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  1. Watching Live Thread: East Coast
  2. Didn't Love it.
  3. Rate the Episode!!!
  4. Loved it!!!!
  5. Watching Live Thread: West Coast
  6. Discuss the Episode: AKA the Neutral Thread
  7. Question abotu Richard
  8. Did Richard look agitated when he saw John?
  9. Where is little kid Daniel?
  10. Exactly what year are Locke and co in?
  11. John wanting to kill Jacob!
  12. Locke wants to kill Jacob!
  13. Jughead and radiation?
  14. Best Lines
  15. The Incident IS them detonating the Jughead?
  16. Swimming into the temple
  17. Why would the Others move in right over top of the H-Bomb?
  18. Jacob-Hunting Posse
  19. Sun asks Richard about Jin and the other '77ers
  20. Kate... is she annoying?
  21. Any chance that the reason Locke is attempting to kill Jacob
  22. Same Players/Different Roles
  23. Is Jughead under the Swan???
  24. Could NEW Locke be Jacob ?
  25. Kate is sooo pregnant...
  26. He's Going to be Trouble...
  27. Sawyer and Juliet!
  28. What if this is it.
  29. Best finale setup episode ever?
  30. Ben's encounter with Smokey
  31. Why didn't Richard's clan time jump with the Lefties?
  32. I Watched Them All Die...
  33. WTF Happened to the Others?
  34. Sayid: The Voice of Sanity
  35. Ben's smokey caller in his house and Tunnels
  36. Richard's ship in a bottle
  37. Smokey is making a power play....
  38. Eloise and Charles' Hushed Convo
  39. The coming war is between the Island and ...
  40. Locke's Speech
  41. Radinsky and Phil
  42. Radzinsky's Timetable
  43. The "Leaders" in this Episode
  44. so who came up first...?
  45. Locke & Alpert v.2
  46. Submarine Headed Where?
  47. Locke's "Self-Fulfilling Prophecy"
  48. Jacob...
  49. Follow the bouncing COMPASS!
  50. Sawyer's a Dallas Cowboy's fan
  51. Computerized submerging
  52. Does Kate know Charles Widmore?
  53. I hate to bring up the time loop again, but.....
  54. Remember Sawyer's words to Jack
  55. More Glyphs to Read
  56. What Happened to Hurley?
  57. Where is young Ben?
  58. What if Locke & Jacob have switched bodies?
  59. If Kate was on the sub how did Richard watch her die?
  60. Wow- Widmore and Eloise are siblings
  61. Noise of bird when before Sawyer says "Good riddance?"
  62. So who is the real owner of the compass?
  63. Kate doesn't think it was ALL misery--Is she right?
  64. What Happened to the Night?
  65. Adam & Eve
  66. The Tunnels: Old mystery solved
  67. Another Group !?
  68. Ask a question!! Richard is standing right there!!
  69. I don't think Phil gonna make it to season 6! Just ah hunch
  70. Jughead
  71. Brichard...a shipper's thread
  72. Walt's Dream about Locke.....
  73. What does Richard know?
  74. Remaining Dharma Questions
  75. The cgi submarine
  76. Hurley and the Korean War
  77. Charles NOT in Charge?
  78. The Map
  79. Unrequited love of Richard and Eloise?
  80. John, Jacob, Jingleheimer Schmidt
  81. Kill Jacob = Don't Push The Button
  82. Since when is Kate not the antithesis of morality?
  83. What If?
  84. Where does Locke get his intel?
  85. So they almost kill Sawyer to find Kate and when she comes back they let her go?
  86. Not long after the experiments began...
  87. Changing the past to change the future.
  88. Man of Faith, Man of Science
  89. Eloise Hawking... Yowza!
  90. Is Eloise Trying to Save Her Son?
  91. Is it me or are ALL the characters acting wierd
  92. Richard Perplexed?
  93. Jack's thinking ONLY of himself!!!
  94. Ben will replace Richard as Advisor
  95. Does Locke = Jacob?
  96. Remember the outrigger chase?
  97. Show of hands, who was expecting. . .
  98. Richard is playing the role of Hecate
  99. My thoughts on Lockes need to kill Jacob
  100. Dharma Initiative was a project of Widmore
  101. Moving Jughead
  102. Sawyer = Han
  103. My favorite line...
  104. So Eloise has known she'll kill Dan from his beginning?
  105. Admit it...you thought Kate got shot...
  106. Obama in Dan's Journal
  107. Locke jumped to the future?
  108. Locke's scar
  109. Sayid is back!
  110. Why Locke is not dead
  111. Hawking: no greater motivation than a mother's love
  112. Kill Jacob! Why?
  113. Locke and The Others
  114. Live together or die alone
  115. New Showtracker at LATimes.com
  116. Could the Island have thought John was there already?
  117. Does John Start the "War"
  118. Quick question here...
  119. Is Locke in the Box? Episode thoughts
  120. Charles, Eloise and Rats
  121. Where the characters seem to stand on the change time option
  122. Gender dynamics
  123. I think Jacob is Locke trapped in Jacob's body
  124. Anyone else feel like Richard is scared crapless?
  125. If this works you might just save us all but if it doesn't at least you put us out of our misery.
  126. Screwtape and Wormwood ----> Richard and Ben?
  127. What was up with the bloodfest last night?
  128. Desmond
  129. Richard's Position/Power
  130. No submarine knock-out juice?
  131. Another old school Other makes an appearance?
  132. Desmond??????
  133. John IS Jacob
  134. the island moving through time
  135. Bobcat Goldthwait joined DI in 1974.
  136. Too big of a hurry to get off the island?
  137. Camera Flash/ Odd Commercial
  138. Locke's walk revisited (Dead is Dead)
  139. Seriously now...where(when?) is Rose and Bernard?!
  140. Charles talking to richard
  141. So, John is the leader of the game
  142. If Hawking is Hawking and Widmore is Widmore..........
  143. The Island Speaks To Locke: In What Way ?
  144. Daniel is Richard's son
  145. Widmore = Charlie Hume
  146. Alternate show titles
  147. Another One Bites the Dust (Red Shirt Dude, that is)
  148. Bram and Ilana
  149. So who might these kiddies be?
  150. Why Aren't Richard and the Others in Otherville?
  151. Are We Hieroglyphically Jaded?
  152. Saint Sawyer ditches his friends
  153. How they all end up back together...
  154. Could the Shadow Statue People...
  155. Headcount of Others
  156. Salted Fish and Squid
  157. Submarine Corps
  158. Eloise KNOWS she is shooting Daniel
  159. Juliet in 2007 (and looking 60 something) ???
  160. Who Is This Jacob Person Anyway?
  161. Jacobs List
  162. bomb will make smokey?
  163. Richard & Locke?
  164. Locke is going to kill jacob? Ben's reaction?
  165. Is Locke about to imprison Jacob?
  166. Did Locke Lie To Sun
  167. Ben: "Why do you think I TRIED to kill him"
  168. The H-bomb becomes the Fail Safe
  169. The Others aren't flashing - But Juliette is....
  170. What's Up With Abaddon?
  171. The Compass
  172. Am I the only one who thinks young Ellie looks a lot like....
  173. Claire would be FREAKING OUT right now
  174. Disney Execs kicking themselves?
  175. Where and When is Vincent????
  176. Should They Detonate the Hydrogen Bomb?
  177. CHANG and MILES and JOHN and Pied Piper
  178. What was the Swan's original purpose???
  179. Widmore's Daddy issue
  180. Smokey and Jacob: opposing force of good and evil
  181. Lost Untangled - Follow the Leader
  182. Ben's "What plane?"
  183. Is Kate being Selfish?
  184. What was Dan's plan?
  185. So who is the leader? Jack, Locke, Ellie, the Compass?
  186. John Locke possessed by the Monster?
  187. Moment of Truth Part Deux: CAN YOU CHANGE THE PAST?
  188. You're Timing is impeccable
  189. dead characters in dharma
  190. Dead Daniel
  191. 'You've got to lift Her up'-Was Desmond giving Jack advice on what to do with Jughead?
  192. We will need a Richard-centric episode. . . .
  193. my incoherent daily babbling
  194. Widmore To Ellie: "About your condition.."
  195. Locke is NOT Smokey
  196. Tra-la-la-la Triangle
  197. Kate left before finding Claire
  198. Dharma Sub Patch
  199. Out there theory
  200. What is the purpose of Locke and Richard exchanging the compass?
  201. Why did Locke take Ben...
  202. Do You Like the Old or New Locke Better?
  203. The box on the beach
  204. Failsafe Key
  205. White Smoke Monster
  206. How do we know that "Radzinsky" blew his brains out?
  207. Where has Locke been the last 3 years?
  208. Jacob
  209. A Change will occur
  210. Has Claire Been Time-Traveling Too?
  211. What about Ethan?
  212. I don't think that Locke wants literally kill Jacob
  213. Bomb query
  214. The Tarnished Compass: WHH & Free Will in Union
  215. Just rewatched.. am confused on timeline.. help!
  216. Question about Dharma Photo
  217. How did MiBLocke know WHEN (date&time) to be at the plane to fix Locke?
  218. How did Richard know Jack's name???