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  1. Watching Live Thread: Canada
  2. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  3. Didn't Love it.
  4. Rate the Episode!!!
  5. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  6. Loved it!!!!
  7. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  8. A Spoiler Reminder
  9. When will they ever learn?
  10. i think i figured it out...just now
  11. Whoever shot Kate
  12. This is why Sawyer is not is charge...
  13. The Music Box and the Mirror
  14. Sayid, Sun, Jin, Lapidus...
  15. What is Locke Going to Do?
  16. "I wish you believed in me"
  17. Cooper
  18. Sayid's Revelation
  19. Why the sub and not the plane?
  20. Why is Kate Crossed Off the List?
  21. The Long Con
  22. MIB's Pure Evil
  23. Now Sayid is Nick Andross!
  24. One Plane crash v. Other Plane Crash
  25. Sayid: In the end dies in a suicide bombing.
  26. Why is Claire still alive?
  27. jack-jackob claire-mib
  28. The real Locke is coming
  29. Who rigged the plane with explosives?
  30. The Rules
  31. Smokey takes a bath
  32. Where are Richard, Ben, Miles.... ???
  33. MIB becoming Smokey again?!?!
  34. Was there any point to the flash-sideways in this episode?
  35. I wish you would have believed me...
  36. "But it wasn't my fault, it was my fault."
  37. Hey Bernard.......
  38. Sun and Jin, How did it make you feel?
  39. sundial park/consistent histories
  40. WHY was this called "The Candidate"??
  41. Logic?
  42. LOST Untangled - The Candidate
  43. Soes Jack turn into a klutz when it involves dural sacs?
  44. last few minutes HELP
  45. I Guess I was Right About John
  46. Flocke had the plan all along.
  47. My only complaint...
  48. So did Flocke know the outcome
  49. This Episode Revealed...
  50. UnLocke Goes GunHappy.....
  51. Widmore had Kate shot for Flocke?
  52. Who shoots smoke...seriously?
  53. Was there any point to Ji Yeong being born?
  54. Jin finally drowns.
  55. "It's going to be you, Jack"
  56. Does Benard "know"
  57. Lost - the end
  58. Daylight when they left, night when they came back
  59. Locke's Scar & Kate's Teeth
  60. Locke is not planning on leaving the island physically...
  61. After this Ep. don't you think Widmore is working with MIB ?
  62. Don't forget. All things can be reset in Lost.
  63. Locke & Jack - Continuing the game
  64. So was Sayid just faking it the whole time?
  65. Did they wash up at Hydra Island or the Main island?
  66. I think Kate is MIBs last chance.
  67. Cinco de Mayo (recap)
  68. Jin in the hospital?
  69. Alternate Episode Titles for "The Candidate"
  70. Boat?
  71. Is Terry O'Quinn the greatest TV actor ever?
  72. If Kate isn't shot, what then for Smokey?
  73. So Desmond its down to you to sort this mess!!!!....Possibly.Thoughts?.
  74. Widmore's setting up the MiB
  75. Where's the "Didn't Love It" Thread?
  76. who set the bomb in the plane
  77. another cool "mirror"
  78. Stalemate, Jacob's Plan
  79. The sub blowing up was Jackís fault
  80. In terms of emotional impact, Hurley's reaction was the strongest
  81. The utter vindication of Jackface
  82. Sayid was never on the 'Dark Side'!
  83. Frank Lapidus - Is he dead?
  84. Sun Got Shot In Alt-Reality, Died on Island
  85. What would have happened if any of the candidates had left the Swan timer run out?
  86. Jughead in review
  87. Why no Jack/Sawyer mouth-to-mouth?
  88. So,,,who died?
  89. So which Kwon was the candidate?
  90. Props to the Lost writers if this is NOT a coincidence
  91. "I'm not supposed to leave the island."
  92. Candidate #108 aka "Wallace"
  93. The screencaps just keep getting better...
  94. Widmore and the cage?
  95. Jack is Invincible
  96. How does Flocke get his info?
  97. Why would anyone want to remember this universe?
  98. Something is not right....
  99. The FDW, The Sideways, and (Stephen) Hawking
  100. ''LOCKE: Maybe that's best, Sayid. It'll help you get through what's coming. ''
  101. He's NOT John Locke!!!!
  102. Frank and the first aid kit
  103. Lost Census at the End of S6E14
  104. Is Widmore incompetent or is it all a smoke screen?
  105. Jin and Sun died but.....
  106. The Greater Good
  107. MIB Won't See This Coming......
  108. When Sawyer Comes to...
  109. What did Sun need to do?
  110. Are we for a big surprise....
  111. Bernard & Rose
  112. About the C4...
  113. The flashsideways...Claire storyline!
  114. The Candidate Limericks!
  115. Smokey/MIB Question
  116. The Prologue
  117. Is Being a Candidate a Good Thing?
  118. "There is no Sayid!"
  119. alt timelines, duality dreams and the candidates
  120. Locke's talking about the island: It sunk. You mean they're all dead? Not all of them.
  121. Sawyer's need to leave the island...
  122. I want to see Jack/Desmond face to face with Jacob or ORIGINAL recipe MIB
  123. So why is Locke evil?
  124. Adam and Eve?
  125. Widmore's List
  126. Bag of ash?
  127. Jack's backpack
  128. In the alt ...Christian body disapeared and Cooper consciousness too...
  129. Flocke knew how to make that bomb because...
  130. The whole "You're With Me Now" Stuff.
  131. How do you know if a Submarine Sinks??
  132. What would have happened to Desmond if the Losties escaped in the sub?
  133. Widmore/Flocke
  134. If Only a Candidate can Kill a Candidate...
  135. Out Riggers location
  136. "The Candidate" (Mortal Coil)
  137. How did we suddenly get the 'old' Sayid back, in the sub?
  138. If Candidates can't kill themselves...
  139. Why I think Sayid didn't throw the C4...
  140. What If? (A New C4 Thread)
  141. More Time Travel Coming?
  142. Does any one else find it interesting...
  143. Was something with Helen Foreshadowed?
  144. My new take on "The Rules" ...and everything else--Or Chaos Theory
  145. Flocke, the bomb expert
  146. Why Does Jacob Bring People to the Island
  147. Smokey Can't Swim
  148. Passage of time
  149. Je Yeon is NOT a friggin' candidate, & why Jin was right not to leave Sun.
  150. Locke losing his legs