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  1. First Post!
  2. Looking Forward to this Episode
  3. Ha! I told you so!!!
  4. HELP!
  5. Coincidence?
  6. So what did Kate actually do?
  7. What was the song??????
  8. Throwaway Line - Boone's backstory? (Spoilers)
  9. "The Fish Movie" and English translation to the song
  10. Disappointed (Spoilers)
  11. Mixed feelings
  12. yah babies! i called it! (spoiler kinda)
  13. Safety Deposit box 815
  14. My take on the epi
  15. Was That Really Maggie's Voice?
  16. um...Claire?
  17. Why Locke "did what he did" in the teaser...
  18. Whats up with the tide rushing in?
  19. Episode Title a Pun?
  20. Who did Kate kill?
  21. Mark Hutton the bank manager
  22. Black for Mourning?
  23. Not Big on Sharing Info
  24. Who else LOVES Rose now?
  25. The little plane
  26. Boone getting "LOST"???
  27. Where is Jin in Whatever the Case May Be
  28. The Waterfall
  29. Unsubtitled quote of the week
  30. How About the Look?
  31. The Stand again?
  32. Does Kate have a son?
  33. Mid-Robbery Make Out Session
  34. Sawyer's funny little comment.
  35. Why is nobody talking about the most amazing part of this episode?
  36. Sawyer and the Case
  37. Do All Good Shows Have Weak Episodes?
  38. The Monster/Timeline
  39. Claire WAS Mentioned
  40. What's happening to the characters we fell in love with?
  41. Who was "called" by the song sung in French...?
  42. This episode REALLY frustrated me!!
  43. Themes on innocence and Childhood
  44. Finding Nemo
  45. um, guys, there are GUNS now
  46. No, My Head Hasn't Exploded!!!
  47. kate/marshal/plane
  48. What was missing..
  49. The transition from LOST to ALIAS
  50. OMG, If you haven't, you should read the diary for this week...
  51. Kate's dad, army ranger (possible spoiler)
  52. they may be verrrryy close to the equator
  53. What did Shannon say?
  54. What about the Ax?
  55. diary for this week
  56. The "I'm So Over Kate" Thread
  57. Sawyer
  58. How NOT to Manage a Branch During a Robbery
  59. A Bunch of SPOILERS for "Hearts and Minds" - don't look if you don't wanna know!
  60. Why Kate did what she did with the case...
  61. Why is Kate so Muscular?
  62. Last Night's Episode (or "the Emperor has no...bikini top?")...
  63. Charlie Talks To God
  64. Are the survivors dumb???
  65. On Locke and next week preview
  66. no one's mentioned...Sun!
  67. Rewatching the ep now
  68. The Metal Object Locke Found was SHOWN in Previews
  69. Worst Episode Ever
  70. Idea about mercy killing -
  71. the robbery and the marshal
  72. Jack's Threats
  73. The Others are Underground
  74. New Mexico.... as in Roswell, New Mexico?
  75. Kate = NINJA! (sorta)
  76. People in the bank
  77. Sayeed...a Cub Scout's best friend
  78. Special Notes
  79. My thoughts on the eppi!
  80. O' Ye of Little Faith!
  81. Math equations / song lyrics?
  82. question about the water fall
  83. Lost 1.12: "Whatever the Case May Be" (review)
  84. Tons 'o Guns
  85. Boone being creepy?
  86. halliburton case
  87. Rose interrupting Charlie?
  88. Why does everyone hate this episode so much?
  89. The Marshall & Kate
  90. What were Boone & Locke REALLY looking for?
  91. My New Theory
  92. Shayid?? (Shannon/Sayid interactions??)
  93. About the Robbery Flashback
  94. Questioning the irony and something else
  95. Plane Connection
  96. Episode12 Edit mistake...check it out
  97. Writers & Director for Each Episode (so far)
  98. Is Boone Gay?
  99. Map???
  100. Toy plane - schmoy plane. Red herring.
  101. Boone was Shannon' Lover in 2001
  102. isn't that the same case from ep 2?
  103. Captain Nemo
  104. French Song
  105. Transcript of the eppy
  106. Kate & Jack overlooked Sun - little do they know!
  107. Kate = Sydney?
  108. "Kate" - a poll
  109. Halliburtons
  110. DC 3
  111. "La Mer" as a lullaby.
  112. "Somewhere beyond the sea" clue to LOST
  113. Kate's story
  114. The Marshal... two observations
  115. the case-Halliburton=brand name, not just VP Cheney!
  116. Carnival Cruise commercials feature the song
  117. The Ending
  118. Two Planes, Kates & Claires
  119. The transcript has been posted for Whatever the Case
  120. 'Kate' and details
  121. HELP!!
  122. What were the names of the other robbers?
  123. Kate-Jack (Sun) Convo - Sun should know...
  124. I am now 100% sure about the "waterfall whisper"....
  125. Kate's Toy Airplane
  126. Another whisper in WtCMB?
  127. an interesting Kate/Danielle parallel
  128. Somewhere Beyond the Seae
  129. danielles song?
  130. The box number
  131. Kate's Ticklish!
  132. Halliburton Questions
  133. I will say one thing...
  134. Whatever The Case Maybe to rerun on March 8th.
  135. Jack's attitude towards Kate
  136. So, where are all the posts for this episode?
  137. Music in this and other episodes
  138. Why this episode?
  139. White haired man in bank?
  140. I keep wondering why Kate was in Australia...
  141. The Great New Mexico Bank Robbery
  142. Halliburton blooper... or else a clue! Strange!!
  143. On the pack of bullets in the haliburton...
  144. Forshadowing of the Toy Plane's original hiding place
  145. Where the case was..
  146. The Song
  147. Date Kate robbed the bank
  148. LOST Rewind: Whatever the Case May Be