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  1. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  2. Didn't Love it.
  3. Loved it!!!!
  4. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  5. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  6. Rate the Episode!!!
  7. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  8. Preview for 05/23/07
  9. Charlie Saves Nadia from Mugging!
  10. Charlie's T-Shirt - hammers
  11. The Looking Glass
  12. What is the relevance of the looking glass?
  13. Sooooo, Baldy really IS the father of Sun's baby???
  14. Who is Dexter Stratton???
  15. Didn't notice the "DS" ring in previous eps.
  16. And the girls are....
  17. Rose and Bernard
  18. No mention of Locke in the Previously On?
  19. Vincent
  20. DS ring
  21. Charlie: He can't swim
  22. Alex slaughtering the White Rabbit
  23. Charlie and Desmond: fate
  24. Do you think Juliet knew the Looking Glass was inhabited?
  25. The Leadership Structure
  26. More Jacob Revelations
  27. Desmond didn't see it coming?!
  28. Do we know which tents are marked?
  29. Charlie and Claire
  30. I never cry..
  31. Sun's Half Truth
  32. Jacob moving the Go Ahead up
  33. Karl and Danielle - will they connect?
  34. Alex questioning paternity
  35. The Black and White Shoe
  36. (scene) Charlie playing the guitar
  37. Where did Karl come from?
  38. Sayid's still not trusting Jack...
  39. Charlie's greatest hits gave him the strength
  40. Why not just cut the cable?
  41. Now we know for sure that...
  42. Montgomery County reference
  43. Looking Glass Station Flooded?
  44. Twin Peaks
  45. Joanna Is Alive
  46. No Way an Album comes out 3 months after a Rock Star Dies
  47. The Robber
  48. Jack's week in Otherville
  49. Charlie Whacking Des in the Head
  50. Daft Mistake on Looking Glass Diagram
  51. Others' Helicopter takes Claire
  52. Rose and Sayid's Verbal Smackdown of Jack
  53. Charlie loves Hurley!
  54. Inside the Looking Glass=Outside World?
  55. Two bits of pure trivial nitpicking...
  56. Jammin'
  57. Teleportation is real in this century, "Looking Glass" might hold it.
  58. Where did Sayid get the Looking Glass map?
  59. Is Sayid an Other?
  60. Where's Sawyer?
  61. Lord of the Rings Reference
  62. Looking Glass
  63. Driveshaft named after?
  64. Wasting time and dynamite
  65. Scientific Explanations
  66. Desi knows finale...as does Jack
  67. More numbers, courtesy of the Looking Glass schematics
  68. Karl Has Powers?
  69. Desmond is in the Pool
  70. Best Lines
  71. So Charlie didn't die
  72. Locke wet on the dock... related to Looking Glass?
  73. Why Are the Women in the Looking Glass?
  74. Charlie can't go back the way he came to the Looking Glass
  75. Claire let Charlie go
  76. There are not leaving the Island Folks.
  77. More then one pregnant woman in the lost camp
  78. NAOMI in Charlie's audience
  79. Decompression = Sub not blown up
  80. Rousseau's ship heard the number radio broadcast- not jammed
  81. A nod to Andy Sidaris?
  82. Number [License] Plate
  83. Juliet & Danielle
  84. Who exactly IS Carl?
  85. Looking Glass the Smokey control room?
  86. Lord of the Flies
  87. Covent Garden scenes
  88. Charlie meeting Claire for the first time - a few observations
  89. Did the hit on the head send Desmond back in time again?
  90. Why Leave The Ring In Aaron's Crib?
  91. Radio Station 23
  92. Charlie started wearing a watch...
  93. What's a "Butlins"?
  94. Why isn't Kate freaking she may be pregnant?
  95. Do you trust Naomi?
  96. Charlie, Des, and the Outrigger????
  97. "Hey Karl, meet Danielle..
  98. Jack's Solution: Blow them to bits??
  99. The look on Richard's face
  100. Looking Glass Diagram Clues
  101. Was Charlie's ring CURSED?
  102. Is Sayid the Next to die?
  103. The Looking Glass' rabbit symbol
  104. Finding a rabbit hole using Dynamite
  105. Charlie does NOT drown
  106. Juliet marking the tents early?
  107. Why didn't the campers see lights from the Looking Glass in "Catch-22"?
  108. So how do you jam radio/microwaves from an underwater station?
  109. juliet is the new ben
  110. Naomi didnt recognize him?
  111. Nadia is the key to everything!!
  112. So what are the Anagrams for Dexter WhatsHisBucket?
  113. What effect did the brainwashing video have on Karl?
  114. How did Desmond see Charlie's death?
  115. Song at the pool
  116. Best ending to a Lost episode ever?
  117. Your Mom is an Other
  118. White Rabbit
  119. the moon pool and the losties are in...micronesia
  120. What's the over/under on the blond girl in the Looking Glass being named Alice?
  121. The Other End of That Black Cable
  122. Can't keep a good Karl down...
  123. Richard was Able to Get Video to Ben - No Jamming
  124. The Looking Glass is Manned, Naomi, and the Helicopter
  125. The Looking Glass girls were expecting trouble
  126. Flashes Before OUR Eyes
  127. Desmond's knocked out again...
  128. Clues to this season found in season 1
  129. Why would Juliet lie about the Looking Glass being flooded?
  130. Why doesn't someone just ask Juliet....
  131. Flashing red light behind Karl
  132. Jack's motives still suspect?
  133. Young Charlie sounding like Little Lord Fauntleroy
  134. How can Desmond have flashbacks of things he doesn't experience?
  135. Translations to Charlie's Shirt, please
  136. Rabbits=Breeding
  137. Jacob's House = Radio Tower ?
  138. I do not understand the looking glass
  139. (Screencaps)Is that girl.....
  140. Fate changed with the whack of a paddle?
  141. Juliette is still lying
  142. Screen cap of LG please
  143. Charlie's list - Probably nothing
  144. Sayid's notebook? Proof he's been collecting information offscreen?
  145. The Over/Under on Annie Being In The Bunny Hatch
  146. Desmond Saw Himself Dying
  147. Uhh ... what happened to Michael and Walt?
  148. How does Mikhail know about the boat offshore?
  149. London production error
  150. Was the jewelry lady watching Charlie?
  151. Karl, Richard, Alex, Danielle...
  152. Why are they still making food drops?
  153. The Order of Desmond's Flashes
  154. Charlie's List
  155. Naomi's outfit pretty similar to...
  156. Who are the two women in the Looking Glass?
  157. One of the worst VFX in the show!
  158. The Pace Family
  159. How Old is Karl?!
  160. What could this possibly signify? 8:15 on the Rabbit
  161. The Radio Tower
  162. Driveshaft Van's Plates
  163. Sayid and Nadia
  164. What exactly is "having a laugh"?
  165. Desmond lied to Charlie
  166. So we now have seven stations? Also questions on the LG
  167. I (you) owe them
  168. Charlies greatest hits are to lead to his own demise
  169. Richard's comment: "Did John see..."
  170. Fire + Water & Greatest Hits
  171. Looking Glass - the name
  172. Looking glass -> Unreal tournament
  173. Charlie's list - Small error
  174. Didn't he say?
  175. Blood on Alex's hands
  176. Just realized something about the "twin" 815 flights...
  177. Through the Looking Glass
  178. Maps
  179. Is Juliet Lying?
  180. The Others are soooo inconsistent!
  181. Greatest Hits makes me think Ben gets killed by Alex or Locke in the Finale
  182. Wouldn't they be searching now for Naomi
  183. The Sub as transportation.
  184. Distress call
  185. Who gets Wacked?
  186. Clitheroe Fights Back!
  187. Great episode, BUT.....
  188. Hydra Island?!
  189. Folic Acid poster.
  190. Significance of Charlie losing his shoe-
  191. The Cable
  192. The timeline got changed again! Nikki and Paulo transformed back into Rose and Bernard!
  193. Christmas with Liam
  194. Dexter Stratton revealed
  195. New Thought On Desmonds Prediction
  196. Nadia
  197. LOST Rewind: "Greatest Hits"
  198. Ok so I am confused, how did Juliet know what to do?