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  1. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  2. Loved it!!!!
  3. Didn't Love it.
  4. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  5. Rate the Episode!!!
  6. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  7. Widmore? Your name is Widmore?
  8. Ellie = Ms. Hawking?
  9. Charlie
  10. Everything comes full circle...
  11. Why Jughead?
  12. More of Widmore's Art . . . Namaste
  13. Torch the Island / Secondary Protocol
  14. How exactly does Locke know Widmore? In need of a quick reminder . . .
  15. Dan rendered Jughead inert in S4
  16. John Locke: not special?
  17. The Others speak Latin . . . Like Juliet?
  18. Locke Sends Alpert to His Birth
  19. Did Richard NOT know about the time travelling?
  20. Radzinsky wrote in Latin?...one of the Others?
  21. Incident
  22. Who was it in the Medical bed?
  23. Is Jughead the real reason for the Swan?
  24. "He's one of my People...."
  25. Widmore's Fortune
  26. The H-Bomb
  27. After What He Done To That Poor Girl
  28. Gate attendant from season 1
  29. How old is he?....OLD
  30. Penny and Ben Linus's Promise to Charles Widmore
  31. Best lines
  32. Richard's age finally answered?
  33. "I know about Eloise"
  34. Anyone remember when Richard first meets Locke after the crash?
  35. Don't forget abour Adam and Eve
  36. Now we know why Locke was supposed to pick the Compass
  37. Widmore's Age
  38. Who's Leading the others now?
  39. Bye bye Redshirts
  40. The Uniforms
  41. Adam & Eve
  42. Special
  43. Never seen a mystery solved so fast.
  44. Have we ever met Penny's mother?
  45. Widmore=Faraday's dad?
  46. Radiation Sickness?
  47. Juliet called herself an 'other'!!!
  48. What was Charlotte's purpose for coming to the island?
  49. Desmond forgets the year he visited Faraday?
  50. Young Widmore is a hot-head, isn't he
  51. "You just couldn't stay away could you?"
  52. The island sending them back to fix things?
  53. Widmore Changed the Rules...of time?
  54. Juliet being Sawyer's "ride or die" chick...
  55. He didn't promise
  56. Widmore's Office is a bunker?
  57. Widmore and the rules
  58. Widmore and Linus- The traitors
  59. Widmore, previous leader of the island?
  60. Light Flashes/Time Jumps
  61. Richard's clothes and hair
  62. Jughead couldn't be an "H-Bomb"
  63. Charles Widmore, The Renegade Other
  64. The Compass, but the dust?
  65. ana lucia's mango knife...
  66. Cindy & the kids time traveling?
  67. Little Charlie = Charles Widmore?
  68. Sawyer's Growing Leadership
  69. Parallel between Claire's mother and Daniel's girl
  70. Desmond's Accent
  71. Location of Lost island
  72. Know one knows this island better than me!
  73. Ben was coming for Locke in season 2 - and knew Locke would be their leader
  74. Any possibilities that Charlotte is Faraday's Daughter?
  75. How the heck did the Army find the island ?
  76. Juliet
  77. Episode Timelines
  78. Where in time will they be when they go back to the island?
  79. The rules at so time travelling?
  80. The Four Toed Statue....
  81. Desmond lied to Penny
  82. Army Knife Season 2
  83. skipping time explains some things from Season 1
  84. Time Jumps -- Not Random
  85. Is Charlotte really dead?
  86. It always was my island... Charles Widmore
  87. Faraday and his curious statement
  88. MABUHAY... importance?
  89. Elle/Ellie
  90. Widmore's financial backing
  91. How does Locke know about the weapons?
  92. That kind of attitutude
  93. You come to our island to run tests...
  94. Inconsistencies in filming scenes
  95. Other Flight 815 passengers- Are they time traveling too?
  96. What name is on the lapel of the home caregiver?
  97. Is the island controlling the jumps?
  98. Is Widmore Judas?
  99. Origins of a Compass, Journal, Hey Dr. Conrad
  100. Adam and Eve...(sorry!) Widmore and Hawking?
  101. Jughead's health concerns
  102. Rules of Time Travel
  103. Faraday's Home Health Worker
  104. Missing Losties
  105. Jacob circa 1954
  106. Sam Toomy and Lenny
  107. So a bomb is sealed behind the concrete in the hatch ?
  108. Desmond's Post-Island Timeline
  109. Speaking of Time_Travel Let's Visit season1
  110. Is there any way the numbers could be explained by time travel?
  111. Theresa and Conciousness Time Travel
  112. Why does Charlotte need a constant?
  113. Richard, Widmore, who's the Other?
  114. Jughead and Frozen Heavy Water
  115. Freighter crew picked cuz Widmore met them in 1950s
  116. Timed Flashes
  117. Locke is underestimated (again)
  118. Did Dharma know the US Army had been on the island before them?
  119. Names, names and again names!
  120. Nuclear explosion
  121. Richard Alpert - Question
  122. "Every single one of us is dead" - a revelation!
  123. so what was "the incident"?
  124. Jughead is/was not buried under the Swan (but a better bomb theory)
  125. Connections between the others, widmore, black rock, hanso, and radzinsky
  126. Locke is responsible for the island not letting him die and healing him?
  127. Battle of the leader of the Others
  128. This IS the reason why they all have to come back (attempt #2)
  129. Centricity and flashes
  130. Is Alpert Different Than the Other Others?
  131. Why is Widmore paying her medical bills
  132. "Jacob Sent Me."
  133. Claire's Thomas and Charles Widmore
  134. Ms. Hawking in general
  135. How long has Widmore been on the island?
  136. Trojan horse statue (already seen in Season 3)
  137. Richard Alpert: the man behind the man
  138. 108 minute flashes?
  139. Widmore´s nightmares, Desmond´s Dreams
  140. Widmore followed Locke to the island in 2004
  141. Locke is not the chosen one OR Richard got it wrong
  142. What Else Do We Need To Piece This Together?
  143. Origin of the crater
  144. Miles
  145. So where's Smokey in all this?
  146. So why does Desmond 'lose' his memory but not Richard?
  147. Moving through limited time
  148. Were the Others originally Pirates?
  149. Did 1954 Widmore pull the trigger on Locke?
  150. Event Window Determined wallpaper
  151. How much does Widmore know about Desmond+Island?
  152. Young Widmore overhearing Locke, Sawyer and Juliet
  153. TimeTravel/BlackRock/4 Toed Statue
  154. Did Desmond give away cruicial information to Widmore?
  155. Why Ben cant kill Widmore...
  156. Widmore = Jughead
  157. "I have to move the island"
  158. Why The Oceanic 6 have to go back
  159. Taking the Children
  160. What Richard says, is ben lying about the DI and leaving the island
  161. Does anyone else ever get the feeling that maybe Richard is...
  162. They weren't supposed to leave - and it's Desmond's Fault!
  163. How did the 1950's Others get to the island?
  164. Does Richard ever physically interact with anyone?
  165. Locke coming full circle
  166. The "whoosh" sound
  167. Address in L.A.
  168. Slightly Confused...
  169. Is the people on the Island and the ppl off ,Synchronized?
  170. What do the others call themselves?
  171. The Universe has a way of Course Correcting
  172. I still can't believe it!
  173. weather inconsistencies
  174. Ms. Hawking and Mr. Widmore Island Leadership
  175. Inconsistency in Locke/Richard Time travel
  176. You can't explain everything with Time Travel!
  177. How badly willl this time travel change the future?
  178. The Hatch Implosion, "Further Instructions," and Time Travel
  179. Unidentified Building in the background
  180. When and how did the Island become so hard to find?
  181. An episode without Jack or Kate means what time is it
  182. When are they now?
  183. Latin and Sanskrit
  184. What happens if they skip to when they crashed?
  185. Desmond's Dream... Widmore's Nightmares...
  186. Moving the island in the past
  187. Instant rain = time travel?
  188. Why 70 hours?
  189. Jughead - Time Police
  190. What bothered me
  191. Faraday and Hanso... A connection?
  192. Enhanced Jughead?
  193. is there anybody else from 815 left
  194. Desmond's Accent
  195. Memory Loss due to Time Travel - A Possible Explanation
  196. Can anyone answer this timeline question?
  197. Widmore and Ellie....anyone else think they are bro and sis?
  198. Blondie on Island in 50's = Faraday's Mom
  199. Army Camp
  200. Sighting of Mrs Hawking at Oxford University?
  201. Is this guy Abaddon?
  202. Faraday's mom
  203. DI Connections
  204. "You broke my Lock(e)"
  205. Did Richard visit the real little prince?
  206. Penny makes him promise
  207. If Desmond is Dr. Manhattan, does that make Widmore Ozymandiaz?
  208. Confusing thing about Richard
  209. Who Was Leader Before Eloise?