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  1. The Countdown....
  2. About to post a theory or spoiler?
  3. Preview from tonight's rerun.......
  4. One thing we know for sure
  5. Wow
  7. Ethan
  8. Why doesn't SPOILER AHEAD...
  9. Whose back story are we getting Homecoming?
  10. who lives (possible spoiler)
  11. W.H.I.S.P.E.R. epi discussion: Homecoming
  12. This week is going to blow chunks
  13. Jimmy Kimmel.....
  14. Unsolved and Solved Mysteries (List)
  15. Ah oh....
  16. Ideas on who dies! (might be a spolier!)
  17. It hasn't even aired yet...
  18. If its Ethan in the bodybag, then why...
  19. tonight
  20. Watching LIVE thread!
  21. *sigh*
  22. Is it too soon to say "Best Episode Yet"?
  23. Anyone catch the reference to The Office?
  24. "A paper company in Slough"...
  25. Jack's gun
  26. The SQUEEEEE is deafening!!!!!!!!!
  27. The flashback, and etc.
  28. "The Others"
  29. why is it that i feel so empty after this episode?
  30. Unsubtitled quote of the week (such as it is....)
  31. She remembers!
  32. boo!!!!!!
  33. she remembered!!!
  35. Reaction to HC (Beware of Spoilers)
  36. They tricked us again, well, me, at least....
  37. my problem w/ the episode and the show in general..
  38. R.I.P.... SPOILER for those that haven't seen
  39. Spoiler episode description - NO spoiler fonts used!!!!
  40. Open Chat
  41. dream?
  42. Do y'all really think (spoiler until you've seen the show)
  43. Sun and Jin
  44. the show not taking risks???
  45. 815
  46. what Locke said in "Homecoming"...
  47. Guns!
  48. For those of you who complain about the commercials . . .
  49. Jack and Sawyer and the 9 millimeter
  50. Commercials
  51. Time for the survivors to have a big ol campfire...
  53. Worst episode yet?
  54. Background details from Charlie's flashbacks
  55. About Charlie's backstory (psychology of it)
  56. Did I miss something?
  57. broken bones!!!
  58. Ummm??
  59. Who the hell is Scott Jackson?
  60. Jack is my hero!
  61. Out from the waters.....??????
  62. I was kinda hoping.... (spoiler)
  63. Manchurian candidate?
  64. Poll: Really or only kinda dead?
  65. Sayid speaks for me
  66. Spoiled vs. non spoiled
  67. Jin and Sun
  68. Lots of Boone Foreshadowing
  69. Why do you think Ethan might have 'talked?/Charlie and Claire's statements
  70. "The Others"
  71. The Power Of Peanut Butter
  72. The amnesia thing
  73. Backpedaling for Dummies
  74. Was Charlie justified to *spoiler*?
  75. Jack/Ethan fight
  76. Why was Steve buried as Scott?
  77. Ratings for 'Homecoming'
  78. Boone
  79. Did the monster kill Sceve?
  80. Is the Flashback Model Wearing Thin?
  81. Prop Check
  82. Shocking rise in Red Shirt on Red Shirt crime!
  83. Flight815 or Flight280
  84. Flight815 or Flight280
  85. The monster revealed
  86. Jin and Sun--Charlie and Ethan--Claire and Baby--The Island Itself
  87. question???
  88. Why do you think Jin speaks/understands english?
  89. Homecoming for two characters
  90. Shooting Ethan
  91. Directed by Kevin Hooks. Do you know who he is?
  92. the Diary
  93. The Sky
  94. He's dead!!!!!!!!!
  95. Who are Scott and Steve (help please)
  96. Charlie's gun skillz
  97. Ethan's purpose?
  98. What was the weapon Ethan was using?
  99. pregnant
  100. Lost 1.15: "Homecoming"
  101. I hate TiVO
  102. red lamp shades everywhere
  103. observations
  104. The promo pictures released on lost media
  105. Ethan=Greg Hawgood?
  106. Missing/Deleted Scenes from 'Homecoming'
  107. Disappointed
  108. How We Should Remember Ethan...
  109. Suspend lynch mob mentality for a moment
  110. What was the deal with Boone?
  111. Homecoming and Lost in general. Newbie Alert!
  112. Scott and Steve?
  113. Who wrote this episode?
  114. DriveShaft/Charlie -- Possible Rescue?? - Not sure if already posted
  115. The Office
  116. So who really died Scott or Steve?
  117. Was Ethan one of the original 48 survivors?
  118. Poll: Was Charlie Justified?
  119. Ethan's face
  120. Ethan coming in and out of camp
  121. C&C
  122. I can't believe the shippers missed this...
  123. Just for the 'heck' of it can we give Ethan a trial?
  124. The name "Ethan"
  125. Jack can use a gun?
  126. Why is there always a tropical down pour when Eathan is fighying someone?
  127. Photos on the ABC site.
  128. Are they now starting to look a little...
  129. Was Locke really counting on Boone?
  130. Where do they go from here?
  131. The Ancient Art of Lua
  132. Locke did NOT have a gun!
  133. I bet locke knew all along
  134. Is Claire 'infected'?
  135. My Seriously Illogical Thoughts on 'Homecoming'
  136. Question: What secrets should be revealed before the end of the season?
  137. ...a paper company up in slough...
  138. How did Charlie keep up with his drug habbit????
  139. Re-viewing observations
  140. There goes my samneric theory
  141. Ethan came from the water?
  142. Another Moral Dilemma: Claire as BAIT????
  143. How long was Scott/Steve missing?
  144. Jack...the fighter??
  145. C815......hmm...
  146. Why Didn't Someone...
  147. clothing colors
  148. Ethan's Eyes
  149. Homecoming Shout Out to LOTR fans
  150. Sun and Jin's Confab about Claire's baby's well being
  151. Death...It Hurts
  152. Charlie's defense
  153. "we were out pretty deep... nothing's out there"
  154. Jacks Tattoo during his fight with Ethan
  155. Wait a minute...
  156. Conversation between Sun and Jin
  157. Man (Woman?) In the Mirror
  158. Rerun schedule
  159. Jin and Sun - acting strangely
  160. Why did Sawyer give Kate the gun?
  161. Ethans Weapon
  162. Ethan and Danielle were partners, Ethan wasnt an OTHER as we know!
  163. What was charlie making?
  164. Ethan Rom: The Roman wants to Sieze Her
  165. Tattoos switching arms??
  166. Ethan swimming?
  167. LOST Rewind: "Homecoming"
  168. Did Ethan Really Use the Sub to Kill Scott?