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  1. Richard Alpert
  2. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  3. Didn't Love it.
  4. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  5. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  6. Loved it!!!!
  7. Rate the Episode!!!
  8. OMG Statue
  9. How did Sawyer know about?
  10. Best Lines for Le Fleur
  11. The Necklace
  12. Inconsistency with Charlotte's Birthdate ? (merged)
  13. Goodspeed = Fearless Leader!?
  14. Sawyer and Juliet
  15. Was Juliet pregnant ? ?
  16. So who will Horace and Amy's son be?
  17. Reason for the purge in the future
  18. charlotte
  19. Invasion of the Body Snatchers?
  20. The Truce
  21. Why Do They Have to Come Back???
  22. The sonic fence--Hmmmm
  23. Juliet vs Kate
  24. Why Didn't LaFleur Tell Juliet?
  25. Dharma Initiative as a Utopian Society
  26. Anubis, the stuatue and the dead!
  27. Triangle Anvils galore.
  28. Helen
  29. Richard's hair
  30. Richard's People are Native?
  31. Two Plans
  32. Did Daniel Kill Charlotte by Saving Her?
  33. Was Ben Pushing the FDW the Other Way???
  34. Horace's wife?
  35. The Well
  36. Where is younger Ben?
  37. LeFleur?
  38. I've finally got a candidate.
  39. Ankh (Handled Cross)
  40. Alpert Recruiting Juliet to help with the infertility.....
  41. Baby Making
  42. Please take a look at the threads before creating new ones
  43. The Lefties new roles
  44. Enos?
  45. "You look just like her" -Harper to Juliet
  46. pregnanat women leave on the sub to have their baby
  47. Three Years Later...and no Daniel Faraday
  48. It's L<a>fleur!!!!!
  49. Paul?
  50. Good Mourning
  51. Submarine- Walkie
  52. The Statue - Spoilers
  53. The Sonic Fence
  54. Horace, The Cabin and Paul
  55. Why isn't Juliet a doctor for the DI?
  56. What has happened to the Island "whispers"?
  57. The Island Five have stuck together?
  58. Is There a Reason Sawyer has Miles Working with Him in Security.
  59. Jerry, Phil, Rosie and the Brownies
  60. Sawyer's emotional growth as a human
  61. Why Charlotte couldn't have met Daniel in her past.
  62. Where to from here?
  63. related story and legend? PERHAPS!?!?
  64. new whispers
  65. Was Paul Secretly an "Other"?
  66. The Incident
  67. ben on the next submarine
  68. Olivia Goodspeed???
  69. What was the song on the reel-to-reel?
  70. Bad boy Sawyer or Hero James?
  71. Evertything old is new again
  72. Horace or Horus
  73. No More Flashes...?
  74. Girl in the Hatch
  75. 2 Juliet's
  76. Conversation with Richard
  77. So is 3 years really 3 years?
  78. Wrong episode title.
  79. Jean Lafleur
  80. Jin's Hooked On Phonics!!!
  81. Song in Jin's WW - from 2008? How?
  82. Sawyer and Kate reunion finally!
  83. Walkie Talkie - Too New for 1974?
  84. What has Sawyer done?
  85. Timeline and the Jeep
  86. Why wasn't Sawyer hit in the crossfire?
  87. Was Paul a Hostile
  88. Can we get the sub-forum title changed?
  89. Richard's clothes
  90. Clue Juliet is Jacob!?
  91. Giving Birth on the Island
  92. Is Daniel going to try and break the rules?
  93. Egyptian Pattern...
  94. Is Ben in the camp as boy in 1974?
  95. What year IS it?
  96. We need a poll! Amy's baby is...
  97. Are they all in 1974?
  98. "As Long as it Takes"
  99. Ben, Sun, Sayid
  100. Where are the rest!?!?!?!?!
  101. Time Travelling makes me feel Lost!
  102. The White King is Missing
  103. Why Widmore chose Faraday, Lapidus,Miles & Charlotte
  104. Amy=Emily, Sawyer+Locke=1/2Bros.
  105. after re watching Man Behind the Curtain.....
  106. The Necklace
  107. But she brought BROWNIES!
  108. "Skate" . . . "Jate" . . Juliet + Sawyer =
  109. Time Travel Question
  110. Jin 'grid searching' for Rose and Bernard?
  111. So, Christian was in the ancient time when he appeared.
  112. They can come and go now
  113. "It may be able to keep some things out"...
  114. Is 3 years long enough to forget about somebody
  115. Has the Black Rock not crashed yet?
  116. Widmore on the island?
  117. A different statue?
  118. Interesting Juliet thought
  119. Did the island move when locke turned the wheel?
  120. Where was Daniel?
  121. Familiar faces and the Coming War
  122. DI Jumpsuits
  123. How it will end
  124. Who was Paul and why did he have a gun?
  125. New Dharma Logos
  126. Avlar Hanso
  127. Eternal Return
  128. Olivia, Horace, Richard, Ben, and their hairstyles
  129. Future Lost-ee's?
  130. Will our Losties run into young Ben?
  131. Ramesses 2
  132. So, can someone explain WHY the O6 had to come back?
  133. Sawyer is now part of the Island Mytharc
  134. We don't know the exact year
  135. Miles & The Dead Others
  136. Is Desmond the "special" game changer because he is the only child to have been born on the island?
  137. The intern
  138. Sawyer's Beard
  139. The "L" Word
  140. Richard is dead. Here is why.
  141. Broken truces and keepsake necklaces
  142. Dead bodies DON'T flash...
  143. Where (When) the hell is everyone
  144. Amy = Amelia?
  145. Where was Daniel?
  146. Missing Question About Statue . . . ?
  147. Sawyer and the Black Rock
  148. Wait, wait! Maybe Charlotte is not dead!
  149. Desmond will come back aboard the Black Rock...
  150. Anyone read X-Men/X-Factor/Cable
  151. Jack, Kate and Hurley must be wondering
  152. Why put in the stupid love triangle?
  153. when ben was born
  154. lefleur on the face of it a waste of time
  155. When Richard handed Locke Sawyer's file, did he remember him?
  156. Some of What we already know
  157. The Island would not let leave Juliet leave
  158. Everybody needs to die
  159. Where did the 06 Flash come from?
  160. "Three Years" + Ben/Locke
  161. Who Do You WANT the Statue to Be?
  162. Changing the Future
  163. Languages on the Island...
  164. Am I understanding the time loop thing?
  165. "Things don't stay buried here."
  166. Horace blowing up trees.... a bit like Smokey...
  167. I'm so confused
  168. Dharma skeletons
  169. Juliet originally brought to the island because...
  170. Conservation of (island) time
  171. Can someone explain?
  172. When Desmond Returns
  173. Jack and Sawyer
  174. Locke's Dad - The "Real" Sawyer, Coming Back?
  175. The Temptation of Time Travel
  176. Did Sawyer leave a rope in ancient times?
  177. Sawyer should go darth vader on everyone
  178. Why does it take Locke 3 years to bring them back?
  179. Cesar - Black/White reference
  180. Who is Amy??
  181. Horace...not too bright
  182. Teenaged Locke in the Dharma Purge??
  183. Sonic Fence and Miles
  184. Sawyer and Jacob both Waiting 4 John
  185. Ben's fixation with lists makes more sense now
  186. Where was Charles Widmore on May 30,1956?
  187. Alex was always dead?
  188. Ajira 316's 'Event Window' was a product of not pushing the button on time...
  189. Playing chess
  190. Brainwashing at the Dharma Initiative
  191. So the island does not want Ben back?
  192. The Purge: What will happen to Sawyer,Juliet,and Jin?
  193. The Purge: What will happen to Sawyer,Juliet,and Jin?
  194. Why a two/three week break?
  195. So the unburied bodies. Some Theories
  196. Egyptian gods and Christianity.
  197. Did the DI's mission change?
  198. Self Meet Self
  199. Why Doesn't Juliet Tell About the Island's Secrets?
  200. Test
  201. Olivia-Horace and Amy
  202. No Cameras Allowed Part 2.
  203. Previous LaFleur Jumpsuit Spottings
  204. Seeing the dead
  205. "You can't change the past"
  206. I think Olivia is Charlotte's Mother - They left the Island together
  207. Answer Needed - Ajira Airlines
  208. Self Fulfilling Clues We Missed the First Time
  209. Jacob's List finally revealed?
  210. "That fence may keep out other things, but not us."
  211. Why Desmond is different
  212. Faraday crying
  213. The return of the circles?
  214. Was Kelvin the Last Surviving Dharma Member
  215. Could Paul have been a Hostile? Could Amy be?
  216. charlotte from episode 2x21 ... same or coincidence?
  217. The Rope In The Ground
  218. The Pinball Machine
  219. Babies were born on the island before 1985
  220. "You really think you can convince them we were in a boat wreck?"
  221. why is Sawyer wearing glasses all the time now?
  222. How did the O6 know to jump to the 70's instead of present time?
  223. Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  224. Missing Lost
  225. The Truce
  226. Richard Alpert's namesake
  227. Putting together peices: island childbirth
  228. Ben's Arrival
  229. Could Faraday be Jacob ?
  230. What is the "moral code" of the Others?
  231. How did Amy get her earplugs into her ears without being caught?
  232. Reveal from Enhanced Episodes (canon)?
  233. How Ben got to know the future
  234. 29 Connections of Lost to Watchmen
  235. 3 year gap in John Locke's timeline?
  236. LaFleur/Amy's Baby Confusion
  237. Christian doing something dangerous???
  238. Use of same/similar names
  239. episode 3x10 or x10 .. Mikhail remembers Locke?
  240. Nosebleeds
  241. Back in Time to the 70's
  242. just a reminder that Ben is really freakin evil.
  243. Jin's hiding a cell phone...
  244. Who broke the truce?
  245. Light/Dark = Opposition? Or something more...?
  246. i dont understand this about LaFleur
  247. 3 years later...3 years earlier...
  248. Paul is a hostile