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  1. It's Hurley Time!
  2. So... are we supposed to know what this one's about yet?
  4. Spoiler Free Predictions for "Numbers" (***Includes Preview Information***)
  5. who
  6. A mysterious item ***POSSIBLE SPOILER***
  7. Jimmy Kimmel
  8. Hooray for Hurley
  9. San Luis Rey
  10. Hurley and WHISPER'S
  11. Is Hurley the key to the show???
  12. Dudes! THIS is not a photo of Hurley! Who is it?
  13. Dumb observation....or is it..... =p
  14. It's Wednesday!!! It's Wednesday!! A Beautiful Hurley Wednesday!!
  15. the worst thing that could happen!
  16. Official Episode Rating Thread
  17. finding the light in lost
  18. Sneak Peak for tonight's show
  19. Philosophy 101: Numbers
  20. Countdown?
  21. Watching Live Thread
  22. Guys... that was bloody amazing
  23. Hurley's Box Company
  24. Did Locke Know...
  25. Preview for next week
  26. Great... the hatch...
  27. Well now we know...
  28. Read only if you've seen Numbers
  29. The Numbers: Numerology
  30. We know one thing is for sure
  31. Significance of the numbers....possible spoilers
  32. Numbers Station?
  33. Something more than a connection with Hurley??
  34. Sawyer's Reading List
  35. Hurely and Leonard
  36. Hurley's bad luck continues...
  37. Charlie
  38. Life, the Universe and Everything
  39. Anyone catch the shoutout to Jorge?
  40. house
  41. claire's dream from raised by another...
  42. 4.8 billion beans?
  43. The numbers equal 108
  44. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom References
  45. Does anyone else think that the hatch may bring even more bad luck if opened?
  46. Cracking the code... Hebrew, anyone?
  47. Why the 6-week hiatus?
  48. Pandora's Box
  49. When Hurley was giving his interview.
  50. The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything is...
  51. I heard whispers in "Numbers"
  52. Coming down from the epi now, and I have some questions and maybe..
  53. My observations on Numbers
  54. Observations on Numbers
  55. Leonard
  56. Nominees for the Best Lines from Numbers
  57. Cursed Numbers?
  58. Hurley....Crazy?
  59. Danielle
  60. Hurley owned a box company... Locke link?
  61. I wonder if he picked up a few double A's why he was at it.
  62. Number 23
  63. Sawyer connection
  64. Did anyone notice the music?
  65. A Wrinkle in Time
  66. someone who recoreded this help
  67. Numbers Editing Notes: Hurley's sweaty hair
  68. The equation on Danielle's notes
  69. Questions for this savvy crowd!
  70. Leonard from the island?
  71. Hurley: a drug dealer ??
  72. '4 years ago' pops up again . . .
  73. Meaning of the numbers
  74. Strange Equations Using "The Numbers"
  75. Are back story connections a circle?
  76. Arrrrgh! Stupid digital recorder!
  77. Hurley's Watch ?
  78. Sawyer reading the book "A Wrinkle in Time"
  79. Hurley's Daddy Issues
  80. What are the odds?
  81. Why did Hurley ever board flight 815?
  82. Fuselage Fans
  83. Numbers Questions
  84. Another small observation about the numbers
  85. 42 is the natural vibration frequency of human DNA
  86. Lenny & Sam?
  87. Charlie and Hurling running through the jungle...
  88. But what about Ethan?
  89. the original radio transmission
  90. Sayid's picture
  92. A LOST Scene from Numbers
  93. End of the cable
  94. Why the gunfire?
  95. Grrrr....180 seconds!
  96. Hurley - Hugo Reyes
  97. TERRIBLE Australian accent!!
  99. A Cradle? Come on! It's a cage!
  100. the hatch
  101. Oops, they forgot to remove the building in this scene
  102. me and mom came up w/ tons of theories, at the end...hurley was prolly in the...
  103. Lost Multimedia
  104. Locke
  105. Is Anyone...?
  106. I know what Battery it is!!!!!!!!
  107. Canada keeps coming up!
  108. Greatest episode yet?
  109. Where did the weapons come from?
  110. Did Locke win his trip to AU?
  111. How many will use these...
  112. location of island using the Numbers?
  113. more proof that Locke is "not evil"!
  114. disarming Shannon...
  115. Chalk full 'o clues!
  116. I missed part of the first 15 minutes.
  117. As far as the cable goes...
  118. Sam Toomey
  119. The Cursed Cradle, the 23 steps
  120. Locke's Motivation
  121. "If this weren't the middle of nowhere..."
  122. ?
  123. Danielle's hut, the traps, and Sayid getting all possessive over those maps
  124. Help....
  125. Leonard and the box
  126. where was boone?
  127. Havent read anywhere yet but....
  128. 23 is a prime number somekind of sequence? I GOT IT !!! I GOT IT
  129. Hurley - Sun's father connection
  130. Numbers as verses from scripture?
  131. Hurley:)
  132. My Seriously Illogical Thoughts on Numbers
  133. Locke's accident...
  134. same company
  135. Character Connections
  136. So one MAJOR mystery solved last night: The Island wanted them there....
  137. Pandora's Box
  138. They did mention Ethan......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  139. Hurley: "Back home, I was a warrior."
  140. Locke's Cradle
  141. Connection from Boone to Sawyer to Jack to Jin to Hurley to Locke
  142. ?About Danielle's iterations.
  143. Lost 1.18: "Numbers"
  144. The meaning of 108!!!!
  145. Biblical reference
  146. Location of Sam's and Leonard's listening post...in Kalgoolie, Australia
  147. Some questions
  148. Two observations and questions
  149. Silly question
  150. The value of Pi or Pie
  151. Math problem....
  152. Sam and Hurley curse similarities
  153. Magazine Photo
  154. Rosebud
  155. Black Rock questions\theories
  156. Walt Was Wrong
  157. Ethan and Alex
  158. A brand new twist regarding the NUMBERS
  159. Scream at the end - monkey or human?
  160. Numbers: Latitude/Longitude
  161. The Arrow on Danielle's Note
  162. The Eye
  163. Ages of the Lostaways
  164. Numbers? Date and time?
  165. Hurley/Locke connection ?
  166. Hurley's Box Company
  167. Sayid still torn?
  168. Those numbers - another idea on what they could be etc etc etc
  169. Time Lapse between Hurley and Danielle
  170. This might be to simple but.....
  171. You've opend the box
  172. Boxes
  173. Map Distances
  174. The main theme...
  175. Lenny - Connect Four Any Significance?
  176. Locke trying to kill the baby?
  177. Charlie isn't to good...
  178. Someone remind me, please - why was the flight off-course?
  179. Is Hurley... (never mind)
  180. The Bridge
  181. Anything on Hurley calling himself a 'warrior'?
  182. Danielle was wrong... the numbers did not lead her to the island
  183. Would you have believed Hurley?
  184. Raft design
  185. Hurley, did you forget to mention...?
  186. Just a couple observations that you might be able to use
  187. Number of Survivors
  188. Hurley's list of tragedies
  189. "They look at me like I'm nuts and they don't believe me" believing Hurly
  190. Is Hurley Nuts?
  191. Time and time again.
  192. Lenny anagrams anyone?
  193. When did he hear the numbers on the transmission?
  194. The US Navy knows!
  195. Radio Tower
  196. Hurley is HUGE!
  197. things on the TV
  198. Genesis of the Numbers
  199. Number didn't explain Hurleys "warrior" comment from a while back
  200. How would you have reacted to Charlies confession
  201. Catholic Rosary
  202. 108
  203. The Numbers
  204. They are all exposed to the numbers
  205. Hurley/Kurtz
  206. Hurleys connection to Locke
  207. Follow the Money (lotto win)
  208. Maybe the numbers are
  209. More info on 108
  210. Sayid's disappearing band-aid
  211. numbers again (sequence)
  212. Javi on-line
  213. Some people actually did it! Played the lottery with the numbers!
  214. Box Company
  215. "She says, 'hey'."
  216. hurley on TV
  217. Power of the Numbers
  218. The correct equation
  219. Why did she give him the battery?
  220. What's a Wally in Oz Speak?
  221. The Very End of the Episode
  222. Hurley's Cursed Numbers
  224. Something's strange about Sam Toomey
  225. Why did Charlie say "you owe me...." ?
  226. The Diary on ABC.com
  227. Episode Ratings
  228. Hurley is a foil to Walt
  229. Foreshadowing from In Translation
  230. could the numbers be a phone number?
  231. Jorge Garcia and the numbers...
  232. boxes
  233. Connect 4 and the Numbers
  234. Could The Numbers Be the Location of the Island?
  235. The cursed numbers and the bean guy
  236. Numbers are in ascending order
  237. "I'm an accountant, I believe in numbers"
  238. A boat?
  239. Coordinates
  240. Was that Susan?
  241. Biblical meanings of the individual numbers
  242. The wife was lying.
  243. Walt, Dice, and the Number 42
  244. Another Lottery Winner with Bad Luck
  245. Episode 19 air date moved forward!
  246. Never mind...
  247. Hurray I'm official, whats up fellow Lost fans!
  248. message for flight 815
  249. Waoh! t his eppy as soo many posts about it...
  250. am I crazy???