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  1. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  2. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  3. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  4. Didn't Love it.
  5. Loved it!!!!
  6. Rate the Episode!!!
  7. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  8. Preview for 05/02/07
  9. What Does D.O.C. mean?
  10. He's Alive! Discuss how and why!
  11. Kate!!!!!
  12. It's Jin.
  13. ...i Hate You
  14. There were no survivors?!
  15. The Final Con.
  16. "It's where we brought the women to die"
  17. What did the parachutist say to Mikhail??
  18. So . . . who IS Jin's father?
  19. Does Sun really have two months to live?
  20. No FlashBacks for Jin this Season?
  21. Did Mikhail run in a circle?
  22. Dude, where's my plane?
  23. Smokey's back...as Mikhail?
  24. Why can't Sun have an abortion?
  25. The Satellite Phone
  26. Jin VS Sayid who would win?
  27. Kungfu Jin
  28. How many languages does the parachutist speak?
  29. Super Swimmers?
  30. Manipulation Island
  31. Sun Made Jin a Henchman
  32. ...Wait a moment. Claire wouldn't have died, then.
  33. Desmond's been compromised
  34. Lots of shockers
  35. Timeline discrepancy? Was Jin on the Island?
  36. Is Desmond working with the others?
  37. Island's Healing Powers?
  38. Sun, Jin, Jin's bio-mommy a con job?
  39. Can any viewer tell whether the ultrasound indicated 53 days?
  40. Sun confiding in Dr. Juliet
  41. Sun in a real Catch-22?
  42. Mr. Paik the Cheapskate
  43. Juliet could be pregnant
  44. Blastproof radiation shielded baby containment room?
  45. Sound of the Flare
  46. Favorite line of the show?
  47. Parachutist in "cahoots" with whom
  48. The Duplicate Penny/Des Photo and the Duplicate Plane
  49. Mr. Paik's business meeting
  50. Events On The Island Are Impacting Events Off The Island
  51. Patchy was waiting
  52. Jin in the Military
  53. 2 planes leaving Sydney around the same time?
  54. Mr. Paik's View of the island
  55. First Aid Kit, Desmond's dream, Charlie's "Death"
  56. Parachutists Tatoos?
  57. Mikhail knew about Charlie's hearing loss....
  58. Jack's Interest In Sun's Baby
  59. My Mikhail theory
  60. bittersweet moment
  61. Locke & Mikhail a team?
  62. Paik's Combination
  63. Desmond create a multiverse with the "Number accident"
  64. If the healing process is sped up why not gestation?
  65. Sun & Jin more daddy issues?
  66. Sun is EVIL
  67. Nine Patients-Does that include the babies?
  68. A few strange comments from Desmond...
  69. Future Parachute Girl
  70. The Lostees should be warned against sex!
  71. Desmond and Mikhail
  72. "On this island, the wounds are a bit different"
  73. So according to Juliet, is Kate pregnant, too?
  74. If the sub truly is gone...WHY???
  75. Parachute Chick's Copilot
  76. Locked down tighter than a...
  77. The D.O.C.- What we learned thread.
  78. Island Communication Skills
  79. Does buried mean dead?
  80. I think we got a HUGE piece tonight
  81. What Mikhail was doing in the jungle
  82. Juliet asked Sun the wrong question
  83. Jin Mom and Locke's Daddy Cut from Same Cloth
  84. Why is Juliet working for Ben?
  85. Samples of What?
  86. One Child, to Rule them all.
  87. Christian Shepard's Body
  88. commerce question won/dollars
  89. juliet should know that sun killed colleen
  90. So I guess the dead don't stay dead
  91. Sawyer a daddy too?
  92. Sun broke her promise to Jin's dad...
  93. So why didn't the Island heal Shannon's Asthma?
  94. "They're NOT the survivors they thought they were"
  95. Cindy and the Pilot
  96. Translations of parachute girl speak?
  97. Was the flare really accidental?
  98. Beware Sawyer SuperSperm!
  99. herbal miscarriage?
  100. Occam's Razor - Let's Not Misuse It
  101. Continuity error with Jin's dad meeting Sun
  102. Juliet has her own agenda
  103. Not sure if this has been brought up
  104. How many of you cringed?
  105. How many of you cringed?
  106. Who is behaving the most differently?
  107. Parachutist Theory
  108. No more morning sickness!
  109. Anyone else notice
  110. "Oops"
  111. The problem with "Live together, Die alone"
  112. Jin knows more than he is letting on!
  113. Sun/Jin's Dad Discrepancy
  114. Juliet didn't know that Sun had an affair?
  115. Renewed viability of implanted memory theory
  116. Claire's Bird
  117. Others playing cupid?
  118. The Plot Thickens...and are we back to the Purgatory theory?
  119. The Movie Millenium
  120. Santa Claus coming to the Island?
  121. Mikhail Was Expecting the Parachutist
  122. Why is Juliet still helping Ben?
  123. Lost Experience Timeline in Relation To the Show
  124. patchy survives a la "billy madison"
  125. Oceanic 815 wreckage found in 2005?
  126. Charlie was holding out on her....
  127. Questions the LOSTIES have NOT asked....
  128. Henry Obviously wants to conceive on the Island, now WHY?
  129. Submarine is a USO?
  130. Will Kelvin Be Back?
  131. Maybe Juliet lied about the DOC??
  132. How did the others know about Sun's pregnancy/Jack's in on it
  133. If they conned Kate into pregnancy
  134. New theory: crash survivor is an Other
  135. You've been on this island 90 days and you conceived 53 days ago...
  136. Wonderful Island of Healing
  137. Helicopter came from a ship!
  138. Mikhail on the run
  139. Okay, I guess I'm slow, but ...
  140. Ben has four toes
  141. Desmond - The Hero at the End?
  142. Revisiting "Deus Ex Machina"...
  143. Sawyer's Glasses
  144. The Parachutist and Mrs. Who
  145. Accelerated healing & sperm count = shorter lifespan?
  146. the city of namhae
  147. So how could Jack have been going home if the outside world thought him dead??
  148. abortion
  149. Purgatory Ruled Out Again. So what does everyone think?
  150. Helicopter = Close to Land or a Ship
  151. An Island of Possibilities
  152. Transcript of Mr. Paik's Meeting?
  153. Micheal's Dead End
  154. Who can translate Korean?
  155. where have the whispers gone?
  156. Hatch doors = monster sound?
  157. What Naomi said and why Patchy Lied
  158. I'll say it again...Mikhail isn't human - especially after this epi
  159. All bodies from flight 815 accounted for
  160. Sun's confession to Jin vs. Juliet
  161. New Parachute Girl an Alien?
  162. Anyone else notice the double takes?
  163. How do we feel about Juliet??
  164. Patchy Holds Pocket While Running ?????
  165. 1st Italian Line??? Not 2nd "alone" line ...???
  166. Perhaps the book....
  167. The Box
  168. Wedding continuity error??
  169. The Widmore, Hanso, Penny & Desmond Connection
  170. DOC = Date Of Crash
  171. If the Oceanic flight did crash and everyone was killed...
  172. Jin's Mother
  173. No one appears to be asking who Jin's father is?
  174. Why desmond let patchy go?
  175. the swan hatch and pregnancy issues
  176. Anyone Remember Seeing This...Flight 777?
  177. Mikhail's Ears
  178. Do animals have to fear DOC?
  179. Am I the only one scared at what the answer is? Clones.
  180. How ignorant is mrs parachute?
  181. A wrong timeline?
  182. no survivors/mike and walt
  183. Vital Time to Predict!
  184. does the island have healing powers, like Mikhail?
  185. Paik Heavy Industries - Lost Experience connection
  186. spanish woman?
  187. Juliet's "I hate you..."
  188. Was mikhail sent by the others? Is he working alone?
  189. Jin's real father....
  190. Is the other island special too?
  191. Who Is Sun's Mother?
  192. Sun's Glance
  193. Wrong Day/Date?
  194. So Micheal Never Made It
  195. The Plagues of Egypt
  196. Mikhail, Locke and the C-4
  197. Desmond: "almost a doctor once" True or false?
  198. Enter 77 to Call Parachute Girl
  199. A subtle question about Sun answered?
  200. The Plane Really did Crash: How do I know?
  201. The Dark Tower - *spoilers for the books*
  202. Valenzetti Equation + 2 Timeline theory
  203. is she is not alone as she says...
  204. Will "No survivors" force the Losties into action?
  205. One last thought on D.O.C.
  206. Jin is awesome in this episode
  207. Sun's Impending Death - Really?
  208. As Mikhail is alive...
  209. Then you came here...
  210. An idea about why pregnancies fail on island
  211. Sinn
  212. Here's How The Others Faked The Crash
  213. Easter Egg
  214. LOST Rewind: DOC
  215. "I think it happens at conception"