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View Full Version : Peter Weir's 'Fearless' and Lost: Did this film provide you with any inspiration?

08-25-2005, 09:47 AM
Hi J.J. (and the writing and directing team):

As a student of Peter Weir (I help run his one and only website), and an avid fan of 'Lost', I am wondering if his little known masterpiece 'Fearless' provided any inspiration for this wonderful series of yours?

I refer specifically to the Pilot episode with Jack emerging disoriented in a field, later arriving upon the scene of wreackage and the other survivors, but also depictions of the crash itself. In terms of both narrative and mise en scene the two do share something in common (there is something of the same hypereality in both works).

Regarding the flashback sequences too (the masterstroke of this series), these taje us deeper into the lives and histories of the characters in a way not unlike Weir's approached in the aforemtnioned plane crash film. These have a slightly noirsih feel which emphasise subjective elements regarding the characters, rather than the events themselves.

Of course these are only points of comparison, as there is much abot 'Lost' that is very different from the work of Weir. Nonetheless, there does appear to be a certain kinship between your work, something which is further suggested by the constant 'Truman Show' references we here in the media (in relation to the unsolved mystery regarding the Island).

Perhaps this is why I regard all these works, 'Lost', 'Fearless' and 'Truman', as masterworks in post-modern drama, bringing something truly mythic and transcendent to their respective mediums (which have so long been dogged by the procedural and the generic).

Regards (and thankyou for your breathtaking reinvention of the televisual medium),