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  1. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  2. Didn't Love it.
  3. Loved it!!!!
  4. Rate the Episode!!!
  5. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  6. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  7. Sayid and Eko (mirror)
  8. Ann Arbor...
  9. Why is Sayid being stupid?
  10. Sayid's Purpose
  11. Who set the bus on fire
  12. Oldham's phonograph
  13. Who Wants to Huggle Little Ben?
  14. Can/Will Little Ben Die?
  15. Let the paradox begin
  16. Will the Island let Young Ben Die?
  17. Quadrangle....
  18. Alternate Episode Titles
  19. The Book - A Separate Reality
  20. Sayid and Ben
  21. Young Ben says he "hated" his father?
  22. Richard in Costume???
  23. Benry should have been terrified of Sayid!
  24. Sayid makes Ben the man he is today
  25. what happened to our Sawyer??
  26. The Swan
  27. Ben's ___How would it affect the purge?
  28. Best Lines
  29. Did Sayid cause the pregnancy problems?
  30. Why didn't Sayid shoot him in the face?
  31. The Illusion
  32. relax, Ben's not REALLY dead
  33. So now the purge can begin.
  34. Oldham's first name...
  35. The Other mans shoes
  36. Jack will save Ben (again)
  37. Kate's reason for returning to the Island?
  38. Who is Alana working for?
  39. Did Amy Seem A Little Too Eager to Off Sayid?
  40. Sayid from 316 says something different tonight
  41. McCutchen Scotch
  42. Hurley's job - how convenient
  43. What does the title of this episode mean?
  44. Ben stealing Lockes tasks.
  45. Born on the Island
  46. Sayid and the Truth
  47. Hand me my Clue x Four
  48. Mr. DharmaHostileCameraExtra - The man for ANY job
  49. William Sanderson- From NEWHART- What Are The Chances...???
  50. Still no locke!!!
  51. Ahhh, the sweet taste of revenge
  52. A Friend Like Ben
  53. Remember "The List"?
  54. Amy: Could she be a a Hostile plant?
  55. What did Ben do to Sayid?
  56. Sayid Jarrah as Henry Gale
  57. We HAVE to think about the CHILDREN!!
  58. Talk About Living A Lie.....
  59. Russian Signs
  60. He's Our You = mirror image of Confidence Man
  61. Sayid's first "flashback" = "flash-sideways"?
  62. When Sayid decided to kill Ben
  63. Don't the people on this show have a telephone?
  64. Was Sayid's role in O6 intended for Eko?
  65. "Locke was murdered"
  66. "Dharmaceutical" given to Sayid: same substance given to Claire?
  67. when will Sawyer ask Kate if she did what he asked, before he jumped?
  68. Sayid's going to die, but Kate, why did you come back?
  69. Sayid spills the beans about the future
  70. "I Really Hated Him"
  71. Sayid is a hostile!
  72. The Book of Law is back
  73. Have Ben, Sun, or Lapidus seen Locke?
  74. Something on the hand of the person Sayid shot?
  75. Sayid and the Purge?
  76. He's our you - not just the obvious parallel
  77. What was with the oral fixations???
  78. Sayid felt no guilt torturing Ben
  79. the dark side of the Dharma Utopia
  80. Whatever happened happens or Whatever happens happened?
  81. Jumped the shark
  82. How did they get all this stuff to the Island??
  83. Okay, this is bugging me!!
  84. Big Ben Wanted Sayid to Kill Little Ben or The Others Are Dead
  85. A Sarcastic Quip, or an Important Message On Things To Come?
  86. I hope there is more to this line...
  87. Missing Desmond, Daniel, Miles
  88. Juliet's still at the motor pool?
  89. Can Little Ben hear Jin and Sayid?
  90. The incident
  91. Are you sure Jack will save Ben again?
  92. Whose Door did LaFleur Knock On?
  93. Young Ben dying = Two LOST worlds
  94. Ben Got Sayid To Shoot Young Ben
  95. Why did Kate come back?
  96. Mysterious Marvin Candle - Light my fire!
  97. Signs of Jacob?
  98. Is it because it was Ben?
  99. Oldham: not so tough
  100. Parallels Between Sayid and Kate
  101. Spoiler Reminder
  102. The Purge and Radzinksy : Did he change sides?
  103. Where or when the heck are Rose and Bernard?
  104. LaFleur blew Sayid's cover, didn't he?
  105. How long can Jack wait?
  106. Voting Rights (The Looking Glass represented)
  107. Best Lines in "He's Our You"
  108. Othersville/Dharmaville in "Namaste" a bigger (missed) clue?
  109. Run and Hide or go with the others?
  110. The O6 = The islands problems
  111. What have they done to my beloved Sayid?
  112. Ben getting shot is not related to incident or purge
  113. Was Ben the first John Locke?
  114. what will happen to Sayid?
  115. Geronimo Jackson
  116. .
  117. What Was the Drug?
  118. Desmond's Parents?
  119. Interesting Anagrams for Oldham.......
  120. Parrells of Future and Past Sayid and Ben
  121. Why didn't Ben confront Ilana after the crash?
  122. Violet Clothing
  123. How Ben learns to fight
  124. That is why i am here
  125. Wait no reference to henry gayle
  126. Season 5 Makes Season 3 Good
  127. The reason why Ben was made leader
  128. So did miniben tt also?
  129. What Lie will Young Ben Tell?
  130. Moment of truth: CAN YOU CHANGE THE PAST?
  131. So will they know each other on 815, or what will change it...
  132. Ethan around 26...bull.....
  133. Time travel question
  134. Radzinsky and the Swan
  135. It is supposed to happen.
  136. Will Hurley see the "Numbers"
  137. Would Sayid have killed baby Ethan?
  138. Flies
  139. "The Others" solved?
  140. Child Ben was the first and/or last "murder" Adult Ben needed Sayid to commit.
  141. Where's Widmore?
  142. No way the real Radzinsky was with Inman
  143. why did sayid shoot little ben?
  144. What's to become of Sayid?
  145. Possible that Ben Linus is not Ben Linus?
  146. Giant Face or Big Eye in Flame?
  147. Didn't Ben have a scar on his chest?
  148. One of us / One of them has come full circle
  149. The purpose of the Swan
  150. It's only a matter of time before Hurley tells them
  151. The people Ben and Sayid killed
  152. Is Ben a ghost?
  153. So this episode helped confirm how Ben was not a good leader
  154. Coincidence?
  155. I figured out who Jacob is...
  156. Previously on Lost....
  158. Ben on a Mission Following 316 Crash
  159. Why the paranoia?
  160. Future Character Doubling Up
  161. Shockingly Stupid Trivia!
  162. How does Alpert get through the Sonic Fence?
  163. Update on CS's orientation bldg.
  164. Dharma timeline from 1977 to 1992
  165. i think i just beat lost.
  166. If Sayid is "done," what about the Economist?
  167. Could the Losties cause the Purge?
  168. What will you do?
  169. Is young Ben a liar too?
  170. Roger Workman
  171. Did they slip us a clue?
  172. Could there be a Dharma Satellite?
  173. 1977 Dharma Security Locations
  174. Amazing..morse code message hidden in Oldham's phonograph song