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  1. Rate the Episode!!!
  2. Didn't Love it.
  3. Loved it!!!!
  4. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  5. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  6. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  7. Ben taking Alex...
  8. Walt's Bird?
  9. The Elephant In The Room
  10. Charles Widmore gets Banished from the island for...
  11. Charles and Ben
  12. Does anyone take more of a beating than Ben..
  13. Ben is Good?
  14. What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue...?!?
  15. Is Smokey really God?
  16. Ben seemed a little disappointed...
  17. Will Ben listen to Alex (Smoke Monster)?
  18. Best Lines
  19. I guess we know about the war Widmore was talking about
  20. Hieroglyphics under the Temple
  21. Underworld Isle
  22. The Dharmaville mystery continues
  23. Ben telling Danielle to stay away from the Whispers
  24. So, if Ben didn't kill Penny, then...
  25. What is in the big crate?
  26. What Exactly Did Ben Say?
  27. Anubis FTW!!!
  28. Night into day
  29. Locke Owns Ben
  30. So the Smoke Monster is really Apep?
  31. The Whispers: Does this clue help or confuse?
  32. Danielle "I never saw them"
  33. Why do you reckon "Dead is Dead" ?
  34. Is Jack an Other?
  35. Smokey Lives in a Toilet???!!!
  36. Desmond/Penny boat named "Our Mutual Friend"
  37. Ben in Dorothy's Tornado
  38. Hold on, is that Locke?
  39. Children as a Theme
  40. The Island: Portal to the afterlife
  41. Caesar Got Pwn'd
  42. The Dreams
  43. ethan is already an Other?
  44. Undead Locke Rocks!!!
  45. Ethan and Ben Others pre-Purge?
  46. Why Didn't Smokey Kill Ben?
  47. Did Des have a flash before the shooting?
  48. Locke: Dead, Alive, or Smokey?? (POLL)
  49. Alternate Episode Titles
  50. Smokey in the Water
  51. Richard and Widmore
  52. Widmore didn't quite search for the island for 20 years
  53. Widmore's horse
  54. Rousseau didn't recognize Henry Gale?
  55. The case on the beach, Ben shoots that guy, Locke acts weird. the all consuming thread.
  56. Lost Untangled 5.12
  57. Anubis...god of the dead
  58. "you're the one who infected us!" - Danielle
  59. Breaking the Rules: What are the rules??
  60. I Guess We Know What The Statue Looks Like Now
  61. Does Ben have One More chance?
  62. What's the deal with Ben and our Dharma friends?
  63. John's Shoes!
  64. Okay so Charles is a liar too(like we didn't know)
  65. Was that Eddie?
  66. Jacob, Smokie, Egyptian Symbols, and Passover
  67. Keamy the Course Corrector?
  68. "The Secret History of the World" by Mark Booth
  69. babies aren't born on the island? for what reason??
  70. What has Smokey truly already revealed?
  71. The temple- your FINAL DESTINATION
  72. The Island is in the Northern Hemisphere? Evidence.
  73. Desmond 316 says I Just Whooped Your @$$!
  74. What if Ben had killed Alex as a baby?
  75. Ben is Good, Charles is Evil
  76. Why didn't Desmond die?
  77. Why Did Widmore Order Danielle's murder?
  78. What kind of beings NOW are Locke, Richard Alpert, Claire, Dr. Christian Shephard
  79. Smokey passes through the vent holes
  80. "Other" questions
  81. Thanks for stopping by, Caesar.
  82. The water drainage
  83. Does Charles Live Somewhere Else?
  84. Why wouldn't Charles have known that Jacob wanted Ben healed?
  85. Ben's arm still not explained...
  86. Frank walking out on Sun
  87. Savage?
  88. Ben is alive...Because he IS Dead.
  89. Do we take what Ben says at face value?
  90. Timeline question
  91. Et tu Brute!
  92. Ellie Hawking -- Double Agent?
  93. "He changed the rules"
  94. 'tell des i'm sorry ... '
  95. The Mural & is Smokey Anubis's Daughter
  96. The show will not "venture too far into science fiction as its mysteries unfold"
  97. Caesar: Dead, or the next Mikhail??
  98. Im confused... When did Ben rejoin Dharma?
  99. The Risk Game
  100. Hamster Lady Painting Again
  101. Ilana with Widmore = Plot hole
  102. Widmore trying to use time travel knowledge??
  103. Smokie blowing up Ben's torch and then lighting it up again!!!
  104. The ankh is a key to summon the monster
  105. Friends can be significantly more dangerous than enemies - Annie?
  106. Did the Island only heal Ben once?
  107. How does Locke know about the hole?
  108. Widmore and Desmond
  109. Christian and Ben (and Locke, too)
  110. Pharaohs
  111. How will Charles react to Dez saving Penny?
  112. Ben never saw that picture?
  113. If Lost has anything to do with Aliens, I'm done*
  114. Widmore's timeline
  115. Does Penny know anything at all.....
  116. So where did Ethan go to med school?
  117. First View of Hostile Society
  118. Who'd want to be a Hostile/Other/Native?!?!
  119. The Food of the Underworld
  120. "The Devourer of the Unjustified"
  121. Charles - arrogant & stupid or knows something big, no one else does?
  122. Ben and guilt begs for punishment and D.I.D. Dead is Dead,
  123. Ben's Closet
  124. The Monster is a lot like the fundamentalist Christian's God
  125. Timeless Richard Theory
  126. Resurrected, or Never Dead?
  127. Ben telling Ceasar Locke wasn't on the plane
  128. Richard to Widmore: This has nothing to do with you.
  129. What are the chances...
  130. Back to Basics
  131. OK. I'll be the first to say it...
  132. anagram - bottom of the statue
  133. Past etc
  134. Did taking Alex cause..
  135. John Locke's attire
  136. Ben's connection with Walt
  137. If Ben Got To Live, Why Did EKO get killed?
  138. Hmmm...so which one could Richard possibly be?
  139. Ageless Richard has thirst?
  140. Has Ben ever met Christian?
  141. Ben's punishment, Alex's importance, and the Island's justice
  142. The smoke before they took Alex
  143. What is this symbol?
  144. How John knew where to go.
  145. The Island is a Hellmouth!
  146. Was that Karl?
  147. The BOX and the WAR
  148. When Did Ethan Become An Other?
  149. Scares the Hell Out of Me
  150. Stone Smoke Holes to Hades
  151. Ilana's Story
  152. Within the shadow of the statue lies... THE DOOR
  153. Desmond's Bumper Sticker
  154. Ok, so I'll be the first to question....
  155. Why haven't we seen Others like Tom aka Mr Friendly?
  156. Smokey and sonic fence?
  157. The cause of Ben's evil nature
  158. The cause of Ben's evil nature
  159. Is Horace One of THEM?
  160. When Are They Going To Show Us the Temple?
  161. Fox Saves Man's...?
  162. Stop overdoing the Ben Baddy Music!
  163. Who is Benjamin Linus?
  164. Ilana and Co "Infected?"
  165. Smokey's Ring Around the Rosie
  166. Is Locke being impersonated? (Different voice)
  167. A Theory of Ben's Motivation for Shooting Locke
  168. is this a map
  169. 42 Holes in Smokey's Vent
  170. Flash of Light
  171. Others costumes/clothing & lifestyle over a 50 year span
  172. be seeing you
  173. How did Ben know Charles fathered a child?
  174. The soul is software, Smokey is hardware
  175. Returning to the Island
  176. Widmore's Con
  177. Why did they kill off Cesar??
  178. Ben pretending to shoot Rousseau
  179. Why no Christian?
  180. What did Locke have to do?
  181. john king?
  182. What did LOCKE have to do?
  183. Ellie has a Daughter?
  184. Penelope Widmore's Mother....
  185. Why Ben doesn't kill children and their mothers
  186. Ben Cons Smokey
  187. Just thought of something.
  188. Personal effects.
  189. Ben: Time for your monthly check up!
  190. Putting the pieces together (another Locke thread)
  191. Is anyone else getting a Stargate vibe, with all the Egyptian stuff and whatnot?
  192. Smokey!
  193. Walt's Dream
  194. Anything hidden in Smokey??
  195. Young Ben remembers everything?
  196. Why did Ben go to his judgement so willingly?
  197. Did Smokey change Danielle's Crew? Or threaten them?
  198. Christian Shepherd Theories
  199. Good guys, bad guys, leaders & followers oh my!
  200. First Appearance of Tom.....
  201. Whatever Ilana is up to, Caesar was in on it
  202. Why exactly Richard is helping Ben?
  203. The DI was time traveling as a hobby!
  204. Ben's potential death scene...
  205. The importance of Ben's picture?
  206. Run from the whispers?