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  1. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  2. Loved it!!!!
  3. Rate the Episode!!!
  4. Didn't Love it.
  5. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  6. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  7. smokey and the bright lights
  8. Others vanish; Loyalties are tested
  9. Sawyer as leader?
  10. Smokey: Uploading or Downloading?
  11. I'm sorry Kate
  12. This will be the shortest Thread Ever!
  13. Smokey and the fence/Light and Dark
  14. The Handcuffs
  15. Where are the Others going? Reasons?
  16. Kate and Sawyer's Ex (Clementine's mom) are friends?
  17. Why not bring everybody back to Otherville?
  18. Was Juliet left behind on purpose?
  19. Juliet...Plant or Lost other...
  20. Clementine is not just a con
  21. Locke's New "Family"
  22. Jack was unconscious for over a day?
  23. Was smoky afraid of Juliet?
  24. 2 Hearts and Minds references
  25. New Smokey Noises
  26. Rain with the moon shining?
  27. Is Kate Attracting Smokie?
  28. The Fence was Off? Did Jules know? What killed Patchy?
  29. Mousetrap game symbolism
  30. Preview for 04/11/07
  31. Not knockout gas... Something in the food?
  32. Juliet's wealth of Jacknowledge
  33. Why Lost IS Lost
  34. Jules the martial artist
  35. Sun's Glares at Sawyer
  36. Best Lines
  37. The Defiant Ones
  38. Who's the Real Leader?
  39. Fence access numbers
  40. What has happened to Juliet?
  41. Walt's Trees?
  42. Cerberus and Smokey
  43. Where is Danielle?
  44. Sawyer re-reading Watership Down
  45. Is Juliet the next to die?
  46. Did Kate Grow?
  47. Juliet's 3 cons...
  48. So is this the end....
  49. Underground Tunnels
  50. What does Kate need to be forgiven for?
  51. Shouldn't smokey be "dead" now?
  52. Patsy Cline's Walkin' After Midnight
  53. PLOT Hole..not
  54. What Juliet did. . .
  55. St. Lucy
  56. Clue in the Motel Room?
  57. Sawyer making nice
  58. Hurley...Ghost of Sawyer's Past
  59. Kate, Locke and Backgammon
  60. Hurley conned Sawyer
  61. Carrie
  62. The ending scene [with the happy music]
  63. Sacrifice to Smokey?
  64. Will Kate still want to be involved with Sawyer?
  65. Desmond...Hmm...
  66. Parallels of Flashbacks, Sawyer and Juliet
  67. Who was really the better fighter?
  68. Juliet left behind -- again???
  69. Do we know how Kate escaped from the marshall the first time?
  70. Gasmasks
  71. Mikaels Alive
  72. Super Strong
  73. Do you trust Cassidy?
  74. Favorite Lines and Looks
  75. What exactly did that fence switch do?
  76. Shots in the rain
  77. setup for a Steve episode?
  78. Why Did Locke Go with The Others?
  79. Tear gas actually was filled with the Smoke Monster....
  80. Bright lights and Smokey
  81. Locke's weakness
  82. Locke: Black eye...
  83. Battle for leadership:Jack or Sayid ,who would you chose?
  84. Cassidy and "Joan Hart"?
  85. A theory on Locke and where he is going
  86. What if Jack's the spy and not Juliet?
  87. What happened to the Locke from 'Further Instructions'?
  88. Is Jack & Kate officially done?
  89. "they left because of me"
  90. Are the numbers back?
  91. Why not leave them at the camp?
  92. Victim or preditor
  93. OK, I'm confused...
  94. They could at least take a shower!
  95. Will Juliet spill the beans?
  96. Smokie likes the rain, or does he?
  97. Is Locke the next Jim Jones?
  98. Maybe this was the game changer?
  99. Left Behind: the novel - WOW
  100. Hurley/Sawyer con -- a different viewpoint
  101. Juliets often dislocated shoulder
  102. Anyone have any screencaps of Smokey
  103. Why was Locke's hand bandaged?
  104. Smoky's addicted to pain....
  105. Cowboy Up/Kate's Hat
  106. Kate's Stepfather
  107. Juliet putting on a gas mask
  108. What's all over the floor next to Jack?
  109. Why waste everyone's life and time?
  110. 4on Dvb
  111. Did Jack know that Juliet would be left behind?
  112. Smokie has the list
  113. Is the conflict with the Others over now?
  114. "I made a strong case for you"
  115. Two Smokies!
  116. Juliet's Motivations
  117. Why GAS prisoners?
  118. Juliet's mark.
  119. Was Juliet supposed to be on the submarine with Jack leaving??
  120. I need YOUR help! Lets figure out smokey!
  121. "Who is Eve?"
  122. Jack Doesnt know
  123. Plausable reason for Catfight outcome
  124. Are the Losties turning?
  125. What about Desmond's boat?
  126. Is the Island Tripping People on purpose?
  127. Kate's Mom will yell for help...
  128. Waking Up in Jungle Similar to Pilot Episode?
  129. ?'s answered this ep
  130. Is Ms Blue Shirt Juliette?
  131. Your baby isnt as wrinkly as it was last week
  132. Is Juliet going to die?
  133. Sayid had a backpack?
  134. What's in the tree?
  135. Othersville's defense system confronted by another defense system
  136. Who will turn on the survivors?
  137. Jack's house
  138. Was Sayid Gassed?
  139. Juliet/Kate Connection?
  140. The Marshall's Obsession (What Kate Really Did?)
  141. "Welcome to the world of not knowing what's going on"
  142. Dislocated shoulder and connection to "The Moth".
  143. Confusion about Islands??
  144. Is Kate Pregnant?
  145. Kate's redemption?
  146. hyperbrain dharma vaccine
  147. Where is Cooper?
  148. Ben saved face.... by gassing Juliette/Jack?!??
  149. Do you trust.... Jack?
  150. What do the Others want Now?
  151. sawyer says, "doh!"
  152. 'I've seen the eye of the island, and it's a beautiful thing'
  153. Locke & Juliette
  154. The teargas is real!
  155. Is Smokey a Vorlon
  156. Was it two weeks?
  157. Why did the others leave Jack, Sayid...?
  158. Ana Lucia vs Juliet
  159. No more doctors?
  160. Steve
  161. Smokey wants Juliet
  162. Desmond and Bob from Twin Peaks
  163. Screencaps
  164. Was Juliet "left behind"?
  165. Juliet was in on taking Claire...
  166. is kate self-righteous?
  167. Possible connection with Season 1:Locke and the underground
  168. Asphalt Roller
  169. bandage on locke's hand
  170. Will Losties venture out of the Beach camp?
  171. ALS Technologies
  172. Locke's new look
  173. There's gotta be more to the Kate vs. her mom storyline...
  174. Jack wasn't gassed
  175. 300m
  176. Priceless Glance
  177. Did Jack say "Julianne" instead of "Juliette"
  178. Where did the Others go?
  179. Another Easter Egg
  180. Six Degrees From Sawyer
  181. Locke's Hand?
  182. no child left behind
  183. Sayid is on the list
  184. Kate's trees change
  185. So, the others ran for obvious reasons.
  186. Close Up Smokey Pics
  187. Cassidy's wig.Do you buy it?
  188. Someone we LEAST expect, and it's not Sawyer!
  189. Kate saw "HIM"... not "It"
  190. Juliet is...
  191. Good Smokie, Bad Smokie!
  192. Will Sayid Fall For Jack's Gut or will he stand his own ground Not trusting Juliet?
  193. Sawyer's gun
  194. Smokey's Flashes
  195. Anyone else think that Rousseau took off with the Others?
  196. Otherville and Jonestown
  197. what does jack know?
  198. The Fence... Disarmed
  199. Map to otherville a set up?
  200. How did Juliet Know?
  201. The other's "List" is ENTIRELY about fathers
  202. muddy before the fall
  203. Juliet and smokey trapping
  204. Problems with the episode
  205. Figure in jungle in Smokey scene
  206. So Sayid Could't find the Dharma School?
  207. LOST Rewind: Left Behind
  208. Flashes of Light and the Smoke Monster