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  1. Wow! This is up already?
  2. promo pics for episode 13 (spoiler?)
  3. Best Episode Ever!!!!!
  4. Ha! I told you so !!!
  5. Countdown to episode 13!
  6. **Spoiler** New preview for tonights episode
  7. what will we see tonight???
  8. "WE are going to want him on OUR side"
  9. Watching LIVE Thread (There WILL be episode spoilers... you have been warned!)
  10. WTF just happened?
  11. Lesson Learned By Boone
  12. Drive Shaft on Alias
  13. Driveshaft
  14. So, this episode was just creepy
  15. Help!
  16. Locke's Compass
  17. Locke's Medicine
  18. What did Sawyer say to the cops at the desk?
  19. Did Sayid see the french woman?
  20. Sun is the most useful person on this island
  21. "we're going to need Sayid on our side", Locke cryptically said
  22. Jin and Hurley
  23. Hurley and Jin
  24. Jin wearing a handcuff
  25. So.....a theory
  26. birds flapping their wings
  27. Shannon pregnant?
  28. Locke is a Litmus Test
  29. Locke is one crazy shaman
  30. Light and Dark - playing pieces / stones / Lockes eyes
  31. Shannon Married?
  32. What about Sayid? and Shannon? and Nadia?
  33. Blood Relation & Manifest
  34. Two Brians??
  35. Boone's Responsee to Locke: "Relieved"
  36. Defective Compass and The Hatch
  37. rises in the east...
  38. Why hasn't anyone mentioned the Sawyer sighting!?!?!
  39. Jack and Locke
  40. Feeling relieved
  41. Shayid Ship Still Afloat
  42. Why Locke?
  43. Shannon and Sayid
  44. The Hatch
  45. I wasn't a very popular kid.
  46. The Monster
  47. The boars
  48. Missing Scene?
  49. This episode RAWKed my Socks! Go Javi and Carlton!
  50. This episode was B.S.
  51. What happen to Jacks father?
  52. Jack and Kate exchange seeds (just for banshee)
  53. Korean Translations?
  54. Tied up by Locke
  55. Sawyer's appearance
  56. Sawyer/Vaughn
  57. "C'mon, pee on me!"
  58. Jack's necklace
  59. Jack, Kate, and the seeds: foreshadowing?
  60. Was the Pilot/Monster encounter an hallucination?
  61. the song, "the war of hearts and minds"
  62. Sun's English
  63. Shannon's Shoes
  64. Locke and Rain???
  65. What Locke's Vision Might Have Been
  66. Philosopher Carlyle (Boone Carlyle?)
  67. Locke "Gathering his Forces"
  68. Help! I missed the last minute or two!
  69. Haven't you ever lied to someone you love?
  70. This episode was just one big Woobie fest!
  71. How big is this island?
  72. The real reason Locke helped Boone...and it wasn't altruistic...
  73. "Woah, dude, you found your own bag?"
  74. My thoughts on the Divine Locke’s intentions and Boone’s visionquest
  75. Vision quest, drugs, or hallucination?
  76. There was no coffin
  77. Shannon's eyes
  78. Jorge...
  80. Locke standing by Shannon when she was tied up?
  81. When do you think Boone's hallucination started?
  82. Sawyer
  83. It was NOT a hallucination
  84. They are planting guava and papaya?
  85. Tattoos
  86. Monster!
  87. Rose and Sawyer!
  88. Jack's attitude adjustment
  89. Jack is kinda okay with murder now
  90. I have a dream!
  91. Were they lying to us when TPTB said
  92. Ratings for "H&M"
  93. Ok, I think we all know what is necessary after this Ep
  94. To all those who still think the Woobie is evil
  95. Who was Malcomb?
  96. Mystical or Scientific?
  97. Last Night's Episode (or "Ewwwwwwww")...
  98. dude, that stuff Locke put on Boone's head wasn't hallucinogenic
  99. Easier to run to science than to God?
  100. Calling all Boy Scouts..orienteering question...
  101. my 10 y/o watches Lost...
  102. Lockes rope job on Boone
  103. The most dangerous predator of all
  104. Then what was following them??
  105. some simple explanations/theories
  106. "I don't need it anymore..."
  107. what is up with the eyes??
  108. Props to Ian Somerhalder!
  109. Loved it, Hated it, WTH?
  110. The Hallucinogen
  111. Charlie
  112. I missed that police station scene first time around
  113. Lost 1.13: "Hearts and Minds"
  114. POLL: Shannon and Boone together were...
  115. What if........the Matrix?
  116. the t-shirt symbol & other thoughts
  117. Locke is trained in Hojo Jutsu!
  118. Hallucination - Disappointment
  119. "A wound untreated out here will get infected fast."
  120. Locke and Michelangelo
  121. Show summary: What did they leave out?
  122. Charlie's throwaway scene wasn't so 'throwaway' after all....
  123. Shannon manipulating Sayid.....
  124. Earth's Inconstant Magnetic Field
  125. What are you watching for and has this changed?
  126. Shannon was married?
  127. Did Boone see IT?
  128. Locke is a monster
  129. Possible Spoilers: Locke & Boone found a fallout shelter?
  130. Review for last episode
  131. They're still teasing us!(which isn't really a bad thing...possible spoilers)
  132. Are they in a Matrix?
  133. This is getting booooring
  134. Shannon Poll
  135. Locke is losing it ...
  136. withdrawl. happy?
  137. Salem witch-trial-ish hallucinations
  138. Locke to Boone: Time to let go...
  139. john locke the philosopher
  140. Boone's Strength and Weakness...one and the same?
  141. My review for "Hearts and Minds"
  142. Terrorform/Boggarts
  143. The goop WAS a hallucinogen - Javi
  144. the drug and the title "white rabbit"
  145. Help!!!!!
  146. JJ, for composition or NOT ?
  147. The Final Word about what Locke put on Boone's noggin.
  148. Boone's date
  149. Am I blind, or...?
  150. Hearts and Minds revisited RE: Shannon's "abduction"
  151. Boone and Shannon not brother and sister?
  152. Where can I?
  153. WOW!! 2-23-05
  154. possible clue about opening the hatch
  155. Was Boone's experience really a hallucination?
  156. What did Locke mean.."it's for later"?
  157. The Tattoo
  158. ok i am now convinced jin knows english
  159. Did anyone else hear whispers in this one?
  160. What did you think of the preview for Dues Ex Machina??
  161. Why isn't anyone looking for Claire?
  162. Sawyer and Boone
  163. Shannon's magazine
  164. Glass Eye Reference?
  165. Shannon Married?
  166. I like Boone.
  167. Brokeback Mountain moment in Hearts & Minds
  168. yelling noise
  169. LOST Rewind: "Hearts and Minds"
  170. Locke's Compass
  171. First mention of a statue in lost-Locke-season 1