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  1. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  2. Loved it!!!!
  3. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  4. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  5. Rate the Episode!!!
  6. Didn't Love it.
  7. The General Time Continuum Thread...
  8. Time Loop?
  9. Slaughterhouse Five
  10. The General Time Travel Thread...
  11. Side Effects of Time Traveling...
  12. 2.342 and 11 Hertz and Eloise...Magnetic Moments
  13. A Friend On The Boat....
  14. Telling Stories Back and Forth through time...
  15. The Rat....George...and desmond????
  16. Widmore and the black rock
  17. The sickness...finally explained.
  18. Is 96 Desmond coming to 04 or is 04 going to 96?
  19. The Auction . . . The Black Rock's First Mate?
  20. Daniel, his crying and memory loss
  21. Desmond is Faraday`s constant
  22. The Casimir Effect . . . The Thunderhead
  23. the constant
  24. The OMG Knew It All Along and Love TPTB Thread!
  25. Is the island a giant "Farraday" machine?
  26. Daniel is from the Past!
  27. The light and the rat
  28. Was Minkowski an other or Dharma?
  29. Does time stop when Des is 'gone'. I don't think so.
  30. No more slow seasons...now rolling too fast
  31. like mice in a maze
  32. DesPenny reunion!
  33. 815 Survivors Because of Time Travel?
  34. "Brandon" has the key!
  35. So why didn't Sayid jump time? or Frank?
  36. Is time different on the island?
  37. It's settled now... Time is a BIG deal here
  38. Hate these little hints!
  39. Pregnancies....
  40. character crosses: are they each others' constants?
  41. Desmond's Time on the Island
  42. The Swan Mural revisited again
  43. Did Radzinski have "time ebola"?
  44. Juliet's X-rays! (from her flashback)
  45. Can Ben control his time jumping?
  46. The Dead are Unstuck in Time Too
  47. Movie references in "The Constant"
  48. What was Penny's phone number?
  49. Desmond's dishonorable discharge
  50. Guy coming out of phonebooth
  51. ABC, thanks for setting an end date.
  52. Why is Charlotte so cold?
  53. whispers and time travel
  54. Is Minkowski Lenny
  55. Why did Widmore give Desmond Penny's address?
  56. Does this finally explain?
  57. different schools on the freighter
  58. Time Travel Applies to more aspects...
  59. Daniel's Notebook
  60. Desmond's first time jump experience changed his entire life?
  61. The Constant/Oceanic 6 Degrees of Seperation
  62. Calendar Omissions
  63. Widmore Leaving the sink on
  64. Did Sayid pull some sleight of hand when turning over his gun?
  65. Does this explain Charlie's postmortem appearance in Hurley's FF??
  66. Did Penelope mention Charlie?
  67. Flashes!!! Before your eyes?!
  68. So how does this episode tie into Desmond's "flashes"?
  69. Best Lines
  70. Desmond's Flashes...it's happening to ALL of them.
  71. Numbers Numbers Everywhere!!!
  72. So it is possible that Widmore made the Race Across the World contest to help find the island
  73. I think this would be cool
  74. So...WOW!!
  75. Widmore
  76. Bearing 305
  77. You have to go to Oxford............
  78. the diagrams and the note
  79. Current Des
  80. Arriving by storm?!
  81. faraday...part of worlds largest palindrome
  82. We've Got To Go Back Kate.....
  83. Does this kill the "two circles" viewpoint?
  84. Is the island an integral part of Dans's time travelling device?
  85. Is Penny using Desmond?
  86. Libby in Hurley's, Desmond's, and Eko's FB
  87. The Constant VS Via Domus
  88. What we learned
  89. Death?
  90. The Constant--How Does It Work?
  91. Desmond Timeline
  92. Dickens reference
  93. Who or what is everyone's constant?
  94. So The Monster is from the Future
  95. Minkowski can't "get back". Thats the new magic phrase.
  96. Who's the guy in the Portrait?
  97. Sayid's Trade- The weapon for the phone
  98. Miss Hawking at the auction?
  99. "Side Affects"
  100. What if the O6 got unstuck, and then stuck again -- but off the island...
  101. Why sedate Minkowski?
  102. Jacob = Captain of the Black Rock
  103. Could the person in the coffin be somone's constant?
  104. Sayid and Desmond
  105. is the freighter danielle's research ship?
  106. Compass Tatoo?
  107. Comparing Sicknesses, Searching for Constants - Rousseau v. Desmond
  108. How did Minkowski become exposed to the electromagnetism?
  109. Day 94 or 96?
  110. Varies from case to case
  111. Where's Naomi's body?
  112. From Dusk til Dawn
  113. The helicopter traveled forward through time 1 1/2 days
  114. Paradox vs. new or current theories
  115. desmond's hair
  116. Orchid Orientation Video
  117. Walt's Birds/ Aaron's TV
  118. Observation about the washroom scene
  119. Is this what happens when Darlton write an episode?!
  120. The Constant and Live Together, Die Alone
  121. Desmond's future
  122. The number "8"
  123. Why the freight people really need Ben.
  124. Penny knows about the island?
  125. What is Real Time?
  126. Is the Island Jumping back and forth
  127. Why was it snowing during the helicopter ride?
  128. December 26th Tsunami
  129. Rose
  130. Why Frank doesn't care that Desmond wasn't on the plane
  131. Jacob Related to our Losties?
  132. Getting Pennys Phone Number
  133. Cheyne Walk
  134. Is Aaron senstive to electromagnetism?
  135. Walt's growth
  136. Daniel's Chalkboard
  137. About Minkowski...
  138. Did we just see the dog from the picture in Jacob's Cabin??????
  139. The Effects of Desmond's Actions
  140. The Alarm
  141. the elegant voice
  142. And Now. . . Back to the Science Fiction
  143. All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
  144. Desmond & Denzel
  145. The Rat Paradox
  146. Aging Explained I Guess?
  147. The Swan's 'Sticking in Time' Machine
  148. Penny calling her Father's boat?
  149. Catatonic now... But not then?
  150. Sawyer's Constant
  151. Widmore/long con/des-pen
  152. Musical score of the episode
  153. A milky ways loop around the black rock
  154. Burning unanswerred questions about The Constant
  155. "You're Gonna Die Brother"
  156. Other constants
  157. Is Desmond's jumping a smoke screen?
  158. Doesn't Ben want to keep the island a secret?
  159. Desmond's time-hopping
  160. No Way
  161. Revisiting Jack and Desmond in the Stadium
  162. Was that Ben?
  163. So No More Minkowski???
  164. Aaron Unstuck?
  165. Locke has the sickness, why and since when?
  166. So is Walt appearing...
  167. Faraday's looney tunes
  168. "The Incident"
  169. Question about being "unstuck" in time
  170. Where is the 2004 Desmond?
  171. Who is the captain of the freighter
  172. Who is Danielle's Constant
  173. Can Daniel and Desmond together go back and forth to the island?
  174. Is it safe to assume Desmond is back?
  175. How is this time travel possible without major effects?
  176. Dec 24th and the International Date Line
  177. Others who became "Unstuck"
  178. It isn't Christmas Eve on the freighter!
  179. Kate and Ben
  180. Desmond unstuck in time... since when?
  181. Did anyone else see the similarity with VALIS?
  182. Significance behind Widmore's 755 auction number
  183. Daniel's students' paper
  184. Wow, Totally Ignored The Beginning!
  185. Minkowski was jumping FORWARD in time...
  186. "You are HERE. This IS happening"
  187. Unsticking Eloise - If not for Des?
  188. Could Jacob be a future, unstuck Jack trapped in-between time?
  189. Heloise
  190. Static on Desmond's Christmas Eve Phone Call
  191. "Its not me that hates you"
  192. Dan's 2004 Self not 'remembering' the 1996 meeting with Des
  193. Leap years
  194. Looks Like Mrs Hawking And/or Son Attended Oxford Too!!!
  195. Minkowski's ferris wheel
  196. the island doesn't seem to want the freighties there
  197. Is "time travel" really the right term?
  198. The Others: "Time Bandits"?
  199. can somebody please help me?!?!?!!
  200. Is That the Only Freighter?
  201. Is Penny the only women who really cares?
  202. The "Magic Box" = Ben's Closet
  203. What if they are all in a time paradox ?
  204. Penny's Ring..
  205. Not convinced it's time travel, but....
  206. Why didnt he know her number? (let me explain)
  207. Des' call to Penny and Aaron's age= 1+ year to rescue
  208. Podcast Said Time Paradox Not Possible, but....
  209. Oceanic symbol on helicopter?
  210. Desmond's Eyes
  211. Any Evidence of Vincent Time Traveling?
  212. Desmond giving Faraday the numbers
  213. Desmond's constant brilliance
  214. faradays constant
  215. People At The Auction
  216. The Many Worlds Theory and Schrodinger's Cat
  217. Michael and Desmond and the Memory Issue
  218. Daniel helps Desmond but not..
  219. The EM field is expanding outward from island.
  220. Doctor's Name?
  221. The MetaConstant (The Constant of Constants)
  222. Why isn't Faraday Desmond's constant?
  223. Sayid was "thinking with his heart" when he fixed the phone.
  224. Help me understand Daniel's intentions for sending Des to see him in 1996 (not a paradox question)
  225. Why didn't Desmond 'time travel' when he left the island before?
  226. What if Rousseau lied about her team...
  227. Continued thoughts on Walt
  228. Fancy phone, run down boat?
  229. The Photo of Penny
  230. Frank's a Friend
  231. What does "unstuck in time" mean?
  232. "All good things..."
  233. important clue!
  234. Does Widmore have the ability to Time Travel??
  235. Freighter: first 80 miles away, now it's 40 miles?
  236. Rouseau has only been on the island 81 days!
  237. Wormhole
  238. Faraday is time shifting like Desmond
  239. BIG ANSWERS on SICKNESS, Black Rock, Richard, SLOW Time in the Constant !!!
  240. Penny calling the freighter
  241. Is the Island now "unstuck" in time?
  242. Faraday's Notebook Page
  243. Penny's Address Changed
  244. Who do the freightastic four have to fear more?
  245. When would Desmond have died?
  246. Desmond as a Constant
  247. Season 1, Ep, 1 - Jack's jump?
  248. I hope they dont kill off Des
  249. Island time looped?
  250. time jump