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  1. Kinda Excited About This Episode
  2. Preview for this episode.
  3. Question About Preview: Old or New?
  4. Funniest Title Yet?
  5. Any Screen Shots of Sun
  6. Locke finally losing his temper?
  7. Countdown!
  8. ~ W.H.I.S.P.E.R. discussion: ...In Translation ~
  9. Philosophy 101: . . . In Translation
  10. Possible Spoiler Type Info From ABC PressRelease
  11. Watching Live Thread
  12. Pay attention to your TV during the Korean Girl Sequence...
  13. Does Jin Speak English?
  15. That was a nice episode.
  16. Hurley!
  17. best. episode. ever.
  18. Help with a scene
  19. Please, where are the tissues?
  20. Let's Talk About Shannon and Sayid
  21. Rate this episode
  22. QUESTION: When Jin was walking away from Sun...
  23. Two more characters with...... issues
  24. Walt and Locke!!!!
  25. Themes of "...In Translation"
  26. Jorge Garcia's Prediction Came True
  27. Here's the Song!
  28. Question about Charlie
  29. so they DO have bloopers huh?
  30. "Hurley a Survivor Winner?"
  31. Why "too late"?
  32. My Love/Hate for Sawyer
  33. Kudos to the director!!!!!!
  34. HURLEY!!!
  35. How can I see this
  36. Unsubtitled quotes of the week (light spoilerage)
  37. The Building Michael speaks of
  38. ?? about beach scene - spoiler for those not on east coast
  39. Vincent's getting really fat
  40. Omen... In Translation?
  41. What about sex?
  42. Two more characters with "Daddy Issues".
  43. someone in the background
  44. Michael and Walt dialogue - a little lame in comp to the other great stuff?
  45. Observations on ... In Translation
  46. One thing I don't understand
  47. Did anyone else see..
  48. What we didn't find out about Sun / Jin
  49. Screen Shot of Hurley on TV
  50. Sun is HOT!!! (no pun intended)
  51. So Sun and Jin fought all the time?
  52. What was Locke eating?
  53. Walt & the raft!
  54. The scene with Boone and Sayid
  55. Hurleys cd player
  56. Jin and Symbolism
  57. It's about time Jin (from a fishing village) built a boat!
  58. Who DOESN'T have Daddy Issues?
  59. Raised by Another/Daddy
  60. "Hurley owes me $83,000."
  61. Ratings for '...In Translation'
  62. The Treatment of National Cabinet Secretaries in the Republic of South Korea
  63. "too late"
  64. Why doesn't Walt want to leave the island?
  65. Thank you, Mr. Locke!
  66. No complaints this week about not advancing the story???
  67. Best episode yet!
  68. Reaction to Episode
  69. hurley on tv
  70. What if Sawyer was trying to save Jin?
  71. Something serious and something fun...
  72. Shannon is becoming useful!
  73. How Locke Knew... (Subtitle Spoilers)
  74. Protecting Walt
  75. Walt
  76. The Mystery Of Boone's Shirt is solved
  77. The Writers did a great job with this Episode!
  78. Sawyer's Lord of the Flies comment; knife; sadistic expression
  79. My Seriously Illogical Thoughts on In Translation
  80. Translation of Hurley T.V Show
  81. Kate and Sun have something in common
  82. Question: Timeline between Sun and Jin's flashbacks
  83. Rate the eppie (w/ poll)
  84. Sawyer and Jin
  85. Lost 1.17: "...In Translation"
  86. Is anyone else kinda disappointed in Jin?
  87. Last Shot
  88. Sun-Jin-Michael
  89. Kate and Sun-girl talk
  90. Outlaws and Translation should have aired in reverse order
  91. What was the song Hurley was listening to?
  92. Unsubtitled dialog
  93. Locke is Annoying!
  94. Jin Can Speak English!!!!
  95. The Hurley's batteries part made me really sad...
  96. Funniest Lines from In Translation
  97. continuity?
  98. The Flatiron Building
  99. The Fire Monster
  100. Who was the fourth person on the raft?
  101. any one notice.....
  102. Mention of "The Fuselage" in the episode!!!
  103. Angry Men
  104. Hurley on the TV...possibly a big clue???
  105. Jin's dad salt or fresh water fishing?
  106. AFTER Hurley's CD player stopped....
  107. Why, Sayid, Why?!
  108. Why were they building a raft? Does the plane not come with any?
  109. Song At The End Of In Translation!
  110. Rerun of In Translation
  111. ending song
  112. more backwards talking found in beach scene?
  113. Mr. Paik's eye missing?
  114. Backwards Speech?
  115. Underrated episode?
  116. Everquest Environmental Sounds in LOST!!
  117. Hurley On The Secretary's TV
  118. Mr. Paik's Flat Screens
  119. Characters
  120. LOST Rewind: "...In Translation"