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  1. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  2. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  3. Didn't Love it.
  4. Loved it!!!!
  5. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  6. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  7. Rate the Episode!!!
  8. The fates of Locke and Charlie
  9. The Obituary/Funeral
  10. Jack The Hero Twice Over...
  11. Funeral Home Name - Anagram
  12. Hurley the hero!
  13. Flashback/Flash Forward Discussion Thread
  14. Charlie Didnt Have to Die!!!
  15. Naomi's boat
  16. Locke is Him....
  17. Juliet must of planned this. Ben was right.
  18. The Survivors (will) have left the island!!!
  19. By going through the looking glass of the island...
  20. Jack became the man of Faith
  21. Christian Shephard: Dead or Alive?
  22. Kate says, "He will be Wondering where I am."
  23. Jacob sent Walt.....
  24. Best Lines
  25. RIP Tom
  26. How good did it feel to find out they were alive!
  27. Accident victim = Juliet's sister?
  28. Temple?!?
  29. What do you want to bet Mikhail STILL isn't dead?
  30. Danielle and Alex Finally Meet!!
  31. Desmond
  32. Kate a free woman?
  33. Anyone else catch the Alias throwbacks? *MAJOR SPOILERS FOR S1&2 OF ALIAS*
  34. A musician programmed the code?
  35. Can this future be changed?
  36. Seriously, what others are left?
  37. A Runway/ Landing Strip? For Aliens?
  38. Time To Reconsider When It's Past Or Present in Flashbacks
  39. Penny and Naomi: 2 different agendas?
  40. Kate's (possible) pregnancy
  41. Locke to lead the Others?
  42. Penny just happens to be sitting in front of a video phone?
  43. Blocking Signals
  44. Danielle, The Message, and Her Pregnancy
  45. On assignment in Canada?
  46. How did Locke know to go to the radio tower?
  47. How will Claire deal with Charlie's death
  48. Were Jack and Kate the only two who got off the Island?
  49. Mikhail & Desmond: The Macho Code of Honor
  50. Jack's Phone
  51. Darth Sawyer?
  52. Jack On The Bridge...
  53. Why wouldnt Ben just be honest from the start?
  54. Will The Real Walt Please Stand Up?
  55. 5 people died? 2 big names?
  56. Future Jack Doesn't Get Kate Or Juliet?
  57. walt
  58. Charlie sent a message to the past here's how!
  59. Charlies goes to heaven
  60. Good Vibrations
  61. Ben lied about the sky turning purple
  62. Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof reporting for duty
  63. All the LIVING people on this island ...
  64. Final Destination
  65. Christian Shepherd, Mikhail, Locke -- zombies.
  66. Who are Naomi's rescue people just off shore???
  67. Desmond's Ability and Future Jack
  68. Charlie and Jack.
  69. And Danielle says . . .
  70. The flash-foward was the Hurley Bird.
  71. Charlie/Owen Meany connection
  72. Kate no freckles?
  73. What has Ben been telling Alex?
  74. Rescue=Death?
  75. what did jack say on the bridge?
  76. Where do Mikhail's loyalties lie?
  77. Do you care more about the people or the mysteries?
  78. Dharma wants their island back?
  79. Kate is in Santa Monica
  80. All the killing in this episode...
  81. "Because I love you" gave me goosebumps
  82. "i'm tired of lying"
  83. Adam & Eve
  84. Flash forward three seasons ahead?
  85. Jack: Character Developement
  86. Walt!!!!!!
  87. Who Is Naomi?
  88. "Jarrah, Kwon and the Dentist!"
  89. One missing bullet...
  90. Walt as Jacob?
  91. Finale added muscle to my theory
  92. New ARG? I'm not crazy, am I?
  93. Jack and Juliet Kiss
  94. Locke to Jack "you're not supposed to do this"
  95. Clockwork Oranged/Matrixed
  96. Is this show like 'Back to the Future', where past and future outcomes can be changed?
  97. Naomi part of Dharma?
  98. Naomi to Sayid "remind me not to rescue you"
  99. Nadler?
  100. Patchys not dead...
  101. Man on plane behind Jack
  102. The "I love you" scene
  103. Sarah is pregnant
  104. Admit it... who cried?
  105. Alternate Timelines Possible Evidence
  106. Damon and Carlton's earlier comments....
  107. When did you figure out the flash forward?
  108. what was the snake in the mailbox?
  109. Revolving Door to Multiple Universes?
  110. Everyone wants to leave - Really?
  111. Stoopid Weather!!
  112. Kate is pregnant!!
  113. What do think happend that was so horrible?
  114. Disappointed in Finale.
  115. The merciful others?
  116. Jin, a poor marksman?
  117. Desmond, Locke, Eko Visions = Jack Vision ???
  118. Ouch, Ben!
  119. If Naomi was wasn't working for Penny why did she have the picture?
  120. Who is Kenny?
  121. Metallica Jack
  122. Ben is still a liar
  123. Naomi - "Bad Guy" - Dharma initiative
  124. End of the show
  125. Jack's Golden Pass
  126. Old Oceanic Air site - not canon?
  127. Widmore-Dharma connection becoming apparent
  128. Did Desmond's turning of key explain what we saw?
  129. Penny's transmission question
  130. What's that sound
  131. Some answers are simple
  132. Go Ask Alice
  133. So what promise from the pilot was fufilled?
  134. No one is talking about Locke
  135. Time Loop
  136. Official Other Death Toll
  137. Anyone catch the name on other end of radio?
  138. Charlie Might Not Be Dead Dead
  139. So, what Looking Glass?
  140. Anyone else dissapointed with the Danielle/Alex reunion?
  141. Time Loop-----better-----
  142. So How does Desmond get out of the Looking Glass?
  143. A "lost" Carol...
  144. 40 Dead...Repeating a Mistake
  145. Who did the glass eye belong to?
  146. Invasion
  147. Something about Richard
  148. "You and me ain't done, Zeke."
  149. Ben Is Trying To Prevent A 2nd Purging
  150. Uncle Jack thoughts
  151. Just How Far Did They Flash-Forward?
  152. Minor gripe about opening credits...
  153. ben wanted to go with them
  154. Ben's Journal
  155. Every single LIVING person, on this island, will be killed?
  156. Nothing is as it seems...
  157. No MAJOR cliffhanger this time?
  158. The Research Vessel
  159. Flashforward - Desmond's and Jack's
  160. Things that make you go "hmmmm"
  161. Ben= Damon and Carlton
  162. Spooky Voice
  163. Mirror World - Through the looking glass
  164. Possible evidence Jack and Kate did find a way back?
  165. So, Ben failed, lied, ordered killings . . .but . . .
  166. did entering 77 summon Naomi?
  167. Jack was being dark humored
  168. What has been answered once and for all?
  169. Des ruined it for Chaz?
  170. Don't assume they're rescued by the ship...
  171. Naomi's dies and no one cares
  172. When Jack and Kate are off the island...
  173. Jack lets them die for The Greater Good
  174. The Island is Danielle's home now?
  175. Music in this episode
  176. Walt is....
  177. Screencaps Of Boy In Waiting Room/Boy On Playground
  178. Two attempted suicides
  179. "We're the good guys."
  180. We Know a LOT, But What Don't We Still Know?
  181. Nobody recognizes Jack the survivor in the future????
  182. Mirror World - "Through the looking glass"
  183. Who Is Really On That Boat?
  184. poster
  185. In Utero
  186. Mikhail a special?
  187. Symbol
  188. Naomi is lying
  189. So Locke murders Naomi in cold blood,
  190. No One Has Anything/Anyone
  191. Dharma killed the others
  192. Another Theory
  193. Charlies last words.
  194. No Switch
  195. Notable Shaking hand
  196. I hope they don't get rescued...
  197. All your base are belong to us
  198. Walt
  199. Where's the Other's Sheriff?
  200. Continuity error?
  201. So, how many theories got FINALLY disproven for good?
  202. "There are other worlds than these."-Jake (Stephen King)
  203. Not the near future.
  204. The Looking Glass's Symbol?
  205. Why Charlie locked himself in...
  206. So did Jack see the flashforwards?
  207. House M.D. Tribute?
  208. Past Quotes-Jack's Future
  209. Flash Foward Kate and other stuff
  210. LOST season 4 = New Caprica on Battlestar Galactica
  211. Kate's License Plate - 4QKD695
  212. Grigori Rasputin
  213. Toy Plane Clue to Jack's Island Return From Future
  214. its a BIG island...
  215. Matrix Connection?
  216. Kate snubbing Jack in the flash forward...
  217. Just saw epi and I'm scratching my head...
  218. This is why no one leaves the island
  219. Could the skull w/bullet hole be Locke?
  220. There's always someone to go back for...
  221. Widmore is Naomi's Sponsor
  222. Jacob and A Jacobian Society with
  223. Either not neither
  224. Jack and James/Sawyer and the Looking Glass effect
  225. Jack and Destiny
  226. Nobody will have a good life when they're rescued.
  227. whispers before Walt spoke to Locke?
  228. Jack walking across the street
  229. Was Locke's Wound Glowing??
  230. Grafitti
  231. Jamming..... Mikhal's TV's?
  232. Grounds Surrounding Radio Tower Looks Like Grave Yard
  233. Sara and Bonnie...sisters?
  234. The future is already changed . . .
  235. Sayid's error
  236. why wouldnt Sawyer kill Tom?
  237. Sharks....Blood....Mikhail....
  238. Locke is Jacob?
  239. Why didn't Ben kill Sayid, Jin and Berney?
  240. Tattoo or scar?
  241. Pls help: Need cap of back of Jacks vehicle
  242. song
  243. Season One: White Rabbit
  244. Locke and the time line/ flashforward
  245. Locke's Phys.Therapist & New Chief of Surge
  246. Something we missed in the opening?
  247. A couple of thoughts...
  248. Bernard sinks ships
  249. Jack almost dies... alone
  250. Shang Ri La