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  1. Didn't Love it.
  2. Rate the Episode!!!
  3. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  4. Loved it!!!!
  5. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  6. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  7. Harper In the Jungle or Smokey?
  8. The Other Woman
  9. Juliet looks just like "HER"
  10. Claire's New Strong Girl Side...
  11. Where did Locke get the money?
  12. Faraday's map from the Black Rock diary?
  13. Charles Widmore's Boat..
  14. Ben = The Ultimate Good Guy
  15. Charles Widmore...Island Exploiter...
  16. The Island Powers will remain secret..because of the Deals made..
  17. The Kids...
  18. The Tempest...
  19. Bens planned marriage...(who planned it?)
  20. Ben and Locke Perfect together?
  21. So i know it looks like _______ on the boat for sure but...
  22. The Tempest . . . A Dharma Station?
  23. She's Mine
  24. The look on Sawyer and Hurleys face ...Fun thread...
  25. Ben Will WIN
  26. The List . . . Revisited
  27. Goodwin Treated Just Like Uriah
  28. Widmore just wants to exploit the island for personal gain?
  29. Is Ben a good guy or a bad guy?
  30. How the Hell did Ben get free?
  31. The Red Sox tape . . .
  32. Ben's Only Weakness?
  33. Pictures in Ben house
  34. Ana Lucia . . . recruited by "The Others"
  35. Claire wants to speak to Miles
  36. Goodwin?
  37. The Tempest, Smokey, and VENTS
  38. Ben is...
  39. Richard in the video
  40. Ethan-Goodwin Timeline
  41. We finally found Ben's one and only weakness.... Juliet. I can't wait to see it play out.
  42. Harper...Lee? To Kill a Mockingbird?
  43. You're Mine!
  44. Charlotte pissed me off!
  45. Goodwin's marriage
  46. Chemical Burn?
  47. Did Juliet Really Love Goodwin?
  48. Did Ben bring the plane down?
  49. HOW much does Ben creep you out?
  50. Phantom of The Opera Much?
  51. How did Widmore Find Out About the Island In the First Place?
  52. How many others are there?
  53. You're Doing So Well with Zach and Emma...
  54. Goodwin and Harper -- Karl's Parents??
  55. Not Penny's Boat!
  56. Shakespeare's Tempest
  57. Favorite Lines
  58. Twilight Zone
  59. horseshoes and handgranades
  60. Sawyer knows Ben conned Locke, and will lead the revolution
  61. Oceanic kids
  62. So, do we believe the Freighties are good now?
  63. Who is REALLY trying to help the losties?
  64. Why Widmore?
  65. Whispers
  66. more refences to "DADDY issues"
  67. Right where they want to be.
  68. So Sayid's gf worked for Widmore?
  69. The Other Woman...
  70. Ben rereading VALIS
  71. Where IS Harper now?
  72. Virgin Mary Mold
  73. Box Maker
  74. Hurley ALWAYS wins
  75. Ben and Desmond
  76. Kate's new outfit
  77. Safe behind the picture = Ben's Magic Box
  78. Desmond AKA "Guinnea Pig"
  79. Hurley, Horseshoes, Walt, Knife Throwing, and Special People
  80. About that grenade...
  81. Why Didnt Charlotte "have A Choice"?
  82. Farraday's Card Game Rewind
  83. turning the island into Euro Disney...
  84. Jack Makes a Move!!
  85. Ben's claims and Widmore's interest
  86. The power station is manufacturing VX nerve gas
  87. The Purge??
  88. The gas
  89. "It's OK, it's Kate"
  90. What did Tom say to Harper?
  91. Boone? Walt? Charlie? Eko? Daddy Again?
  92. Who do you want the mystery person on the boat to be?
  93. 1.46
  94. Locke giving Ben some cash
  95. Hanso Foundation
  96. Ben wants to kill jack?
  97. Ben and Juliet
  98. Dan and Charlotte's Ulterior Motives
  99. Goodwin's death...question/clarfication
  100. The "Other Woman" was TV
  101. Jack and Juliet and Kate
  102. The Economist = Widmore?
  103. The ending
  104. Juliet = Annie
  105. What did Ben tell Locke to get him freed?
  106. Juliet "tagged"
  107. Ben killed Annie!
  108. Why Widmore REALLY wants the island?
  109. How did Charlotte find the Tempest?
  110. Ben.Juliet.Jack.Kate
  111. I guess Juliet really is Ben's
  112. Ben's system failure ?
  113. Widmore Really?:(
  114. Wonder what Ethan did?
  115. Can that Faraday guy type or what?
  116. How about Bens and Juilet's "Date"
  117. Harper's Certificates
  118. Ben preventing pregnancy?!
  119. Did the rabbit have a number?
  120. Widmore gave Naomi the photo?
  121. What would an already very rich and powerful man (Widmore) want with the Island?
  122. questions that need answers
  123. Tom!
  124. Juliet storyline doesn't fit
  125. "After everything I did to keep you here."
  126. Who are we to question who is on the list?
  127. a lot of shoddy logic in this episode...
  128. It is hard to care for characters that have been sidelined for months!
  129. So his full name is... Goodwin Stanhope?
  130. Tempest = The Four Toed Statue
  131. the losties really are between a rock and a hard place.
  132. Ben Linus: 40 year old virgin?
  133. Ben doesnt care about...
  134. No first name for Harper.........Annie maybe?
  135. In Miles we trust?
  136. mole on the boat is obviously.......
  137. Black & White Stones
  138. Disabling the Tempest does not make them good
  139. Not hallucinations - just moving faster thru time
  140. Goodwin revisited...
  141. You kiled one, Ben shot one, and now were holding one prisoner...
  142. Another Constant?
  143. Ben/Harper
  144. So Desmond was Widmore's fall guy
  145. Was Ben Prepared to Die?
  146. Will food become a problem?
  147. Gaps in Juliet between now and flashbacks
  148. The Tempest Station + Ben + Widmore +.. Polar Bears?
  149. a Question for All
  150. Our Jack: Not the sharpest marble in the bag.
  151. Widmore knows Kung Fu
  152. Does love work in Lost?
  153. What did Faraday & Charlotte REALLY turn off?
  154. Charles Widmore Can't Pay People to Do His Smackdowns For Him?
  155. Ben Knowing The Future
  156. Stanhope - Barbados - Black Rock
  157. Did Ben Kill Ana Lucia?
  158. Jack and Juliet's Kiss
  159. What makes Ben so creepy?
  160. "Oz" has more meaning than ever in LOST now
  161. Goodwin swiped the wine from the sub?
  162. Has Hurley's luck changed and does he truly believe it?
  163. Poll: why should Locke sit down?
  164. Something that's bothering me...
  165. Stanhope (now here's a stretch)
  166. blackout
  167. How Many Sick Days a Year Does an Other Get? (And Other Important Questions.)
  168. The Safe ... A Magic Box??
  169. Immune system rejecting babies
  170. Colleen
  171. So is Widmore connected to Dharma?
  172. Juliet...a liar?
  173. The Purge Could Have Been Self Defense
  174. What Makes Locke Think He Knows The Man On The Boat?
  175. Jacob Vanderfield/unnamed other beaten by Widmore?
  176. It always seemed pointless before
  177. Juliet on the beach/James Bond
  178. Black Rock in the Jungle?! Maybe it goes like this...
  179. Was anybody fooled?
  180. What will be shocking about the person on the boat
  181. Ben's Religious Experience
  182. Harper Stanhope anagram
  183. Computer Screen in the Tempest
  184. Have the last 3 years been a race?
  185. Widmore, possibly looking for Desmond?
  186. Charlotte Knocks Kate Out-Kinda like it's pretend only
  187. The Sign Juliet drew at the beginning of the episode-another hint for the Atlantis?
  188. How Important is "Consistency" To You?
  189. Harper Stanhope and Ethan Rom expressions
  190. CHarles Widmore's wife? Penny's mother?
  191. Brian De Palma Carrie, Phantom of the paradise,Obsession
  192. ...Juliet!? What are you doing here?
  193. Other's/Teleport
  194. how did jack and kate become professisonal trackers?
  195. What opera was that at Ben's and Juliet's dinner?
  196. The real Henry Gale's mission
  197. so why did Juliet go after Charlotte and Dan anyway?
  198. Did Ben Say One Question Only?
  199. The Island turns people into Sociopaths
  200. So when did Ben and Juliet feud begin.
  201. Ben & Harper (sitting in a tree...)
  202. Cindy IS an other
  203. Harper: Dead or Alive?
  204. The Face Of Ben's Painting Has Changed!
  205. Why don't people use shower ?
  206. Harper = Paulo & Nicky! Where did you come from?!
  207. Lists= Your thoughts on these???
  208. Juliet's Zen Rock Garden
  209. What did Ben say to Juliet?
  210. a new thought...
  211. Who made the list(s)
  212. That Was No Date! (Ben & Juliet)
  213. Gassing an island?
  214. Fine Wine
  215. Sayid Kills for Ben....
  216. Lost and Raiders similarities
  217. What Island defenses have been disabled to this point?
  218. Why Were Charlotte & Daniel So Aggressive?
  219. The Fertility Problem on The Island
  220. Harper was real, not a manifestation
  221. Juliet's Tattoo
  222. something really stupid i picked up on...
  223. The problem with rewatching an episode is:
  224. The Great LOST Re-Watch
  225. Ben's Orders