose identity isnt' revealed until season 4...
  79. the flame stations remote controls other stations
  80. You Really Have to Look at this epi before judging... lots of answers
  81. Juliet
  82. Locke watching Expose
  83. Was the game-changer that the things that are conjured up by the monster/people's wishes are actually there?
  84. Penny's Search
  85. Locke said they won't stay buried
  86. New Darwin?
  87. Paralysis...
  88. Why the rock dive?
  89. Nikki "Promise me we'll never end up..."
  90. a complaint about filming location
  91. Funny how they saw much and said NOTHING
  92. writers nod to film noir?
  93. Pikki = Poochie from The Simpsons
  94. Will Sawyer Go Back For the Diamonds??
  95. Sawyer/Charlie + Sun = Is the matter settled?
  96. Adam/Eve -vs- Paulo/Nikki
  97. The Female of the Species...
  98. Episode Rewrite?
  99. Nikki/Paulo vs. Boone/Shannon - What's the difference?
  100. Hallway To/From The Pearl?
  101. The Best Way to exploit Jack's Emotions...(?)
  102. Spider venom = The others darts?
  103. Why Nikki and Paolo
  104. Nikki and Paulo: Did you like them at the end?
  105. "The Pardoner's Tale" and "Romeo and Juliet"
  106. Paulo ... cigarettes in the pearl hatch?
  107. Billy Dee Williams
  108. Sawyer now reading Agatha Christie
  109. Losties in the Creative/Performing Arts professions
  110. So Locke, Sayid and Kate are the A-Team?
  111. Pearl's "?"
  112. Vincent Knew Nikki and Paulo Were Alive!!!?
  113. How did Paulo Get Out of the Hatch?
  114. Redemption for the Hero (Sawyer)?
  115. Why doesn't Sawyer know them?
  116. Interesting. "Lost Time" indeed...
  117. Kudos, Charlie!
  118. Discrepancies in appearance for Boone and Ethan
  119. Juliet's Bare Feet
  120. Paolo's walkie talkie...the possibilities
  121. Giacchino's Lost Music
  122. Did Ben create his tumor to persuade Jack?
  123. What should of have happened?
  124. Dr. Arzt
  125. The Others/Dharma's are Hindu
  126. Foreshadowing - clues?
  127. How long can a spider survive in a jar?
  128. Island vs pheromones
  129. Why is Sawyer still the bad guy?
  130. Making an episode + our input
  131. Pikki - Brilliant PTB
  132. Man with Mr. LaShade
  133. Danielle (again)
  134. LOST Boss Explains Last Nights Double Demise
  135. Billy Dee Williams aka The Cobra
  136. Pikki not a repalcement for Rose and Bernard
  137. Widmore gum?
  138. Is there a Cobra...?
  139. They would have been dead long before they were buried
  140. The Black and White preview footage was only for the preview
  141. nikki and paulo's importance
  142. Differences in Live Together Die Alone Speech
  143. Who did you miss seeing this episode?
  144. Dead Or Alive??
  145. Timeline and flashbacks
  146. Tsunami 2004
  147. The list of what we learned in this episode to further the entire island story.
  148. Pikki: Exact opposites of Sun/Jin and Rose/Bernard
  149. Lost does CSI/Law and Order/Criminal Minds...??
  150. Christian May be Alive?
  151. More to Paulo?
  152. So if Jack shags Juliet.........
  153. Nicotine Gum
  154. Elmore Leonard?
  155. "Things buried on this island don't stay buried"...
  156. Nikki/Paulo and the Mummies
  157. Hurley the fan and "Dawson"
  158. Nikki = Dumb
  159. Proof of Time Shifting & a Hint of What's Going On
  160. Spider Protocol & Christian Shephard
  161. The spiders did come out from "the box"
  162. The best of times; the worst of times.
  163. Sawyer: Antagonist or Comedic Relief?
  164. the more i think of it the more sure i am there's a timeshift
  165. Was this episode pure fanw*nk?
  166. Timeline Discrepancy
  167. Did they cut a scene AGAIN?
  168. Ben captured
  169. What ben said?
  170. FYI: Rose was in the episode
  171. What do you think Nikki was planning to do to Paulo?
  172. There's something about Juliet . . .
  173. How long until Jin finds out?
  174. Do you think Animal Farm has any significance?
  175. Date on newspaper
  176. We asked for it We got it...
  177. one character knows nikki and paulo are not dead
  178. Victims of the Monster and the 7 Deadly Sins
  179. Paulo in the bathroom
  180. Where did Arzt get those jars?
  181. Pikki were on Jacob's list...
  182. What if it never happened?
  183. The Key
  184. Why didn't Ben just leave? (2 theories in 1)
  185. Is Sun feeling more guilty now?
  186. Minor Easter Egg
  187. Where Did the Shark Get Jumped?
  188. Is Ben that stupid?
  189. Ben wanted Kate and Sawyer to have sex
  190. Sun won't tell Jin about Sawyer...for a while.
  191. Gamechanger??? What's that?
  192. Come back Nikki! Come Back!
  193. Did they know Paulo was hiding in the Pearl?
  194. Dr. Candle
  195. Ok..I'll ask since no one else has.
  196. Tom Responsible for Boone's Death Theory
  197. How did Paulo get out?
  198. Why wear there pikey clothes?
  199. Were Nikki and Paolo originally intended to be permanent characters by the writers?
  200. The show in a single episode:
  201. Don't you get it?? Lost is ruined
  202. So was the cigarette burning this time?
  203. So... who "leaked" the "Paulo shot in the head" foiler?
  204. Nikki and Paulo: Lose/lose situation for the producers
  205. Billy Dee Williams.....
  206. What was the game-changer?
  207. Pikki didnt know Ethan took Claire and Charlie?
  208. Locke's wrong or the writers are...
  209. Russian doll, get it?
  210. Expose brilliance only seen after 2nd viewing--we were so fooled and it was so obvious
  211. Does this mean there's another observation hatch?
  212. Dallas, Bobby, JR, and Pam Ewing
  213. a big gripe of viewers answered by Hurley
  214. Christian Shepard on the beach?
  215. Pikki not intended to die?
  216. Paulo and The Pearl...season 2?
  217. "Have him cover it up with the flame"
  218. Could we puh-lease get a spoiler from Vincent's point of view?
  219. Do Hurley and Sawyer still think that...
  220. I still don't see why everyone thinks Pikki are dead
  221. Sawyer's gun
  222. Like between Pikki and Desmond?
  223. Lost and Heroes connection (apparent in this episode)
  224. Paulo and Nikki - One or both may not have been buried ....
  225. shiny new shovels
  226. Pikki's burial mound and creativity
  227. Moles, Matryoshka dolls, and '80's miniseries
  228. Zombie Theory is Back!!!!!!
  229. Paolo and the walkie talkie
  230. Walkie talkie frequency
  231. Flashbacks are out of whack
  232. Pikki reminds me of...
  233. Desmondīs Clothing
  234. Ethan's Wisconsin Shirt
  235. Cobra = Hooded Snake =.....Charlie??
  236. Why does Nikki keep calling Paulo by his name every other sentence?
  237. "Heading out to the Pearl station" scene also shorter
  238. Does Hurley remember Korean from his dream?!
  239. Why not use the diamonds?
  240. Could this be The Answer???
  241. Paulo buried dead, not buried alive?
  242. Please Help!!
  243. Paolo/"Locke found a hatch."
  244. Nikki From Season One?
  245. Know what movie it was like?
  246. remembering Nikki and Paulo from the crash, would be like remembering all these people too....
  247. more monster talk....
  248. So the other fusies.....
  249. Paulo is not dead
  250. Worthless?