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  1. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  2. Didn't Love it.
  3. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  4. Rate the Episode!!!
  5. Loved it!!!!
  6. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  7. You Don't Belong Here,She Was Wrong
  8. Product Placement - Wired Magazine
  9. Best Lines
  10. Lost's New Mystery: Why Kelvin Didn't Shoot Radzinsky Himself
  11. Maybe they CAN change things
  12. The Faradox
  13. Hawking Hating
  14. So is Faraday Dead?
  15. Noooooooo! Faraday!
  16. Theory on how lost will end
  17. You need a hard hat
  18. Little Faraday lives
  19. Little Daniel's metronome counting ability
  20. Faraday's Free Will vs Hawking's Whatever Happened, Happened
  21. Tonight's Opening Title Screen...
  22. The Widmore Family Tree
  23. Jin and Sun: Out of Time but Totally in Sync
  24. Anyone else think the "blows up on them" plot is a little forced?
  25. Your Mother was an Other
  26. If Dan is Ellie and Charles kid then he is a HOSTILE?
  27. Looks Like You Can Change the Past...
  28. Where is Sayid?
  29. Ellie recognising Daniel
  30. What did you see?
  31. The inscription in the Journal
  32. "My bulletproof milk having self will never leave you."
  33. Daniel's Purpose
  34. Hawking is Hannah
  35. If people are the variables, then why did Charlie die?
  36. Eloise is a Rat!
  37. What was Daniel's plan with Jughead?
  38. The Parent Trap???
  39. Desmond's Purpose in this Epi
  40. Guitar Man
  41. Hawking sent the Shadow of the Statue people
  42. Dan and Lil' Charlotte's conversation
  43. "I can make time...."
  44. Did anyone hear everything Dr. Chang was telling the scientists?
  45. Widmore & Desmond & Hawking
  46. Old Otherton
  47. So Widmore had to sacrifice Penny?
  48. Widmore did stage the fake 815 crash
  49. Did Jughead ever explode?
  50. Is Little Charlie Hume in Danger Now?
  51. Sawyer's Hair
  52. The alternate fate of the Losties - show's ending?
  53. Kate By A Giant Leg (Tree Trunk) For What It's Worth...
  54. We just saw the last scene of Lost
  55. All this money, scientists, and resources, but NO PEEPHOLES???
  56. Farraday crying about 815 and the Time Loop
  57. Daniel's Caretaker
  58. "This nurse will watch your son...."
  59. Multiverse, Parallel Universe, Many Worlds Interpretation
  61. A Variable Named ... Pick a Character
  62. Anyone else think Eloise isn't Dan's real mom?
  63. what exactly happens if they stop the incident?
  64. Back into the jungle back into the jungle
  65. What We Learned Tonight
  66. What's up with Jacks teeth
  67. How/when did Faraday learn that his mom, Hawking, was an Other?
  68. Richard afraid of a gun
  69. Richard and Eloise
  70. Daniel approaching Charlotte
  71. The 815ers and the hydrogen bomb
  72. Daniel & Jack Spend 7 Hours Playing Statue
  73. If Daniel is dead, how can he know so much about...
  74. Why Nadia and the Ajira crew are there...
  75. Dan's well chosen piano piece
  76. Time Paradox
  77. OK, so what about Lapidus?
  78. A big unanswered question.........
  79. Daniel -- Born on the Island?
  80. Faraday's intricate knowledge
  81. From Oxford England to New England..why?
  82. TV Show in Waiting Room
  83. Jack gets his macho back on
  84. Alternate Episode Titles
  85. Great plan Dan!
  86. Dan acting "out of character" toting a gun around
  87. Why did Faraday need to find his mother?
  88. Why weren't Jack & Co. supposed to come back?
  89. Reversed Oedipus Myth
  90. Widmore?
  91. Why would Dan bring a gun in to the Others camp?
  92. Dan's Journal and other thoughts
  93. exit wound
  94. Ha Ha! Daniel says there is no time loop, this is the first go around of events
  95. Dan's magic color changing Dharma jumpsuit
  96. one of Sawyer's best lines EVER
  97. Sawyer and Juliet
  98. In About Four Hours....
  99. What qualifies you...?
  100. Rose, Bernard, Vincent, Kate, Jack
  101. Dan did NOT contradict WHH
  102. Desmond: shot or not shot?
  103. I love Juliet and Jame's team work and trust with each other
  104. Is Kate the link between the constant and the variable?
  105. Genetically Impossible (Widmore as Daniel's dad)
  106. The Constant vs The Variable
  107. Why does Daniel wait until 1977?
  108. Is Little Faraday still on the island?
  109. Are we seeing the Valenzetti Equation?
  110. Penny, Eloise's daughter too?
  111. How Hawking Knows the Future
  112. So if Daniel is a Widmore/Hawking
  113. more oceanic circles and why
  114. The source of Ben's knowledge
  115. Will Penny ever learn she had a half brother
  116. I have two words for you, Lost.
  117. What did Daniel actually tell Charolette..THIS TIME
  118. Accident vs. Incident
  119. When did Daniel make notes in his journal?
  120. Time Loop and Sawyer's Line
  121. Dans Plan Wouldn't Have Worked
  122. The Paradox: Theories Welcomed
  123. Why did Eloise send her son to die?
  124. Aldo - reoccuring character?
  125. fate : free will :: faith : science
  126. Why the slap?
  127. Daniel was a very bad Physicist
  128. How Will the World End?
  129. Course Correction...Does it Matter?
  130. Mother Of The Year
  131. I guess I missed the nuance...
  132. LOST Untangled - The Variable
  133. The Swan as Metaphor
  134. An Other In The Construction site In the Orchid??
  135. Confirmed Dead in perspective.
  136. Daniel already knows everything that will happen
  137. What did you just see?
  138. The Whisperers, are they...
  139. Do I know you?
  140. "Desmond is my constant" - isn't this still unexplained?
  141. Did I miss something?
  142. Why does Jack want to forget?
  143. Juliette trying to get rid of Kate.. (x2)
  144. Did anyone else notice...
  145. Why does Daniel Faraday not have the same last name of either of his parents?
  146. I'm still don't trust Kate
  147. Color of Oxford Scene
  148. Does Hawking believe in WHH or does she not?
  149. What did Jin say?
  150. Daniel's Notebook
  151. Who do you believe - Dan or Eloise?
  152. Widmore is Impossibly Rich
  153. Wait a minute, no smokey in the 70s?
  154. How did the Others get there?
  155. Daniel = Doc Brown
  156. Variable is Daniel's Journal - Helps "Make Time"
  157. Cheated & Saddened by Dan's Death
  158. Daniel was wrong about one little thing...
  159. Penelope's Mother
  160. daniel in orchid station during flashing episode
  161. Eloise's message to herself!
  162. Eloise & Widmore Love
  163. Daniel's Dharma Patch as he exits the sub
  164. So why DID Dan hide his face in the Orchid?
  165. Proving WHH wrong
  166. "You Knew This Would Happen"
  167. Right On Time
  168. The 2nd Meanest Thing Eloise Ever Did to Daniel
  169. "You just couldn't stay away"
  170. Whatever happened happened vs free will Des is the key
  171. two points of speculation
  172. Why Daniel has lied about the variables
  173. Need some help with Dan's story...
  174. Who's older Daniel or Charlotte?
  175. The Women You Love Will Only Get Hurt
  176. Dr Changs hand
  177. Daniel's lack of a scar on his neck...
  178. Daniel and Charlottes age
  179. Haha I knew it, I knew I was right!
  180. Twins
  181. Dan's Journal Reveals Time Can Change
  182. World's First Supersonic Submarine
  183. Something I haven't seen discussed..
  184. Small point that probably doesn't matter
  185. You All Faraday
  186. For the first time in a long time
  187. This may mean nothing but
  188. What Charlotte and Dan taught us about free will
  189. Ellie, Daniel, Richard - question for people who know guns
  190. Daniel's parents and loops
  191. The Variable Podcast - clearing things up
  192. Surviving 'The Incident'
  193. Daniel was not Charlotte's Constant
  194. miles & daniel
  195. So does anyone else think Hurley
  196. There are two journals!
  197. Dan Determines His Own Fate
  198. The Island is dictating what happens
  199. Blood samples...the purpose?
  200. Bad twin!
  201. Was the indian restaurant called...
  202. Lil Dan Played Piano on Island?
  203. Maybe Eloise Can Erase Memories?
  204. I don't think Jacob is real