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  1. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  2. Rate the Episode!!!
  3. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  4. Didn't Love it.
  5. Loved it!!!!
  6. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  7. Jeremy Bentham??? Not John Latham????
  8. Charlotte
  9. So...
  10. Michael you can go now...
  11. More Evil: Ben or Keamy?
  12. Goodbye Jin
  13. Sun's Conversation with Widmore!
  14. Problems with the broadcast
  15. Paik and Widmore
  16. kerplunk
  17. I am Speechless
  18. Why were they going back to the island...
  19. Jeremy Bentham is the Pilot!
  20. Des & Pen...best moment ever!!!
  21. Rich girls and their toys...
  22. "A Night of Spectacular Kisses!"
  23. Last Moment -- the Casket
  24. Spectacular Kiss!! Omfg Hell Yea!
  25. Sawyer's Whisper to Kate
  26. The few ideas Ben Has to get them all back...
  27. Sun Going To Ruin It All? Hell Hath No Fury....
  28. What Happened to Dan??
  29. The Six Of You
  30. Charlotte born on the island?
  31. New Revelation Concerning Christian?
  32. Sayid verses Keamy
  33. Did Ben have Sayid kill Locke?
  34. Where did the Island go?
  35. What is Kate so sorry for?
  36. Nearly Everyone In or Mentioned in this Episode
  37. A dead body and not much time to spare.
  38. Best lines
  39. Ben can't go back... can a dead Locke?
  40. Does Sawyer think that everyone on the helicopter died?
  41. So who's ruling the island now?
  42. John & Jack were supposed to run the island together...
  43. Desmond's premonition
  44. Sawyer & Kate - OTP Period
  45. How could they have aired this episode in 1 hour?
  46. Will ABC re-air this episode soon...anyone know???
  47. Time Traveling Bunnies -- Not Actually Disappeared
  48. Where do DesPenny go from here?
  49. Some Very Bad Things Have Happened...
  50. Sawyer
  51. Charlotte found Eden
  52. Who will be the next "Jack"?
  53. How is Ben going to convince them all to go back?
  54. Going back . . . ?
  55. Kate on the phone.... and then Claire!!!
  56. Ben's Coat Belonged to Halliwax
  57. People of the Sun, Coming Back Around Again
  58. Were the 6 far enough away?
  59. Thank you Damon and Carlton for the "spectacular" kiss between Desmond and Penny. Your hype for it was everything and more!
  60. Why are Walt and Aaron left out of the return to the Island?
  61. Sun will bring Widmore to the island
  62. Is Christian just a physical enity for Jacob?
  63. The single saddest and happiest moments
  64. With Keamy dead, why move it?
  65. I Knew It! I Told You!
  66. The Circle of Everchanging Leaders
  67. Could Widmore have moved the island first?
  68. Who must go back?
  69. Jack's other sister
  70. Locke is Jacob
  71. My heart stopped, my eyes teared, but he'll rise again.
  72. Is Ben really banished from the island?
  73. Where was Greg Grunberg? (And other things...)
  74. Don't let him find you
  75. Weekend at Jeremy's?
  76. Ben/Kate interaction in Finale
  77. Ben, the wheel, Tunesia
  78. So, um...what happened to all the extras?
  79. Sawyer and Kate's "Spectacular Kiss" and the Heroic Sacrifice.
  80. Hurley Playing Chess
  81. "I'm sorry I went with Locke..."
  82. Claire Not Talking About Aaron
  83. Why do they have to lie?
  84. I smell a love triangle!
  85. Jack's Retrieval Service
  86. Why did the Orchid orientation tape start to rewind?
  87. I love Claire haunting Kate!
  88. Awwwww, Walt!
  89. Plot hole with the fuel?
  90. Two Opposing Island Forces at Work?
  91. All Dharma stations have been built over Ancient Tech Sites
  92. Alternate endings
  93. Walt
  94. Polar Bears and the Donkey Wheel
  95. The Other Others
  96. The spectacular kiss wasn't Sawyer/Kate or Pen/Des
  97. TPTB had it all planned from Season 1
  98. Locke NEVER would have moved the island by himself...
  99. Jeremy Bentham aka the Economist??
  100. Jack's cruel taunts in SNBH reviested now that we know the truth
  101. Daniel must start jumping...
  102. The direction post-finale?
  103. Jack and Kate's Fight
  104. So did everyone who was on the island drown?
  105. WHO talks like that???
  106. Where Is Vincent????
  107. So did Charlie die for no reason?
  108. Samson
  109. Locke/Bentham... When? Why? How? How do they know?
  110. Donkey Wheel 101
  111. Did anyone feel sorry for ben?
  112. Saw-et? Jul-yer? (Sawyer & Juliet Speculation)
  113. The Freighter Mercs are *not* the threat...
  114. Keamy almost kills Sayid - but Ben takes him out in seconds!
  115. Sawyer and Kate OTP!!!
  116. Will Walt be going to back to the island with the O6 (and Locke's corpse)?
  117. The Body
  118. I hope they're not through with Frank!
  119. Juliet got played...
  120. Question about Keamy's "dead man's trigger"
  121. They make up the story? Kate is okay with that?
  122. Some Caps
  123. Why was Locke off the island?
  124. Locke became Ben in more ways than one
  125. The Whispers...
  126. Is that really Locke in the coffin?
  127. Him? Which Him???
  128. Dan
  129. What happened to the secrect Sawyer scene?
  130. The Pixies
  131. Two Heroes Show Us How It's Done
  132. "I hope you're happy now, Jacob"
  133. "I'm sorry for making your life so miserable"
  134. Claire begs Kate not to bring Aaron Back
  135. Ice Under Island?
  136. Your Favorite Moment
  137. Jack/ Ben conflict set up in "Other Woman" -pointless now?
  138. What happened during a week on Penny's boat?
  139. Rose/Bernard?
  140. Sawyer and his nicknames
  141. Bentham, the Panoptican and Locke
  142. Greatest start to an episode ever
  143. Black Rock and Moving the Island
  144. New island location and the Numbers
  145. Charlotte's Been There Before and Doesn't Remember
  146. You can't kill someone who has been on the island?
  147. UFC Main Card - Sayid vs. Keamey
  148. Kate's Dilemma
  149. 3000 Miles
  150. So, why exactly did the island protect Michael?
  151. Aaron and Claire- Anyone think that....
  152. Why is Kate Sorry??
  153. Jack Shepard - Some Hero!
  154. Only six mercenaries?
  155. Angel of Death?
  156. The Orchid
  157. Did Kate leave Aaron
  158. Polar Bear in Tunisa
  159. Yowza
  160. Will the real Jacob please step forward
  161. GMA alternate endings......
  162. Hurley's ladder shirt
  163. The Island moving, the sky turning purple, and a polar bear in the desert
  164. Walt, Hurley, and Michael's Death
  165. Sun kills Bentham????
  166. Whispers in the jungle
  167. Locke as Bentham
  168. Zombies? I know, I hate saying it but....
  169. Checkmate Mr Eko
  170. Where is Daniel?
  171. Michael is not necessarily dead
  172. Has Ben moved the island before? Maybe...
  173. Chess match with Locke?
  174. My Question.
  175. "Jeremy Bentham"
  176. Black Rock
  177. Jin is a good friend
  178. Frank Lapidus and the Course Correction of Doom!
  179. Hurley: "I'm sorry I went with Locke, Jack"
  180. When was the last time Frozen Donkey Wheel was turned??
  181. "He told me to lie"
  182. Yunjin Kim's acting :)
  183. Why exactly did they have to lie?
  184. Why go back?
  185. Who Took the Rescue Photo?
  186. Did Walt and Michael deserve a father and son reunion?
  187. Keamy's death scene
  188. Some good stuff in a lame episode
  189. Before someone starts with the...
  190. So the island REALLY MOVED!
  191. Getting Locke back to the Island
  192. Helicopter Crash
  193. Desmond and Penny
  194. Namaste!
  195. The Frozen Donkey Wheel?
  196. Are there any red shirts left
  197. You can go now, Michael
  198. The Black Rock
  199. How does Ben know?
  200. Locke = new Christian
  201. why say that aaron is kate's son?
  202. TV Guide Harold Perrineau Interview
  203. So...Claire is dead
  204. Richard - "We'll let them leave the Island"
  205. The Island = Bunny?
  206. Sun and Widmore in cahoots?
  207. Will Desmond be back???
  208. O6 left on day 108
  209. Help me out here
  210. Going Back
  211. More Glyphs
  212. 3000 Miles??
  213. The Green Fuzz
  214. Wouldn't Penny be MUCH older than Des now?
  215. Poor Red Shirt Hosing off the Deck
  216. Making Sense Now, I Guess
  217. I can't believe we didn't find out.
  218. Sayid (and others) gets a free pass
  219. Ben didn't disappoint
  220. Children of 815
  221. Sayid Takes Hurley to a "Safe Place"
  222. What was with all the bad CG effects?
  223. Is Ben dead?
  224. Charlotte Like Aaron?
  225. Juliet can't leave the island
  226. Is the Island the Lost Island of Atlantis
  227. Will Des ever be safe?
  228. Did Sun and Michael have an affair?
  229. why did the island let locke die
  230. What was Jin shouting at the helicopter?
  231. Do Desmond and Walt also have to go back? Frank?
  232. Did Ben know about Penny's boat?
  233. "This armor has served me well, it's taken many bullets"
  234. Donkey Wheel, Samsara, Reincarnation and Dharma
  235. "Nothing lasts forever"
  236. Mrs Hawking/Brother Campbell et al
  237. Confused on why Jack felt the need to lie ?
  238. Could Penny be a bad guy?
  239. The affect on Desmond of the EM pulse during island move?
  240. So what was the point of the appendix?
  241. Purple sky? Island Moved?
  242. Should Hurley(06) be dead...(Black pieces)
  243. Will Sawyer think Kate is dead now?
  244. The Ben/Jacob/Island TEST of Michael
  245. "Moving" the Island
  246. Coffins
  247. 305
  248. Why Didn't Hurley Lighten The Load
  249. Finale made me think of Stephen King's the Dark Tower again
  250. Why do they ALL have to go back?