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  1. Loved it!!!!
  2. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  3. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  4. Didn't Love it.
  5. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  6. Rate the Episode!!!
  7. Shady Sayid..Present and Future...
  8. Hurley as a Trap....
  9. theory of relativity
  10. The List of People to Kill...Who r they?
  11. Ben's Black Map
  12. bracelets
  13. Proof! Time is different on and off Island
  14. What did Sayid trade???
  15. No real difference between FFs and FBs for Losties
  16. Ben is the good guy???
  17. The Ending of the Episode Discussion
  18. Ben's Secret Closet
  19. The Cabin
  20. Sayid chose the wrong side...
  21. Ben & The List
  22. Sawyer & Kate playing house!
  23. Will the Heli make it to the Freighter??
  24. Goodbye Desmond?
  25. Sayid on the Golf Course
  26. Penny
  27. So it REALLY was Anthony Cooper..........
  28. Wow...Sayid's a lefty!!!
  29. Naomi's Body . . .
  30. Who is the Economist?
  31. Sayid,The List, The Hitman and the Economist
  32. Naomi: Upper managment?
  33. sold his soul
  34. Evidence that the Freighies are financed by Widmore?
  35. Locke's crew don't want to be found
  36. So Desmond's all Charlie who?
  37. So, just throwing this out there... Benzo Galenzetti?
  38. Zoe Bell
  39. Is Sayid a traitor?
  40. Name of Guy on Golf Course
  41. There are two "factions" fighting over the island's secrets
  42. the numbers are back finally
  43. Naomi and Sayid...what's their connection..?
  44. Why isn't Sayid with Nadia in the FF?
  45. Flash Way Forward???
  46. Is Kate's "him" Ben as well?
  47. Ben and The Marathon Man
  48. Smokie and the cabin!
  49. Connection to the Cobra?
  50. I'm undecided but when I do I'll let you know
  51. Promise to Take You Off this Island...
  52. Freighter Posers?
  53. Frank and Minkowski
  54. Best Lines
  55. Island View From The Helicopter
  56. 100 days since Baseball and what it means
  57. Water on the golf course and the wager
  58. Bearing
  59. Jacob & shack...caught in the space between times???
  60. Sayid and Ben before and after
  61. Cafe???
  62. Guy on the golf course..Part of the cover up?
  63. Ben's bed
  64. Flash Back and Flash Forwards
  65. Ben's greed on the mainland caused the Island to turn against him and his society
  66. ...Why did Sayid grab the snow?
  67. Sayid gone from the island for good...?
  68. Who is Ben?
  69. WTF, Kate?
  70. Ben's Bookcase Shelf
  71. Daniel-Man of Science; Charlotte-Woman of Faith
  72. Ben is content off the island?
  73. Germany!
  74. sayid, ben and naomi's unqualified team
  75. You're favourite WTF moment?
  76. HOW Does the Time Difference Work?
  77. Oceanic 6 Lives
  78. worm hole theory returned....
  79. Jarrah, Sayid Jarrah (Bond)
  80. 3:16 - more biblical references in this episode
  81. Help me please...a quick one to answer....
  82. My, my, are we handsome today or what?
  83. Desmond's vision: Revisited
  84. Freighties speaking in code
  85. Why did Kate stay with Locke's side?
  86. Ben is really a veterinarian in Berlin?
  87. another BLONDE .......must have some meaning
  88. What's with all the hostility between Team Jack and Team Locke?
  89. "Do you wanna protect your friends or not"?!
  90. "He's old fashioned?"
  91. Why didn't Juliet go on the Helicoptor?
  92. Sayid and his trouble with women
  93. Michael's Season 1 line about his watch
  94. That would explain the rapid healing
  95. Maybe I'm Nitpicking here but...
  96. Could time difference explain Walt's growth?
  97. Sayid's Target
  98. Did Locke and Sayid make some sort of deal?
  99. Ben Lies again!
  100. Faraday's Law of Induction
  101. Adam and Eve
  102. Juliet and Island time
  103. Desmond and "Not Penny's Boat"
  104. Ben can't get back to the island either?
  105. Sayid's Eyes are closed
  106. Possible OSHA Violation?
  107. Is Walt Dead?
  108. Why didn't Charlotte yell "He's got a man on our boat"?
  109. ImpacTDirectioN> X <NoitceriDTcapmI
  110. Love Threeangle Poll
  111. Franks reaction to Sayid's former job
  112. Jacob's List
  113. Narnia
  114. Farraday's little experiment
  115. Pager??
  116. Mr. Avelleno's reaction
  117. The Frank Lapidus Thread
  118. Please help is this part of the show, or is my....
  119. Lapidus equals Locke (The Bizarro World Theory)
  120. Sayids Heart vs. Gun...?
  121. Distance from Sydney???
  122. Is Lost Becoming Alias
  123. Daniel's Achilles Heel?
  124. Lapidus and the Time Discrepency
  125. Is Sayid a better leader than Jack?
  126. A new (and convoluted) theory
  127. Danielle now a two-dimensional character
  128. Possible connections between Jacob, Hurley, Ben and Locke?...
  129. Time differences explains push for island babies
  130. Asking about Sayid and Iraq
  131. Spike Vs Ben
  132. Bad Twin--for those who read it
  133. So Desmond Really Time Travelled?
  134. Ben's voice was changing
  135. About the rocket and eletromagnetic waves
  136. Rocket velocity
  137. Sayid's ff either before everyone gets off, or....
  138. "Locke said you'll kill us, so are you?" - "Not Yet..."
  139. Anyone got a screenshot?
  140. Interesting Claire being pregnant question/theory
  141. Letters in the ash???
  142. Desmond and Juliet
  143. 25-35
  144. Wait. Are the Rocket Clocks Wrong ???
  145. The Dogs
  146. No answers, just more questions
  147. Why didn't Locke keep BOTH Miles and Charlotte?
  148. Is Ben as evil as he seems?
  149. Minkowski = Michael
  150. "I have a new name for you"
  151. Time question.
  152. Sayid & Naomi
  153. Did Kate really "CHOOSE" to stay with Sawyer?
  154. Is the freighter there to rescue Ben?
  155. Ben telling Sayid "Do I have to remind you..."
  156. Sayid: "The day I trust him....
  157. Sayid, the Bracelets and Time
  158. Sayid works for Ben....or is it Ben's twin?
  159. Desmond's Picture/Naomi's Necklace
  160. Do rockets lie?
  161. Where's the smoke monster?
  162. So how long ago did Danielle's ship go missing...?
  163. Time: There's also information in the rocket's flight
  164. Reminds me of Indiana Jones- Last Crusade
  165. Jarrah
  166. Sayid's Shoulder Scar?
  167. Desmond causes a problem for time theories
  168. Widmore On Board
  169. I STILL say there is more to the title of "Lost" than our Losties...
  170. The amount of time difference
  171. the list
  172. The Rocket, Bearings and Michael
  173. The chair
  174. Daniel knows more than he is saying
  175. Observations About TE After Viewing It A Second Time
  176. Purpose of the freighters
  177. The helicopter pilot and Desmond
  178. When did Jack sleep for the last time?
  179. Where have i heard that sound before?
  180. The velocity of the "package"-what is the real location of the frighter?
  181. Dog/God/Jacob?
  182. Iced tea, anyone?
  183. Elsa's Fashion Sense
  184. Red? Sawyer can do better than that
  185. If it's NOT a Freighter, then it's a...
  186. Doesn't Jack discuss things with Juliet?
  187. Odd, and most likely wrong, theory lol
  188. "You Cheated. Did I?"
  189. Faraday and Smokie
  190. What would have happened if the cabin was there?
  191. Odd Behaviour on the island e.g Losties becoming enemies & Jack: ''Good Locke!''
  192. What did Charlotte tell Locke?
  193. I'll find someone who will
  194. Poll: How confused are you about the time?
  195. Wink Wink
  196. "They're going to kill us."
  197. Life after island has been lost to hostiles
  198. Jacob and the Economist
  199. Any dates in FF's in The Economist?/Connection to the Coffin
  200. "These people don't deserve our sympathies."
  201. Golf: White Glove v.s. Black Glove
  202. Ben "recruited" Sayid, when?
  203. On The Symbiosis Of Symbology...
  204. Abbadon, the assassinations and Ben
  205. Dan's Equipment
  206. Why did Sayid throw a ball?
  207. So, what on Jacob's mind I wonder?
  208. Is Locke wrong? Does the Island WANT the Freighties there?
  209. Who is helping Ben?
  210. Language skills
  211. If Miles had answered differently
  212. New Time Theory, (Sigh)
  213. Why is Ben off the Island doing gruntwork?
  214. Anyone Know Sign Language?
  215. What Ben getting Off the Island really means...
  216. Could Ben be Elsa's boss?
  217. Bens house, and African masks?
  218. Why is Ben happy they "know"?
  219. Kate's disgust with Faraday
  220. Half hours on earth, what are they worth, i don't know...
  221. Sayid's Next Assignment
  222. Naomi returning to the freighter. Dead.
  223. Ben's Other Life
  224. Wait. Is the Rocket Crater Wrong? :)
  225. Which direction did the rocket come from?
  226. What could redemption mean for Sayid now?
  227. weird sound
  228. Does Penny work for this mysterious company?
  229. Did Sayid Kill Our Man In The Coffin...a Michael Theory
  230. Jacob's Opinion Of Cats
  231. The key to manipulating Ben
  232. The Economist Enhanced Repeat
  233. Big Long "The Economist" Review and Future Theories
  234. Ben and Sayid timeline
  235. helicopter from the 70's
  236. Native American references
  237. The Passports showing more then meets the eye...
  238. What the...?
  239. Is there a Miles and Locke connection?
  240. Are Penny and Desmond already dead?
  241. German version joke
  242. Who was Sherpoff???
  243. The Great LOST Re-Watch