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  1. VIP's...You will enjoy
  2. Big Thank you!!!
  3. Heaping Love and Praise on the Cast and Creative Team
  4. THANK YOU!!!!
  5. Thank you VIPs
  6. Congrats!
  7. omg thx!
  8. I haven't watched...
  9. In which we specifically compliment Mr. Fury on "Solitary"
  10. You guys ROCK!!
  11. Internet Conversations
  12. Kudos for the Directors
  13. Thank you for a certain scene in "Confidence Man"
  14. Thanks to All the Cast and Crew
  15. Is it Wednesday yet???
  16. Dom was right. A picture of the Monster.
  17. Here is a suggestion for a song for Charlie to sing with his guitar
  18. 16-year light bulbs
  19. To the Fury and The Abrams...and uhhhh the rest of the cast
  20. Javi, Fury, Kari, Burky, Jorge, Dini, Harold, Daniel, Evi, JJ, and everyone else
  21. Online Fandoms...
  22. DVD Comment/Request
  23. I Really Really REALLY HEART LOST!!!
  24. To Producers, Writers, Cast, Crew, and anyone else I left out
  25. Plot, Character, Characterization, Setting and all the other Literature "stuff"
  27. JAVI
  28. Thank you so much!
  29. For Jorge
  30. Thanks Gorge and Javi! We thought you got LOST!
  31. Thanks for Hurley and the rest
  33. To Fury re:Nadia
  34. Creating Lostitutes - To EVERYONE involved in "Lost" especially Jorge, lol
  35. Happy Birthday Dom and Ian!
  36. Wishing a very happy birthday to Dom and Ian
  37. Anyone Available (All Best Cowboys ep) !!!!!!!!!
  38. Very Cruel Writers
  39. No theme song, no opening motage- THANK YOU!!!
  40. To Everyone: Beautiful, Just Beautiful
  41. Mr. Garcia and Mr. Holloway... and whoever else wants to read this... :)
  42. Charlie, stay alive
  43. On behalf of...
  44. All you castmembers should follow Jorge's lead...
  45. ALL cast members!
  47. This is for all the VIPs
  48. Jorge
  49. Jorge, I agree!
  50. Congratulations on the Golden Globe Nomination!
  51. Three nominations and one win!
  52. Praising O'Quinn
  53. To all the VIP's . . . Thanks!
  54. jorge garcia, dominic monahgan, ian somerhalder?
  55. Andrea, hows ya doin?
  56. Dom You Rock!
  57. Dom...you did it again!
  58. Influenced By Hurley - For Jorge
  59. Silver Bullet and The Stepfather
  60. Pilot
  61. DVD Extra's
  62. Matthew
  63. For Daniel Dae Kim
  64. To the VIP's
  65. Thank You VIPs!
  66. Just wanted to say how amazing everyone Involved is!
  67. Hooray for VIPs!!
  68. I see you lurking dom...LOL
  69. Lynne Litt -- Writer (I didn't see a thread for her)
  70. If a plane breaks in half at over 16,000 feet, does anybody survive?
  71. For Jorge- thanks
  72. For Emilie de Ravin -- Happy Birthday!
  73. Thanks Dom!
  74. Scientific Explanations
  76. New here! Hey everyone! Hey VIPS!
  77. Dear JJ , please dont kill the cool castaways.
  78. I can see you Dom.....hello there....lol!
  79. I figured I'd finally post about this...Jorge has the best laugh.
  80. Matthew Fox you are great
  81. Maggie - Beautiful Voice
  82. Congrats!
  83. To Naveen and Maggie
  84. Kudos!
  85. For Dom
  86. JORGE..you MUST read this!
  87. A hello and a question =)
  88. WOW!
  89. Jorge on Curb Your Enthusiasm
  90. Joss Whedon's comment about J.J. Abrams
  91. to the writers, the cast, and the show itself
  92. Congrats to JJ for the DGA nomination!
  93. This week's episode...
  94. For All the VIPs (and SO to David Fury too)
  95. To VIPs that work on Alias as well! DRIVESHAFT!!!
  96. Super twist at the end of the series
  98. yet some more compliments to the fabulous people with lost!
  99. How could I ever doubt you?!
  100. For Jorge - getting teased by Dom and Kaidysoft
  101. stop MESSING with the ending time of the show!!!
  102. would be a funny scene, i think
  103. The Fuselage - Marketing Genius
  104. For J.J. - an Alias / Lost sandwich
  105. For Fury - watch "The Replacement" (Buffy ep. 5.03)
  106. Lost Season DVDs?
  107. I-am-lost game
  108. Thankyou Evangeline, from Ralph in Pennsylvania
  109. 97 year old woman hooked on Lost
  110. 'Lost' IS the Best New Drama!
  111. Ya'll Were Robbed!
  112. a chance to say thank you to you all
  113. Dude... You Rock!
  114. Dom- ORC
  115. Dom / Award
  116. just a thought..
  117. Thank you Fury - Special
  118. my 5 &6 yr old kids love lost
  119. a hellish hiatus!
  120. We Want To See LOST, Too!
  121. I've got this figured out.
  122. A (minor) complaint...
  123. I would like more of the island, less back story.
  124. Abrams' Island (The LOST Theme Song)
  125. You should have an EAST COAST DVD RELEASE SIGNING!!!!
  126. Why???
  127. Too many reruns !!
  128. German greetings to Dom :-))( short ;-) )
  129. This is great!
  130. Loyalties
  131. PEI, new location of LOST!
  132. For Dom only
  133. LOST is a good show...BUT---
  134. For any VIPs that visit the Linear Board
  135. For the VIP's
  136. Big congrats on the Saturn award noms!
  137. A show that makes you think!
  138. New to the Show and Board!
  139. We need more of Josh!!!!
  140. To whoever's in charge of the soundtrack.
  141. Happy Valentines, everyone!
  142. Very concerned
  143. I will stop watching if you kill Sayid
  144. A song for Charlie to sing to Claire!!!
  145. Lost being used in local commercial
  146. Song to use for a Charlie/Claire scene
  147. A request for a sick little girl in Cali. - to all the cast
  148. Timeline
  149. Tonites episode - best scene
  151. Intense "before commercial break" music!
  152. Best episode yet!
  153. great episode
  154. A totally off the subject wondering
  155. Blown Away
  156. Keep doing what you're doing
  157. From Australia, new the Board and just feeling my way around!
  158. Post Numbers: Prequel wish ep/compliments to writers....
  159. Josh Holloway
  161. Naveen Website
  162. To all involved with the show LOST.
  163. Something Funny I thought You guys might like
  164. Would Love to borrow a voice
  165. My Lost obsession
  166. Get your revenge!
  167. What is the Diary everyone's talking about?
  168. Happy Birthday Christian!
  169. Out of sight, out of mind?
  170. How not to promote LOST...
  171. You all rock!
  172. I just like to say thanks
  173. Compliment to the production team
  174. To Terry O'Quinn(and writers of LOST)-please read
  175. I want my life back but not for too long......
  176. Mr. Fury
  177. DVD release
  178. Props for the SBSSG
  179. Making College Classes More Interesting
  180. keeping in characters
  181. Dear JJ and other VIPs
  182. Hi JJ and crew!
  183. Hello to a brilliant production staff
  184. Color me rivetted!
  185. Thanks from a Colombian fan!!!
  186. Congrats everybody!
  187. You outdid yourself
  188. Extremely disappointed to see that another re-run is being aired
  189. A Request for the Wardrobe Dept.
  190. To Dominic Monaghan (World Without Sundays)
  191. Happy Birthday Jorge!
  192. Get ABC to budget your time better next season.
  193. Congratulations on the Saturn Awards!
  194. Character roulette
  195. As the season draws to a close - thank you
  196. TO THE WRITERS (and the fans who have been attacking them for killing Boone)
  197. You all rock my socks
  198. Man, If they dont give this show ALL of the Emmy's.......
  199. Great Music
  200. Writers have let us down with unanswerable questions and character flaws....
  201. Thank you!
  202. ABC message boards
  203. Things the TPTB could do for us over the Summer
  204. For the writers: thank you!
  205. Oh the Frustration!
  206. Disappointment
  207. Dear Writers....
  208. THANK YOU!
  209. Awesome Season!
  210. Speed up the summer
  211. Please Don't make Locke a Caricature....
  212. Hi VIPs -- A small comment.
  213. DVD Suggestion: Character "Mini-Movies" and Island-Only Edits
  214. Not As Disappointed As I Thought
  215. Glad I waited
  216. "Evil" Toast Ebay Auction- the numbers
  217. Off Island Episode
  218. HEADS UP II
  219. Thank You, thank you thank you
  220. Season 2 opener
  221. Another Video For Your Enjoyment!
  222. A ripple in the Lost sea ...
  223. What should be in the DVD
  224. The Fuselage Changes
  225. We Love Our Core Group--No More Killing!
  226. return Boone to us!!!!
  227. Thank you for giving us something that requires us to use our noodles!
  228. Crappy French Version of Lost
  229. Congratulations!! 12 Emmy Noms!
  230. WAY TO GO, GUYS!!!
  231. about what's to come
  232. Air Dates
  233. Bad Moon Rising
  234. Cast Changes
  235. Fan Loyalty
  236. Congratulations!
  237. So happy for all of you!
  238. Congratulations!
  239. It was your destiny!
  240. To Mr. Monaghan; Knees Can Kill
  241. There is no possible way 2.1 could have been any better
  242. LOST Cast & Crew and Hurricane Relief Efforts
  243. The Lost World old TV show on TNT
  244. Another satisfied fan!!!
  245. A job well done!
  246. Commercials Ruining Lost!
  247. Fill in the gaps
  248. You rock
  249. Season 2/Desmond
  250. What do you think of my Theories?