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  1. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  2. Loved it!!!!
  3. Didn't Love it.
  4. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  5. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  6. Rate the Episode!!!
  7. The Rules
  8. The Compass
  9. The Whispers
  10. Why did Juliet not stay anchored like the other "OTHERS"?
  11. Widmore looking for 20 years
  12. FDW predated Dharma.
  13. Faraday was DHARMA?
  14. Opening scene seem out of place to you?
  15. Son/daughter of Candle?
  16. Locke Limping again...
  17. Locke has to die / Is he really dead?
  18. locke ends up making "the list"?
  19. Desmond's Memory/Dream
  20. Desmond off to Oxford
  21. Aaron
  22. Timing of Jumps/Swings in TT
  23. Jin really dead?
  24. "What Comes Around, Goes Around"
  25. Charlotte and Danielle are one and the same
  26. Can I talk about....?!
  27. Sawyer's Jump: The Rationale
  28. So is the Island jumping in time, or are the Losties jumping in time?
  29. Shotgun Willie
  30. Sawyer (JH) and Juliet (EM) were burning up the screen with their sizzling hot chemistry together!
  31. Sawyer slapping Daniel
  32. Could Locke be Jacob?
  33. the arrow station
  34. The impact of Locke meeting Ethan?
  35. Because you left?
  36. Why doesn't Richards record skip?
  37. No matter how many times you try you'll fail
  38. Was the food drop a time shift?
  39. The island should not disappear
  40. You can change the past
  41. James and John's Excellent Adventure
  42. Marvin Candle? Arrow Station?
  43. Orchid construction caused leak
  44. How did Dharma find the Island?
  45. Shirtless Sawyer
  46. My head hurts from this time travel business...
  47. Where was Inman?
  48. What actress played Chang's wife?
  49. A hint to the series end?
  50. Does Widmore own Oceanic?
  51. Time Folding and Course Correction
  52. "He changed the rules"
  53. Locke tried to climb up to the Beechcraft... why?
  54. Can we now assume we know why Richard Alpert hasn't aged?
  55. What Cartoon Was Aaron Watching?
  56. Something in time did change - but what?
  57. Did this episode explain why the hatch was built?
  58. String or Street
  59. Is Locke being deemed "special" because he was in the right place at the right time?
  60. Charlie & "Good Vibrations"
  61. The Beachcraft
  62. Time Shifts - Time Line
  63. where are they?
  64. What if the visions/ghosts/apparitions on the island are time-travellers?
  65. Thoughts about the compass, Cabin Fever and reincarnation
  66. Now we know what happened to Desmond in 3x08
  67. LOST for Dummies
  68. So 1cm of rock can harness the "limitless" energy beneath the Orchid?
  69. Desmond's chopper vision revisited...
  70. What if time skipping Losties meet past Losties
  71. Why does Sun want to kill Ben?
  72. string theory
  73. Rainbow Drive-In Chicken Sign
  74. Is Locke Time Traveling?
  75. What Happened to Locke Being the Others' New Leader?
  76. Was that Sun with Candle?
  77. Locke the Island Savior
  78. Jacob's Cabin
  79. Pregnancies Going Full Term Before the "Incident"?
  80. Ben VS Candlewax
  81. ethan shooting locke breaks the rules...
  82. black smoke from beechcraft
  83. Desmond noticed the sky changing... (important?)
  84. New shot in the recap at the beginning of the episode
  85. When Desmond turned the emergency hatch key
  86. The Pretender
  87. "I'm sorry John..."
  88. Arrow Station = Cerberus Security System = Smokey
  89. Locke, Jacob and the Panopticon
  90. Frogurt not in the boat before purple sky
  91. Back at the Church?
  92. Daniel's Notebook
  93. The others are time skipping too
  94. Confused by Faraday's comments...
  95. Is there a theory on....
  96. Desmond Survival after Hatch Implosion Finally Explained
  97. the others
  98. was that really richard?
  99. Where would you rather be?
  100. I think that chick is into me
  101. Does Anyone Have a Screencap of Richard's First-Aid Kit?
  102. Proof the island moved physically as well as in time
  103. Agostini & Norton
  104. Time loop/Food/Energy...
  105. How many are "special"?
  106. ben's kitchen and Marvin's kitchen the same?
  107. Via Domus
  108. Langoliers
  109. Sawyer and the Rules
  110. The orchid station in the middle of the blast door map?
  111. Richard's glasses
  112. Lawyer that came to Kates house....
  113. How many characters said "I'm sorry" in this episode?
  114. Ben/Widmore = alter egos?
  115. Flash forward
  116. Did Ben by moving the island actually cause the Beechcraft crashing?
  117. The Island is Mind Timetraveling
  118. What about Claire?
  119. Continuity Error or Clue?
  120. Is Smokie time skipping?
  121. I hope the Time jumps soon stop
  122. Could this be WHY they have all to come back?
  123. 1st & 3rd timeskip are same times
  124. Why don't the all inhabitants move with the island?
  125. Since when does Charlotte throw around Yiddish???--Oy!
  126. Skip the pills, but get your shots!!!
  127. Island Dreams/Visions or Memories?
  128. Has the Swan imploded, exploded more than once?
  129. Wait -- Didn't *Daniel* Change The Past???
  130. Kate's "Goober", "Baby" or "Sweetie"?
  131. Is it REALLY a Donkeywheel???
  132. Ethan's rifle = British soldier's?
  133. Where was Desmond & Penny's boat docked?
  134. How is Richard not going to recognize John the next time they meet?
  135. Ethan's Behavior doesn't make sense to me...
  136. Did the Freighter and the Island move together?
  137. Could “Danielle” be Daniel’s mother?
  138. Funeral Home Door
  139. Daniel centric?
  140. The Donkey Wheel
  141. Candle's "Filming Studio"...
  142. Ben's Jacket
  143. The Arrow Station
  144. Is Dan like Richard?
  145. "They're already home"
  146. im not sure if i am posting in the right area....
  147. Carole Littleton - Coma recovery specialist
  148. Richard and Locke's conversation
  149. Order of episode
  150. Time travel body