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  1. Loved it!!!!
  2. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  3. Rate the Episode!!!
  4. Didn't Love it.
  5. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  6. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  7. Did Ben Kill Penny?
  8. Charlies guitar.
  9. What happened to Aaron?
  10. Gotta Love....
  11. Hurley's Comic
  12. Did everyone change places?
  13. Time Shift
  14. Kate is Pregnant
  15. What Happened to Aaron?
  16. Guy @ Airport
  17. Ajira Stuff On Beach...
  18. 78 Tickets
  19. Ben's face and arm raise no questions?!
  20. What TIME are they in now?
  21. Easter Eggs galore!
  22. Marshal
  23. The Lamp post
  24. Dharma VWs are new.
  25. How did Hurley and Sayid get on the plane?
  26. The Shoes!!!!!!
  27. "Flashing" from the plane to the island?
  28. Best lines....
  29. Flight 815 Take 2!!!
  30. Favorite Line or Moment...
  31. Ulysses
  32. Echo's of 815.....
  33. Locke/Jeremy Bentham Obit
  34. Jack and Jill
  35. What song was playing in the VW van?
  36. Ray Shephard
  37. ...we are just the pieces...
  38. My Mother Taught Me
  39. Charlie told Hurley
  40. Sayid to face criminal court appearance in Guam!!
  41. New Jin or Old Jin?
  42. Jack and Kate.....again
  43. Is Walt on the plane ?
  44. Experience...
  45. Daniel created the lamp post?
  46. What Changed Kate's Mind?
  47. Locke's Letter
  48. Anyone get the feeling...
  49. John 3:16
  50. Back so quickly?
  51. Flight 316 is to Flight 815 as Flgith 815 is to_______?
  52. Is the Island Choosing Who Flashes Along With It?|
  53. So Desmond is on a sailboat again...
  54. The Island's not done with you yet. . .
  55. Why did the flash affect their plane?
  56. Whoever moves the island...
  57. Ajira Airways--Losties flashed to the FUTURE
  58. "I was supposed to be flying Oceanic 815"
  59. Losties and the Dharma purge
  60. Aaron is with Grandma
  61. Hawking's Geo-Location Billboard
  62. The result would be... unpredictable
  63. Who is reflected in Jack's Eyes
  64. Problem concerning age resolved?
  65. A Very Clever Fellow Built this Pendulum...
  66. Who is the random person that sits with the island members in first class?
  67. the picture of the island jack saw at the church
  68. a theory on how people found out about this island
  69. Have 3 years passed on the island as well?
  70. Crash of 316: The Outside World's View
  71. Army Photo
  72. Audio Problems?
  73. Will they use Jin for all the big shock endings?
  74. Who cares? Obviously none of the O6 did...
  75. The Blonde Lady in the Airport Bar
  76. "i dont want to come back" "they wont book us without you"
  77. Ajira airlines on the beach
  78. Jack's Apartment?
  79. What do you think about this?
  80. Kate, Sayid, Hurley
  81. How did Hurley get out of Jail?
  82. The 316 Crash
  83. Flash on Plane = Locke Fixing Wheel
  84. Hurley got the guitar from...
  85. Quantum Mechanics
  86. What is Walt's role now?
  87. BENS HABIT of saying " So"
  88. Jack in the bamboo again
  89. Two players. Two sides. One is light. One is dark.
  90. Benjamin Linus
  91. number of people on the plane
  92. I think I got it...so far.
  93. simon's butcher shop
  94. WAIT- Where was Ray going???
  95. Granddad Shepard - Wuzzup With Him?
  96. Did The Whispers Disappear?
  97. The trinity. (Ray-Locke-Christian).
  98. Any chance that Ben wrote Locke's "suicide" note?
  99. The Lamp Post (aka Narnia)
  100. best line of the ep
  101. The Condolence Guy
  102. Lost Missing Pieces - The Watch
  103. Desmond and Ben
  104. Mrs. Hawkings Office Disappearing Objects
  105. So Jack "traveled through time" in the pilot, right?
  106. The Island Moves..
  107. Explanation for Ben murder spree? (Future Ben meets past Richard?)
  108. 9/23/54 - U.S. Army - Op 264
  109. Does anyone else think things went way too smooth in this episode?
  110. Are there 2 Kates?
  111. Did Kate respect....
  112. Y, El Último Hombre
  113. Frank
  114. Because My Mother Taught Me How
  115. Hello!!! What's with those Clothes???
  116. Are the sharks circling?
  117. Suns daughter
  118. The Incident
  119. Sayid being transfered to where through Guam?
  120. Have the Flashes Really Stopped?
  121. Another Snow Globe!
  122. Postmortem Hair Growth
  123. Bruises on Kate's Shoulder?
  124. When Jack was trying to get his fathers body
  125. The Circle
  126. Are the Flashies Settled In Now?
  127. Faraday's mother?
  128. Is that what happens when a core # is changed?
  129. What we don't know vs what we do
  130. Daniel in Orchid NOT a flashback.
  131. Charlies Guitar?
  132. Locke's suicide note.
  133. The Shephard family
  134. 10 hour discrepancy
  135. Why they had to go back
  136. Sun didn't seem too distraught
  137. where is the episode download thread?
  138. Help - Did Ben call Jack - "John" ?
  139. It's about bunnies
  140. "Why do you think you were never rescued?"
  141. Where was Sun's proof that Jin is alive?
  142. Is it all an experiment?
  143. Did Hawking send them to a certain point in time?
  144. Airplane Flash
  145. Why Did Sun Believe Ben?
  146. ...and Kate is pregnant?
  147. Faith VS Science appeared again
  148. Hurley with a guitar, Sayid in custody?
  149. If the island is always moving...
  150. Bens role on the return trip
  151. The island is jumping in time, not the leftbehinders!
  152. Do you enjoy spoilers?
  153. Say what Desmond?
  154. Jack's Tattoos?
  155. Did you expect the Oceanic Six to return to the island this early?
  156. Eloise & Ben Not to be trusted?
  157. Will the Core Value of the Valenzetti Equation Change in this Reboot.
  158. Jack is back
  159. When did the Purge take place? Will they have to go through the purge?
  160. WHEN is the island?
  161. Submarine v Plane?????
  162. Thoughts on The Lamp Post
  163. Food drop
  164. Locke, Charlie and the guitar case in Season 1
  165. This Episode was history in the making!
  166. After you left the island, some very bad things happened.
  167. Parallels Flight 815 - Ajira
  168. Flight 316 was never going to make it
  169. The Lefties have lived 3 years during Dharma
  170. 815/316
  171. Reincarnation Shoes
  172. Hieroglyphics Again
  173. 316 put this whole show together for me: here's my take thus far
  174. Sawyer's whisper to Kate and Clementine
  175. Could the Ajira Plane crash AND the lefties be sent back in time?
  176. Sayid, Sun, Lapidus, Ben and Locke's body
  177. Why does Jack look different?
  178. Jacob's List
  179. Foucault's Pendulum
  180. New Dharma Logo on Jin's Jumpsuit!
  181. Major changes in lagoon scenes
  182. The Oceanic 6 Suicide Pact
  183. Biblical references
  184. children separated from parents
  185. No More Aaron?
  186. Did 316 Crash? Or are the O6 Time Jumping?
  187. Ben's Mother
  188. Why can't Widmore find the island?
  189. Randome thought after this epi...
  190. flashing to the island
  191. Random thoughts concerning Sun, and the Rabbit
  192. Jon's Body
  193. Why so difficult to get back?
  194. Ajira Boardpass
  195. Hurley in the water drowning. inconsistency?
  196. Dating the Lamp Post map
  197. Its all a game!
  198. Jack is the "Proxy" for the Audience in "316"
  199. Locke's stubble
  200. So...how does this pendulum work, exactly?
  201. Shoes
  202. Flashes, Time, the Donkey Wheel...
  203. Not always in the Pacific
  204. Was the woman @ the bar, Daniel's Theresa.
  205. Ray... Was he going back too?
  206. "it has to be this flight"
  207. Shepherd
  208. Ben's Surprise at Ellie being Dan's Mum
  209. Was that the same lagoon?
  210. Frank Lapidus?
  211. Faraday & Charlotte: Same Dad?
  212. Isaac of Uluru knew (Season 2, Episode SOS)
  213. U. S. Army photo
  214. A question on the 06 originaly leaving
  215. Jack's Leap of Faith
  216. was jin on the island before???
  217. Jack's Eye
  218. The boat Scene in this season premier
  219. The U.S. Army picture of The Island
  220. Are the Losties in 1980?
  221. Leaving the Island during the Dharma times...
  222. Sun's Hours Before
  223. So is how the characters got on the plane this seasons "Flashbacks"
  224. A different take on "Good vs Evil"
  225. What happens to Ji-Yeon
  226. 46 hours earlier?
  227. Mrs. Hawking's Broach
  228. Kate and Sun will get pregnant and die
  229. Warping Timeline
  230. The Incident
  231. Sun "convinced" Kate?
  232. Malkin Knew About the "Windows"
  233. Ajira=Hegira?
  234. Placement after crash vs placement after flash
  235. The Lamppost is the entrance to Narnia
  236. Why does Jill hate Jack?
  237. Was Ray going to the Island?
  238. When Sun and Jin see each again...
  239. Hello Kitty, sorta
  240. Thomas the Apostle
  241. Locke's body looks different
  242. 316 not 416
  243. Hurley's reaction to ben
  244. "Use seat bottom for flotation"
  245. Was Ben praying?
  246. Timeloops
  247. Cindy/Ajira Stewardesses are Others?
  248. Ben Redeemed?
  249. Does Jack know Ms.Hawking?
  250. Eloise Hawking's Complete Shift in Attitude