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  1. Previews: What can we deduce?
  2. 63 minutes?!
  3. Karri I think you got the date wrong.
  4. "Special" Walt &Micheal vs Locke
  5. Walt's Birthday
  6. They are running a repeat after this episode
  7. Ha!!! I Told you so!!!!
  8. New Diary Entry on ABC LOST Website!
  9. Charlie and Claires Diary
  10. Unsubtitled quotes of the week
  11. Locke's and Walt's secret
  12. how come no one else has asked about this (spoiler)
  13. 2 new scenes
  14. countdown thread for special!
  15. What if Walt is "special" because.....
  16. Show Clip in AOL
  17. Capsule description for this episode <spoiler>
  18. Watching LIVE Thread (There WILL be episode spoilers... you have been warned!)
  19. Now it's really starting to look...
  20. Claire is now missing for over a week
  21. Claire!
  23. Boone
  24. Note concerning confrontation with the Polar Bear.
  25. Walts Comic Book
  26. Why I like Michael now
  27. Nice! Stuff's starting to come together...
  28. michael and walt - spoiler
  29. Eye of the island
  30. Throw real science out the window, Walt is like a .....
  31. Brian is afraid of Walt
  32. Help!!!!!!
  33. what comic is walt reading
  34. Stars
  35. STOP punishing me!!!
  36. Sydney to New York City?
  37. No Thanks
  38. Did Locke have "The Case"?
  39. was walt reading the comic while the bird hit the window?
  40. the hatch is in the comic book
  41. Is next week's episode a repeat?
  42. Charlie in this episode...
  43. While Looking for a Dog, They Found . . .
  44. Walt's Special Abilities
  45. loved this epi (don't read if you haven't watched! you will be spoiled)
  46. Repost of comic book translation
  47. John Locke the Philosopher
  48. If Walt is 10 years old
  49. Did anyone else's ovaries explode...
  50. The comic is gone now...is it still important?
  51. I missed it...
  52. surprised no one is talking about this
  53. Did his powers cause the disorder or did the disorder cause the powers?
  54. Y'know the best thing about this episode is --
  55. You don't think that Walt had anything to do with Mom's death? Or---?
  56. Forget pregnant....Claire looked sick!
  57. Best 2 seconds of the episode
  58. a penguin with a sunburn
  59. I Can't Believe Nobody Is Talking About The Flashback Itself...
  60. Between age 2 and age 10, what happened to Walt?
  61. please help me! last 5 minutes!
  62. Is Jack a father?
  63. Computer Animated Polar Bear
  64. Ain't that...
  65. Who found the dog?
  66. Did anyone else jump .....
  67. The heart of this show---
  68. You hit like a.....
  69. The Theory of Black Rock
  70. the story behind the comic book issue
  71. Island gods hear my prayer...
  72. Knowing eachother directly/indirectly
  73. What are you talking about Willis??
  74. Susan's Lawyer talk - Immigration issue?
  75. Pictures of Walts Comic
  76. Triangles
  77. Vincent (woof!) - Maybe the key to it all?
  78. Seven candles on the cake
  79. Last names?
  80. The Twilight Zone
  81. calendar in the hospital?
  82. Comic Theory
  83. does Locke hear the voices?
  84. Ratings for 'Special'
  85. Lost and Alias
  86. Vincent: Major Spoiler
  87. Vincent = Polar Bear?
  88. Walt
  89. Domed City in Comic Book
  90. The Comic Book
  91. Does anyone recall the type of bird
  92. Nothing Special
  93. Parent/Child/Siblings themes
  94. Susan loved Michael
  95. They expect us to look at everything!!!
  96. walt and shannon
  97. Dat don't make no cents
  98. Last Night's Episode.... (or "That's what I'm talking about!")
  99. Claire pregnant? Have a pic.
  100. Locke giving the pencil to Michael
  101. The Diary (not Claire's diary)
  102. Another filming inconsistancy?
  103. Why Locke wants Walt
  104. just one point
  105. Jack, Jackass
  106. Does Walt have "super powers"?
  107. Thoughts on this?
  108. Walt's Middle Name?
  109. What if Susan was trying to "save" Walt?
  110. Rank The Histories
  111. Comic Book Help!
  112. Walt and pictures.
  113. Boone/Thomas Carlyle and His new hero Locke
  114. Four of a kind
  115. Kate, Charlie and Claire's Luggage (wiley vixen at it again?)
  116. Locke, Boone and work on the hatch
  117. Can someone check my math....?
  119. Monster Fly's I think!
  120. the psychic, claire and the child
  121. Translation - British slang to American: ponce =
  122. Parallels and connections between Walt and Claire's baby
  123. The Shocking Return of Claire, and what next?..... RERUN!
  124. Nights in White Satin
  125. Link works now! Amazing Lost Spoiler- Homecoming Episode 2.9.05
  126. Claire is pregnant...this proves it...
  127. why do people think
  128. Notation on Danielle's map
  129. Charlie & Claire's Diary
  130. The Psychic Connection and Bryan
  131. Goodguys, Badguys, Michael and Locke
  132. If Walt created the Polar bear in his mind ...
  133. a trap?
  134. Ratings from wednesday night??
  135. Change of clothes
  136. Walt is a superhero (or a supervillain)?
  137. No one's mentioned...Shannon is bulimic!
  138. Old Wives' Tale
  139. My Review of the eppi
  140. How hot is Dom?
  141. Michael's dad
  142. I have somethig to show you
  143. Walt
  144. Neither man wanted his child
  145. Michael and Walt
  146. Claire and Vincent
  147. Jacks Tattoo
  148. Which Male Character is the most Strong Willed?
  149. anger problems
  150. What happened?
  151. The Funniest Scenes Of Special
  152. Shannon or is it Susan? Thoughts. . .
  153. "We're playing for the last of the deodorant sticks."
  154. What's up with Boone?
  155. The plane carried an awful lot of...
  156. What's with...
  157. Kibbles N' Bits/Beggin' Strips!
  158. Lost 1.14: "Special"
  159. Claire's Diary...
  160. LOST poll
  161. Evangeline IS way hot!! rarrr!
  162. catch a falling star beyond the sea - lullabies
  163. 4 ACES vs 4 QUEENS
  164. An Interesting Observation?
  165. Significance of Reruns
  166. An interesting theory on Charlie and Claire...
  167. Not seen mention of this (Comic book page)
  168. Last episode this season?
  169. The Cable?
  170. are the charecters connected??
  171. Things that should change on Lost
  172. Walt, Polar Bears, and Halucinogenics
  173. i think i've got it figured out...
  174. Felicity and LOST
  175. Writers & Director for Each Episode (so far)
  176. Claire's baby or Walt?
  177. Bronze Cuckoo the bird walt was studying
  178. About to post a theory or spoiler?
  179. Claire & Charlie as Scully & Mulder?
  180. Walt has nothing to do with the bears.
  181. Episode Summary or Transcript--PLEASE HELP!!!
  182. Who Else Felt Sorry for Michael?
  183. Locke = Phsycic?
  184. Diary writer...
  185. My Seriously Illogical Thoughts on 'Special'
  186. baby walt's music box
  187. Vincent is the Special one!
  188. Did Locke see Walt's future?
  189. Susan's funeral?
  190. Minute Details on Special
  191. Walt's "powers"
  192. mom and brian... scared?
  193. River?!
  194. hahaha what in the world is this?
  195. Anyone got a screencap?
  196. DHARMA Logo sighting?
  197. Did they catch the wrong plane??
  198. Comic Book
  199. Question about Walts nanny
  200. Ghost next to Walt's mother?
  201. Dharma sign behind Walt and Michael?
  202. Ah-ha! John does still have the dog whistle.
  203. Claires 'Black Rock' Dreams
  204. Mystery woman in bird-hits-window scene
  205. LOST Rewind: "Special"