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  1. Loved it!!!!
  2. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  3. Didn't Love it.
  4. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  5. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  6. Rate the Episode!!!
  7. The Temple
  8. Smoke monster
  9. Is the island indeed Purgatory?
  10. Faraday "that's where we leave science behind"
  11. Daniel - could he be Jacob ?
  12. Daniel it was you...
  13. Help - I missed it!
  14. Don't you dare bring HER back!
  15. Random thought about sleep
  16. So Charlotte's whole purpose...
  17. Geronimo Jackson Reference
  18. Hawking pulls one over on Ben...?
  19. Ben piggybacking Locke?
  20. So they dont all have to go back at once ?
  21. illusion
  22. Tell Her I'm Dead
  23. The Sickness
  24. Awesome Daniel/Robert/Alex juxbox to Sun/Jin/Ji Yeon
  25. The Well
  26. Mirrors
  27. Was that Hurley Repeating the Numbers?
  28. Charlotte's American Husband?
  29. Christian Shepard is Evil!!!
  30. Daniel crying at home
  31. Christian...
  32. Best lines
  33. Did anyone else notice?
  34. Danielle's backstory in one minute
  35. The Van
  36. hawking is british, faraday is american.
  37. Robert: Crazy or not?
  38. Charlotte's Temporal Displacement
  39. Christian is the angel of death?
  40. The last thing Charlotte said?...
  41. If you know what I was doing to PROTECT you people!
  42. Jack's father theory
  43. Robert and Danielle
  44. Everyone who left
  45. At What Point Does Locke Die?
  46. The 'Sickness' & what I think is causing 'it'
  47. Quick cut to commercial after Charlotte's death was awful!
  48. Is the Island "death"?
  49. Island TT because FDW was off axis?
  50. Axis slipped = time flashes
  51. Montand
  52. Sun and Kate
  53. "Since when has listening to Ben gotten you anywhere?"
  54. Did Jin save Danielle's life?
  55. Jin handing John the ring
  56. Locke was supposed to go to the temple
  57. Locke's Sacrifice
  58. Aaron and Ji Yeon?
  59. Locke and the Wheel
  60. Glyphs
  61. Jin is one smart guy!
  62. Korean translation?
  63. Why Jack Wants to Go Back.
  64. The mechanics of the donkey wheel!
  65. Locke was Supposed to Turn the Wheel
  66. Lapidus go back too?
  67. "Say 'Hi' to my son for me"
  68. Ajira Airlines
  69. Crazy Ideas - Adam and Eve and Charlotte Linus?
  70. Ben is acting wierd.
  71. Episode Title Reference
  72. Is Daniel timeless like Richard Alpert?
  73. Duplicate corpses?
  74. Bloody Noses
  75. Flashes of Light at the FDW
  76. Dead Frenchmen had their arms?
  77. So "Temporal Displacement" ISN'T the Sickness Danielle Spoke Of?
  78. Christian is both himself and not himself
  79. "When" did they stop flashing?
  80. How old IS Charlotte?
  81. Locke Was Wrong About Boone
  82. So what time did Locke fix our left behinders in?
  83. Locke's Leg
  84. The role of memories
  85. Marvin Candle and the Smoke Monster
  86. Smokey Wind
  87. Minimal screen time for favorite characters
  88. Hurley the original voice reading the numbers when the Frenchies arrived?
  89. Locke Knows about Miles
  90. Jack says "I'm sorry" to Sun
  91. I went to see Locke
  92. Christian
  93. "You're here to see Faraday's mother?"
  94. You're Sick Too!
  95. how does Sun know Ben blew up the freighter
  96. Jacob
  97. Did Locke turn the wheel and switch places with Ben?
  98. Ben's Response to Jack and Sun's Threat
  99. Canton Rainier
  100. Three years of Locke
  101. Has Ben really been our hero all along???
  102. Rousseau: Solitary Vs. This Place is Death
  103. Locke can feel his legs?
  104. The Musician?
  105. Could Annie be Charlotte's Mom?
  106. Hooded figure in smokey.
  107. What If? Locke had pushed the wheel instead of Ben...
  108. Poll: First character to see themself in a different time?
  109. Is the time shifting experience over now?
  110. Team work...
  111. Why is Sayid pissed at Jack?
  112. Did I see that right? Jin and Charlotte
  113. Kate & Sayid's reaction to Ben's imminent death
  114. Locke = Vincent?
  115. Charlotte was just GREAT
  116. Why choose the Orchid elevator if there was a well?
  117. Question about Danielle and Jin
  118. Locke will become the new embodiment of the Island
  119. Encino, L.A.
  120. Donkey wheel off it's axis?
  121. Daniel failing to change history?
  122. The Temple, Smokey and Reincarnation
  123. What year will Locke end up in?
  124. 'Sorry, I CAN'T'
  125. The Cause of the Nosebleeds and getting ill....
  126. Is Daniel also Christian Sheppard?
  127. "This place is death"...
  128. The Temple...
  129. A few thoughts
  130. FDW not so frozen anymore?
  131. Were the Frenchies brainwashed?
  132. Lacke doesn't have the resources that Ben had
  133. Starting to think the whole "Constant" thing is...
  134. Flashes resemble Desmonds vision on the beach
  135. If time is a loop...
  136. Ben and Charlotte
  137. Jin and Sun
  138. Charlotte, Claire and Christian - at odds?
  139. Christian is Jacob?
  140. The Purge.....one reason it had to happen.....
  141. How did Jin stay on the Island and the O6 didnt?
  142. Jin HAD to meet Rousseau in the past...
  143. Where was Alex at the time of the Purge?
  144. "Help me!"
  145. Missing Limbs!
  146. Rope down the well
  147. The Temple?
  148. The dammed pesky kids !
  149. The Ring
  150. Pillar of Smoke
  151. The 'Illusion'
  152. TPTB might have messed up.
  153. Jin Screenshot
  154. Christian said "a little push", but John pulls...
  155. Has Smokie possesed John? Plus some random thoughts
  156. Who is Charlotte's Dad?
  157. Why was Faraday In the Hatch During Its Construction?
  158. Charlotte's Condition
  159. So who reads Hieroglyphics???
  160. Ben = Judas
  161. "You Just Disappeared"
  162. Does Anybody Trust Ben Now?
  163. Tons of thoughts and questions
  164. Christian Shephard
  165. I made you a friend in America
  166. Statue at the church.
  167. Just throwing it out there...
  168. "You know what Mom would say about me marrying an American"
  169. Christian's Lantern
  170. The death of Nadine and Smokie.
  171. Similar sounds closes the circle.
  172. Painting at the church
  173. Lacombe - a tribute to Spielberg?
  174. Characters Time Travelling Different
  175. Locke's "Honorable Man" Test
  176. Just how far down did Locke fall?!
  177. Wedding ring is proof of life?
  178. When Did Charlotte and Daniel meet?
  179. Jin, Sun, Sawyer, and unselfish love
  180. Time jumping noise
  181. The Whispers in this EP
  182. Danielle did not see the "time" flash near the ruins
  183. Alpert & Hawking Alliance?
  184. What time on the watch on Montand's mummified arm?
  185. Could Daniel be Charlottes father?
  186. What Has Ben Been Doing to Keep the O6 Safe???
  187. Why Can't Christian Help Locke Up???
  188. More Time Looping Evidence?
  189. Locke's Scar Moves
  190. What does Daniel say the moment Charlotte dies?
  191. WHY do they "have to go back" to the island???
  192. Ben or Locke?!
  193. The Sickness = The Others
  194. Left Behinds to cause 'The Incident'?
  195. Daniel is going to cause the "God help us all" senario by trying to prevent Charlotte
  196. Daniel is going to cause the "God help us all" senario by trying to save Charlotte
  197. The Well goes to the center of the earth
  198. Locke's death better be freakin EPIC
  199. Miles Is From Encino?
  200. NOT Frozen Donkey Wheel
  201. John Locke's defining moment
  202. Did we already know Alex was not Ben's natural child?
  203. Mrs.Hawking Faradays Mother... Confirmed?
  204. He's not your son Kate
  205. When and Where was Charlotte Time Traveling?
  206. If Locke is Special Then...
  207. Locke and Faraday
  208. The Gun did not go OFF!!
  209. Desmond and Ben
  210. Did Jin already know that Charlotte spoke Korean?
  211. Is Christian/Jacob trying to change the past?
  212. What's the meaning of Charlotte knowing Korean?
  213. How did Charlotte know about the well..
  214. This is all i could get at such short notice
  215. The smokey / temple / demons - theory
  216. The Garden of Eden?
  217. Locke finds the well
  218. Wouldn't Danielle Freak out going back to the Temple with Alex and Carl?
  219. Anyone catch what Montand said referring to Jin? " First a Boat, then a Helicopter"
  220. Lapidus
  221. Where is and what is going on with Claire?
  222. Matty Abadon selection of the 'scientists'
  223. What About The Rest Of THE O6?
  224. HELP: I missed the beginning of the episode...recap?
  225. Danielle: 'You're not Robert, you're someone else!'
  226. Christian's white gym shoes
  227. Everyone seems to be getting along better
  228. Well = Water , Water = Fountain of Youth?
  229. So all this was MEANT to happen after all?
  230. The Well and The Rope
  231. 06 are the islands constant?
  232. Did the Numbers change ?
  233. Desmond and Ben
  234. Not sure if this was mentioned.....
  235. Alpert not aging??
  236. Daniel's Irrelevant "Rules" + Hurley created the "curse" with the numbers that he's been so afraid of.
  237. That's where we leave science behind.
  238. Fonts used in dialogue in this eppi.
  239. Title Reference
  240. The Magic Box
  241. The Sickness/The Others
  242. What's so special about Tunisia?
  243. Darlton's Comments on "This Place is Death"
  244. What does Faraday expect?
  245. Sawyer's Rope
  246. Question about Locke's "moving" of the island.......
  247. Reincarnation
  248. Mind Bender..RE: The Numbers
  249. Kate leaves without Aaron?
  250. Any Images in this Smokey?