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  1. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  2. Didn't Love it.
  3. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  4. Rate the Episode!!!
  5. Loved it!!!!
  6. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  7. The spy on the Freighter is Helen
  8. So why was her book upside-down?
  9. Oceanic.....7???
  10. The year of the dragon
  11. Michael is back! What do you think?
  12. Jacob ben Abraham Kahana
  13. Where do you find 324 dead bodies?
  14. The Tombstone: Is Jin Dead or Alive?
  15. Freighters sick due to proximity to island?
  16. Was that Regina who eventually killed herself?
  17. Just to confirm
  18. Just a silly comment ...
  19. Suicide Ship
  20. So sad about Jin
  21. Karma: "We must be the good guys"
  22. Dead Man Walking!!!
  23. Panda Bear?
  24. Where's Walt-O
  25. Why is Hurley in Korea (when we last saw him in Santa Rosa)
  26. Ji Yeon translation?
  27. Why did Hurley say it was "cool" that no one else came?
  28. Monster sounds
  29. Freighties Don't Return only O6
  30. Jin at Ji Yeon's birth
  31. What Show was Sun watching?
  32. Bare Feet
  33. Jin's cell phone
  34. The Survivors of the Chancellor
  35. Stop pretending Jin is still alive.
  36. Sun's Doctor
  37. So Kate's trial is around 2007
  38. Frank's errand
  39. The banging and the bloodstain
  40. Ben Staged the Fake Crash?
  41. Kahana is bad news...
  42. Toothpaste
  43. Name of the freighter?
  44. Who to believe? Ben or Widmore?
  45. Favorite lines from the episode--list them here!
  46. Don't trust the Captain
  47. Looks like Jin had a wedding ring on
  48. O6 reveals conspiracy?
  49. pregnant women and the island
  50. Is it because I'm a Ben fan? Or...
  51. Paik
  52. Is Juliet Pregnant?
  53. Another literary reference - Captain Gault
  54. Where does Sun's FF fall in the Off-Island Timeline?
  55. When did you figure out Jin's was a flashback?
  56. Jin faked his Death,
  57. Feeling a Bit Devastated
  58. So the Oceanic six get rescued in 3-5 weeks?
  59. Juliet...
  60. Jin - "Where Sun goes, I go"
  61. Gault Is Ben's Man
  62. K.j. = J.k. ?
  63. Sayid & Sun confirm island time discrepancy
  64. Did we actually learn anything from Jin's FBs?
  65. So who wrote the note?
  66. Jin and Sun's English was quite polished tonite
  67. Sun's nurse is Jin's mother?
  68. Who's Sabotaging the Kahana?
  69. "Most of the women made it to the middle of their 2nd trimester"
  70. Once again Sayid was the best one to send
  71. How's Miles doing right about now?
  72. Kate being outraged by lying liars-comic relief moment
  73. Do You Think Jin Is Actually Dead?
  74. Juliet ratting out Sun
  75. Mix of flashbacks and flashforwards
  76. Fate course-correction: Sun and baby alive?
  77. Locke needs new P.R.
  78. Walt, not Michael killing those on Boat
  79. Where is Naomi?
  80. You're mine! Not anymore.
  81. Aaron & Ji Yeon = Adam & Eve?
  82. Ben is time traveling also
  83. Walt is Jacob. Jacob is Walt.
  84. Ji Yeon
  85. 'The only way to know for sure is to take the women off island'
  86. The Oceanic Six: Never trust a spoiler? Never trust a promo?
  87. Michael
  88. Morse Code Translated
  89. Did we see Jack at all?
  90. Does Desmond Know Michael?
  91. Juliet's facial injuries
  92. Ben/Widmore = Hanso/Mittelwerk?
  93. Is Ben the reason woman can't give birth on the island and live?
  94. Locke,Charlie,Eko, and Desmond were in the hatch...
  95. Why only 6?
  96. Michaels Return with Time travel thoughts...
  97. How will you feel about Jin in future eps?
  98. When Regina jumped....
  99. way to go Sun
  100. Lapidus and the doc
  101. Hi! I'm Kevin Johnson
  102. Problem pregnancy vs normal labor
  103. Be Honest: The Fish
  104. Jin in the flash forward
  105. Black Box
  106. The Horrible Thing?
  107. Des non-response to the widmore reference
  108. Who (or What) is Sabotaging the Freighter?
  109. Why do theFreighties know about Desmond?
  110. More "No Slow Time" Confirmation
  111. Name of the Freighter: Dharma-Hanso ?
  112. In the captain's quarters...
  113. Married Men Are "The Good Guys"
  114. Who is Captain Gault?
  115. Jin is one of the two who died after surviving the crash?
  116. 108 days = 2nd trimester
  117. Is Kevin Johnson 'The Bad Twin' ?
  118. I would have punched Michael in the face
  119. It's ALL a flashback
  120. When you see the name of the ship...
  121. "This... ship isn't moving..." - strange comment
  122. small grave next to Jin's Grave
  123. The Lima Beans........
  124. who the oceanic 6 arent not who they are
  125. Who is the guy outside Sun's room?
  126. How could freighties not identify Michael?
  127. Sun's Wedding Ring-- Bagged an' Tagged?
  128. No Party Thrown for Jin's 30th Birthday
  129. Jin is Not Dead, but he is working for Ben
  130. Sun's Bag
  131. 3:25 to a 180
  132. I trust the Captain..
  133. Ben 10
  134. Why Didn't Anyone Else Come?
  135. Korean License Plate on taxi
  136. Where was Sun going?
  137. How did the Captain know about Desmond's connection with Widmore?
  138. Ok, who doesn't love Bernard?!?!?!
  139. Michael Killed again?
  140. Ghost Ship?
  141. Kelvin VS. Kevin
  142. Blood Splatter # 2
  143. 324 bodies and $3.2 million for Miles
  144. Sun and Jin's fragrances of choice
  145. Is the sickness back?
  146. Birth of Ji Yeon... Strange?
  147. "We're the good guys, Micheal"
  148. Thinking Outside the Box....
  149. Walt Spy/Michael Sick?
  150. How'd you find out about Michael returning?
  151. Blue Roses
  152. The Black Box
  153. Bernard... finally a voice of reason.
  154. Don't Believe The Captain
  155. Is Oceanic 815 at Sunda the real aircraft?
  156. Have Damon/Carlton/Anyone given answers...
  157. Charlotte & Ben's "man on the boat"
  158. Des & Sayid no Jack or Boone
  159. If I were pregnant on an island >>
  160. What if Claire is the last of the O6?
  161. Bernard to the rescue: no coincidence!
  162. I think the writers missed a great plot twist
  163. Flashforward time frame?
  164. Aren't people in the future wondering how Sun got pregnant?
  165. Questions about this episode and others
  166. Was Sun in a hotel room at the beginning? Why?
  167. Bernard is a hypocrite
  168. "All 324 Bodies"
  169. Sun's ring
  170. Widmore Faked Finding Oceanic 815
  171. Jin's Flashback sets up the other Major Player
  172. Desmond's vision of Claire
  173. What Comes Around, Goes Around
  174. Reason Pilot Killed In Pilot
  175. Are we sure that Michael is the Spy?
  176. Reason for 815 Black Box to be on the Freighter
  177. What bad things has Jin done?
  178. cabin fever Island defending itself?
  179. 8 survivors and micheal is oceanic 6?
  180. "Expose" on Sun's TV
  181. Desmond Never Knew Michael
  182. Regina's secret mission
  183. Micheal Leaving At Bens Directions
  184. Rethinking the list(s) Eko's clue, and Ji Yeon
  185. Jin's Flashback?
  186. Faking The Bodies Is The Hard Part On Plane
  187. Why Does Ben Want To Make Women Pregnant So Badly?
  188. Jin buying the panda
  189. The guy looking in on Sun was also on the island
  190. Did Hurley look smugly self satisfied when he arrived at Sun's door in his suit?
  191. "Locke is a Murderer"
  192. Bernard's use of the term "karma" when speaking to Jin
  193. Jin
  194. The Great LOST Re-Watch